What Is Crystal Westbrook Net Worth 2023: Bio, Age, Family, Career, Contact

What is Crystal Westbrook Net Worth 2023 Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Family & More

Everyone’s buzzing about the multi-talented Crystal Westbrooks, but how did this social media sensation transition from captivating Instagram posts to an empire worth millions? 

If you’re curious about the digits behind Crystal Westbrook net worth in 2023, you’re in for an enlightening ride!

Quick Facts

Full Name:Crystal Westbrooks
Real Name:Crystal Westbrooks
Birth Date:March 6, 1993
Age:30 years old (as of October 13, 2023)
Parents:Warren Westbrooks and Candace Westbrooks
Siblings:India Westbrooks, Brooke Westbrooks, Morgan Westbrooks, Bree Westbrooks, Warren Jr., and Blake
Birth Place:Florida, USA
Ethnicity:Mixed (African-American, Native American, Mexican, Creole)
Education:Ambler Avenue Elementary School, Santiago High School, Texas Southern University (Business Finance Major)
Marital Status:Single
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Dating:Previously dated Drake
Net Worth:Not Disclosed
Source of Wealth:Television Personality, Model, Businesswoman, Instagram Star, Owner of Harley Dereux Online Fashion Store, Brand Ambassador for various companies
Height:5 Feet 3 Inches (160 centimeters)
Weight:55 kilograms (121 pounds)

What is the Net Worth of Crystal Westbrooks in 2023?

What is the Net Worth of Crystal Westbrooks in 2023

Hey, folks! Ready for a quick update? Drumroll, please! Crystal Westbrooks’ net worth in 2023 is estimated at a cool $1 million. And believe me, that’s not just from flaunting her fab life on Instagram, but also from her hustle in the entertainment industry.

Crystal Westbrooks Wiki

Crystal Westbrooks A Deep Dive into Her Journey

The Beginnings

Born on March 6, 1993, in sunny Florida, and raised in the bustling streets of Compton, Southern Los Angeles, California, Crystal Westbrooks was destined for greatness.

While her multiracial background – including Indian, African American, Spanish, Asian, and Creole roots – makes her unique, it’s her talent and determination that really shine through.


Our girl Crystal ain’t just about the ‘gram. She’s got brains too! She started her educational journey at Ambler Avenue Elementary School in Carson.

Later, she sprinted through Santiago High School’s tracks and cheered her heart out as a cheerleader. But wait, there’s more! She went on to graduate from Texas Southern University.


Guess what inspired her to dive into the world of Instagram? Her younger sis, India! With India’s whopping 1.1 million followers on Instagram, Crystal took a page from her book and now boasts over 1.21 million followers in 2023.

With an estimated annual income of $1.11 million primarily from sponsored posts and collabs, our girl knows how to work it!

And it doesn’t stop there. She also took the TV world by storm, starring in BET’s docu-series, #The Westbrooks. Not just a one-trick pony, she’s also dipped her toes into the business world.

Personal Tidbits

Crystal’s love life has been under the spotlight, especially her brief romance with famed Canadian rapper Drake. Their relationship was the talk of the town when they were spotted together at Coachella in 2015.

Recently, whispers suggest she’s dating rapper Steven Russell, but that’s yet to be confirmed by Crystal.

Social Media Accounts

All About Crystal Westbrooks News 2023

Keep your eyes glued to this space, pals! From her new projects, brand collabs, to her latest vacay spots, we’ve got the latest scoop on everything Crystal. So, don’t miss out on the hottest news in town!

FAQs about Crystal Westbrooks

FAQs about Crystal Westbrooks

Who is Crystal Westbrooks?

Crystal Westbrooks is a prominent influencer and television personality who has made a significant impact on social media platforms, particularly Instagram.

What is Crystal Westbrooks’ net worth in 2023?

As of 2023, Crystal Westbrooks’ net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Where was Crystal Westbrooks born and raised?

Crystal Westbrooks was born on March 6, 1993, in Florida, USA, and spent her early years in Compton, Southern Los Angeles, California.

What is Crystal Westbrooks’ ethnicity?

Crystal Westbrooks is of multiracial descent, with Indian, African American, Spanish, Asian, and Creole roots.

What is Crystal Westbrooks’ educational background?

Crystal Westbrooks began her educational journey at Ambler Avenue Elementary School in Carson, later attended Santiago High School, and graduated from Texas Southern University.

How did Crystal Westbrooks start her professional career?

Crystal Westbrooks’ professional career took off when she was inspired by the success of her younger sister, India, on Instagram.

How many followers does Crystal Westbrooks have on Instagram as of 2023?

As of 2023, Crystal Westbrooks has over 1.21 million followers on Instagram.

What are some of Crystal Westbrooks’ income sources?

Crystal Westbrooks earns primarily through sponsored posts and partnerships on Instagram, her appearance in BET’s docu-series, #The Westbrooks, and associations with several small and medium-sized businesses.

Who has Crystal Westbrooks dated?

Crystal Westbrooks was previously in a relationship with the famous Canadian rapper, Drake, and as of recent reports, she is believed to be dating rapper and songwriter, Steven Russell.

What is Crystal Westbrooks’ claim to fame?

Crystal Westbrooks’ claim to fame is her substantial following on Instagram and her appearance in BET’s docu-series, #The Westbrooks, alongside her sisters.

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Having explored the financial trajectory of Crystal Westbrooks, it becomes evident that her journey is a testament to perseverance and strategic choices. As with many celebrities, understanding their net worth provides not just numbers, but insights into their careers, decisions, and the industry they thrive in. Thank you for reading.

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