What is Def Noodles Net Worth 2023: Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

What is Def Noodles Net Worth 2023 Wiki, Age, Weight, Height, Relationships, Family, And More

Def Noodles, also known as Dennis Feitosa, is a popular YouTuber and social media personality known for his commentary on drama and controversies within the YouTube community. However, his rise to fame has been accompanied by a fair share of controversy, including being banned from Twitch and facing backlash from fellow creators.

In this article, Hookeaudio will explore Def Noodles net worth, career, personal life, and controversies.

Quick Facts

Full NameDennis Feitosa
Real NameDennis Feitosa
Birth DateMarch 10, 1995 ( Zodiac sign: Pisces)
Age28 (as of 2023)
ParentsBrazilian parents (Names not specified)
SiblingsNot specified
Birth PlaceMorristown, New Jersey, United State
EthnicityItalian and Portuguese descent
Attended the American School of São Paulo, graduated from Bolles Boarding School in Jacksonville, Florida, and studied Progressive Film Theory at UCLA
Marital StatusNot specified
Sexual OrientationNot specified
Wife/SpouseNot specified
ChildrenNot specified
DatingNot specified
Net Wortharound $500,000
Source of WealthYouTube Star, acting, directing, comedy
HeightNot specified
WeightNot specified
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What is Def Noodles Net Worth in 2023?

What is Def Noodles Net Worth 2023

According to various sources, Def Noodles’ net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

Def Noodles Salary

There is no confirmed information available about Def Noodles’ salary, but it is believed that he earns most of his income from YouTube ad revenue and brand sponsorships.

Def Noodles Biography


Born on March 10, 1995, in Morristown, New Jersey, Dennis Feitosa, aka Def Noodles, grew up in a multicultural household. His parents, of Brazilian descent with Italian and Portuguese roots, instilled in him a love for his heritage.

Raised in São Paulo, Brazil, Dennis developed a fascination with movies from a young age, which would later shape his career path.

He began to be interested in film at a young age because of his father’s prominent position as an executive at Warner Brothers executive. At the age of nine, he created his first video for a book report on Roald Dahl‘s BFG.


He is 28 years as of 2023.


Def Noodles’ height is 6 ft 4 in ( 1.93 m)


Def Noodles’ weight is 143 Lbs (65 kg).


There is no information available about Def Noodles’ parents.


There is no information available about Def Noodles’ education.

Career and Awards

Def Noodles Career and Awads

Dennis Feitosa, better known as Def Noodles, is a renowned American YouTuber, actor, and comedian. Of Brazilian descent, he has made a significant impact in the digital world with his unique style of content creation.

Def Noodles started his career by covering tea and rumors about celebrities on his YouTube channel. His news show, which focuses on other YouTubers and celebrities, quickly gained popularity, opening up new opportunities for him.

He singlehandedly drove the James Charles sexting scandal by being the only news source to publish all the different TikTok accusations before they were taken down. This established him as a primary news publisher in many cases.

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However, his journey was not without controversy. Def Noodles faced backlash for making derogatory comments about Papa Gut on Twitter, even tagging the FBI and suggesting that Papa Gut be put on a watchlist. Despite these controversies, he continued to evolve and grow his brand.

  • Rebranding: After his Twitter account got suspended in July 2021 (though it’s now been reinstated), he “retired” the look that brought him into the limelight. Spending much of 2022 attempting to rebrand his channel, he started posting vlogs from events like the Gathering of the Juggalos and hosting comedy roast battles.
  • Awards: Def Noodles has also received recognition for his work. He won the Telly Social Responsibility Award for his work on “Breaking Bread Christmas Special,” where he documented volunteers during the special.

Despite facing a ban from Twitch for using Poppers on a stream, Def Noodles continues to be a prominent figure in the online drama reporting scene. His unique style of satirical commentary and his ability to transform any situation into hilarious and insightful commentary has earned him a loyal following.

Personal Life

While Def Noodles’ professional life has been thriving, his personal life remains relatively private. Details about his relationships and romantic endeavors are scarce, leaving fans curious about his love life. However, it is evident that his dedication to his craft and commitment to entertaining his audience take precedence in his life.

Def Noodles News 2023

As of September 8, 2023, there is no significant news about Def Noodles.

Social Media Accounts

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FAQs about Def Noodles

FAQs about Def Noodles

What type of content does Def Noodles create?

Def Noodles creates content that often includes humorous commentary, satire, and parodies related to various topics, including internet culture, celebrities, social media trends, and controversies.

On which social media platforms is Def Noodles active?

Def Noodles is primarily active on Twitter and YouTube, where he shares his comedic commentary and reacts to online trends and news.

When did Def Noodles start creating content?

Def Noodles began creating content in the mid-2010s and gained prominence for his unique and humorous take on internet culture and drama.

Is Def Noodles involved in internet drama and controversies?

Yes, Def Noodles often reports and comments on internet drama and controversies, providing his perspective and humor on various online conflicts.

Does Def Noodles have a significant online following?

Yes, Def Noodles has a substantial following on Twitter and YouTube, with many fans appreciating his comedic and satirical content.

Is Def Noodles associated with any particular community or fandom?

While Def Noodles covers a wide range of topics and communities, he is particularly known for his commentary on YouTube drama and controversies within the internet entertainment industry.


In conclusion, Def Noodles has made a significant impact on the YouTube community with his satirical news reporting. From his humble beginnings to his current net worth, Dennis Feitosa has carved out a niche for himself in the entertainment industry. With his sharp commentary and unique style, he continues to captivate audiences worldwide, leaving them eagerly awaiting his next video. Thank you for reading.

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