What is Cris Abrego Net Worth 2024: Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

What is Cris Abrego Net Worth 2024 Wiki, Real Name, Age, Height, Family

Entering the captivating world of Cris Abrego, the mastermind behind some of your favorite reality TV shows, we’ll unveil the latest updates on Cris Abrego net worth in 2024. 

From his humble beginnings to becoming a prominent figure in Hollywood, Hookeaudio will delve into the journey of this reality TV guru. 

If you’re curious about how much this entertainment mogul has amassed, you’re in the right place. So, let’s dive in and uncover his financial success story.

Quick Facts

Popular NameCris Abrego
Birth DateN/A
Birth PlaceEl Monte, California, USA
EducationMountain View High School, California State University
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
Wife/SpouseInformation not provided
DatingInformation not provided
Net Worth$140 million (as of 2024)
Source of WealthTelevision production, writing, executive roles
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What is Net Worth of Cris Abrego in 2024?

What is Net Worth of Cris Abrego in 2024

Cris Abrego’s net worth in 2024 is nothing short of impressive, clocking in at a whopping $140 million.

This substantial figure speaks volumes about his successful career in the entertainment industry, especially in the realm of reality television.

Additionally, his leadership roles in major entertainment companies, including Endemol, further solidified his status as a key player in Hollywood, contributing significantly to his substantial net worth.

Cris Abrego Overview and Wiki

Cris Abrego Overview and Wiki

Early Life and Education

Cris Abrego‘s story begins in El Monte, California, where he spent his formative years.

Unfortunately, we don’t have specific details about his birth date, age, parents, or siblings. However, we do know that he pursued his education at California State University, where he also pursued his passion for wrestling.

Little did he know that this background would eventually set the stage for his remarkable journey in the entertainment world.

The Career Path

After graduating from Mountain View High School, he took the plunge into the entertainment industry.

His career kick-started when he joined Bunim-Murray, where he worked on iconic reality television shows such as The Real World and Road Rules. These early experiences served as the foundation for his future success in the industry.

As he continued to make his mark, Abrego ventured into freelancing as a coordinating producer for shows like Fear and Making the Band.

However, his ambition knew no bounds, and he went on to co-create and executive produce a reality version of the classic movie The Cannonball Run.

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In 2002, he founded his own production company, Brass Ring, which became the driving force behind hit shows like Next Action Star, Surf Girls, and The Hitchhiker Chronicles. But he didn’t stop there.

The Rise of 51 Minds Entertainment

In 2003, Abrego’s 51 Pictures merged with Mark Cronin’s Mindless Entertainment, giving birth to 51 Minds Entertainment.

This partnership was a game-changer as they collectively created iconic Celebreality shows for VH1.

These shows, including Strange Love, My Fair Brady, Flavor of Love, and Rock of Love With Bret Michaels, became cultural phenomena, solidifying Abrego’s position as a powerhouse in the industry.

A Milestone Acquisition

The success of 51 Minds Entertainment didn’t go unnoticed. In 2008, Endemol, a major player in the entertainment world, acquired the company for a staggering $200 million.

This move further elevated his status within the industry.

Taking the Helm at Endemol

His influence continued to grow as he took on significant roles within the Endemol family. In 2014, he became co-chairman and co-CEO of Endemol North America alongside Charlie Corwin.

His ascent continued as he was named Co-Chairman of Endemol Shine Americas in January 2016.

Finally, in November 2016, Abrego assumed the role of CEO of Endemol Shine North America and Chairman of Endemol Shine Americas, cementing his position at the top of the entertainment hierarchy.

Career and Awards

He has worn many hats, including those of an entrepreneur, entertainment executive, award-winning producer, showrunner, and philanthropist.

His journey from the world of reality TV to establishing his production company and leading major acquisitions showcases his remarkable entrepreneurial spirit.

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His work on iconic shows has earned him a slew of awards and recognition, making him a prominent figure in the industry.

His leadership roles at Banijay America Group and Endemol Shine Holdings have further solidified his status as a key player in the entertainment world.

Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

Beyond his corporate achievements, he has been a champion of diversity and inclusion in the entertainment sector.

He’s been actively involved in initiatives like the TV Academy Foundation’s Diversity and Inclusion Unscripted Internship Program, which provides valuable opportunities for young people of color.

Additionally, he established the Carlos Hernandez Jr. Memorial Scholarship, supporting student-athletes from Mountain View High in pursuing higher education.

His commitment to representation was notably highlighted when comedian Mo’Nique raised concerns about the lack of diversity among the crew on one of his productions.

Abrego took swift action to ensure more inclusive hiring practices, furthering the cause of equality in Hollywood.

Personal Life

He enjoys a blissful marital life, and together with his spouse, they have been graced with the joy of three children.

Social Media Accounts

  • Facebook: N/A
  • Twitter: N/A
  • Instagram: N/A
  • YouTube: N/A

All about Cris Abrego Lists News 2024

  • On November 17, 2023, he was elected as the chairman of the Television Academy by its board of governors. This position is a notable accomplishment in the television industry​​​.
  • Partnership with Eva Longoria: Together with Eva Longoria, a prominent figure in Hollywood, Cris co-founded Hyphenate Media Group in 2023. This new venture, backed by Banijay, is a media holding company and premium content studio. It focuses on investing in creator-led production companies and the development, sale, and production of both scripted and unscripted original content​​​.
  • Involvement in Banijay U.S. and Role in Overseeing the Emmys: Prior to these accomplishments, Abrego was known for his role as the chief of Banijay U.S. and was expected to have a significant role in overseeing the Emmys.
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FAQs about Cris Abrego

FAQs about Cris Abrego

Where was he born?

He was born in El Monte, California, USA.

What is his educational background?

He attended California State University.

What are some of the popular reality TV shows produced by him?

He has been involved in the production of several popular reality TV shows, including The Real World, Road Rules, Flavor of Love, and Rock of Love With Bret Michaels.

Has he received any awards for his work?

Yes, he has received awards and recognition for his contributions to the entertainment industry.

What philanthropic efforts is Cris involved in?

He is actively involved in promoting diversity and inclusion within the entertainment sector and has initiated scholarship programs to support underrepresented communities.

What is his role at Endemol Shine?

He has held various leadership roles at Endemol Shine, including co-chairman, co-CEO, and CEO of Endemol Shine North America, and Chairman of Endemol Shine Americas.

How did he respond to diversity concerns raised by Mo’Nique?

He took action to address diversity concerns by implementing more inclusive hiring practices in response to Mo’Nique’s comments.

Is Cris Abrego married?

Yes, he is married.


  • Mark Cronin
  • Jamie Foxx
  • Kamal Givens
  • Tiffany Pollard
  • Cool & Dre


In conclusion, Cris Abrego’s journey from wrestling at California State University to leading the way in reality TV production has been nothing short of remarkable. His wealth is a testament to his hard work and dedication.

Whether you’re a fan of his shows or simply intrigued by his financial success, his story is one of ambition and achievement in the world of entertainment.

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