What Is Connor Price Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Family, Career, Contact

What is Connor Price Net Worth 2023 Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Family & More

Ever wondered just how much wealth a talented YouTuber, actor, and musician like Connor Price can amass? Well, you’re in the right place! 

In this article, Hooke audio will dive into Connor Price net worth. From his YouTube success to his acting career and music ventures, we’ve got all the juicy details you need. 

Quick Facts

Full Name:Connor Price
Real Name:Connor Price
Birth Date:November 11, 1994
Age:28 (as of October 18, 2023)
Parents:Not specified in the context
Siblings:Kaitlyn Price, Brendan Price, Ryan Price, Thomas Price
Birth Place:Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Nationality:Dual citizen of Canada & USA
Ethnicity:Not specified
Education:Not specified
Marital Status:Married
Sexual Orientation:Not specified
Wife/Spouse:Not specified
Children:Not specified
Dating:Not specified
Net Worth:$5 million
Source of Wealth:Acting and Music Career
Height:5 ft 7 in (170 cm)
Weight:Not specified in the context

What is Net Worth Of Connor Price in 2023?

What is Net Worth Of Connor Price in 2023

Connor Price, the multifaceted entertainer, has made quite a name for himself in the world of YouTube, acting, and music.

As of October 17, 2023, his estimated net worth stands at an impressive $5 million. This substantial wealth is a result of his diverse career, which includes a popular YouTube channel, successful acting roles, and a thriving music career.

Connor Price Full Overview and Wiki

Connor Price Full Overview and Wiki

Connor Price was born on November 11, 1994, in Toronto, Canada. At just 28 years old, Connor Price has already carved out a remarkable career in the entertainment industry.

Known for his talents in acting, music, and YouTube content creation, he’s become a household name among fans. Let’s dive into the world of Connor Price and get to know him better.

Early Life and Background

Connor Price hails from the suburbs of Toronto, Canada. His passion for performing arts was ignited at a young age, setting the stage for his future success.

With a supportive family and a keen interest in both acting and music, he embarked on a journey that would eventually lead him to stardom.

YouTube Career

Connor’s YouTube channel, launched six years ago, has garnered over 1.34 million subscribers. With 94 videos and counting, his channel has become a hub for music and entertainment enthusiasts. What’s even more impressive is his earnings from YouTube.

As of now, he’s raking in approximately $26,893 daily, $188,767 weekly, and a staggering $817,991 monthly, translating to an annual income of around $9,815,889 from his YouTube channel alone.

These figures, of course, don’t even include additional income streams such as sponsored content and product sales.

Acting Career

Price’s acting career took off with roles in popular television series. He played Kenny, the leader of the Boston vampire clan, in Syfy’s Being Human.

Additionally, he portrayed Harry James in CBC’s World War II spy drama, X Company. Connor’s performances were met with critical acclaim and garnered him a growing fan base.

Music Career

Not content with just acting and YouTube, Connor Price also shines as a musician.

He released his debut song, S, on January 4, 2017, and has since treated his fans to several albums and extended plays, including 4 of Clubs in 2018, Trillium in 2022, and Till Next Time and Spin The Globe in 2023.

His music has resonated with fans and critics alike, further adding to his net worth.

Personal Life

In the realm of personal life, Connor Price is happily married to Breanna Price. Their love story is nothing short of heartwarming, having known each other since the age of ten and now celebrating six years of marital bliss.

The couple also has a one-year-old child together. Connor’s family extends to include his siblings, Brendan Price, Thomas Price, Kaitlyn Price, and Ryan Price, all of whom share his passion for acting.

All About Connor Price News 2023

  • May 25: Connor Price appears on Tubefilter’s YouTube Millionaires list, celebrating his success as a musician and content creator.
  • June 14: Connor Price and Nic D release their new collaboration, Still Hot, which quickly becomes a hit on Spotify and TikTok.
  • August 4: Connor Price announces his new album, Till Next Time, which is set to be released on September 29.
  • September 29: Connor Price releases his new album, Till Next Time, to critical acclaim. The album debuts at number one on the Billboard 200 chart.
  • October 30: Connor Price performs a sold-out show at the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Canada.

FAQs about Connor Price

Connor Price's net worth

Who is Connor Price?

Connor Price is a renowned YouTuber, actor, and musician from Toronto, Canada.

How much does Connor Price earn from his YouTube channel?

Annually, Price is projected to earn approximately $9,815,889 from his YouTube channel alone.

What are some of the popular television series that Connor Price has acted in?

Price has acted in popular television series like Syfy’s Being Human and CBC’s World War II spy drama X Company.

When did Connor Price release his first song?

He released his first song, S, on January 4, 2017.

Who is Connor Price married to?

Price is married to Breanna Price.

Does Connor Price have any children?

Yes, they have a one-year-old child together.

Who are Connor Price’s siblings?

Price’s family includes his siblings Brendan Price, Thomas Price, Kaitlyn Price, and Ryan Price, all of whom are actors.

What are some of the albums and extended plays released by Connor Price?

He has released several albums and extended plays, including 4 of Clubs in 2018, Trillium in 2022, and Till Next Time and Spin The Globe in 2023.

Where was Connor Price born and raised?

Price was born and raised in the suburbs of Toronto, Canada.

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In the end, Connor Price’s journey to financial success in 2023 is nothing short of inspiring. With a thriving YouTube channel, a blossoming acting career, and a promising music venture, he’s proven that talent, dedication, and hard work can indeed pay off in the world of entertainment.

So, whether you’re a fan or an aspiring artist yourself, remember that with passion and perseverance, you too can chase your dreams and achieve remarkable success. Thank you for reading.

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