What is Disguised Toast Net Worth In 2023: Bio, Age, Height, Stream, Youtube, Ban, And More

What is Disguised Toast Net Worth In 2023 Bio, Age, Height, Stream, Youtube, Ban, And More

Hey there, fellow internet enthusiasts! Have you ever wondered how much influential gamers and content creators are raking in from their digital endeavors? Hookeaudio is exploring Disguised Toast’s magical world and staggering net worth today, so be ready to be amazed!

Jeremy Wang’s nickname, Disguised Toast, has become a household name in the game world. His funny comments and charming personality have won the hearts of millions.

Join us as we delve into digital wealth and discover how much this ingenious entertainer has accumulated over the years. It’s time to unveil the treasure chest and explore Disguised Toast net worth!

What is Disguised Toast’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023

What is Disguised Toast’s Net Worth and Salary in 2023?

Full Name:Jeremy Wang
Popular Name:Disguised Toast
Birth Date:November 25, 1991
Age:31 years
Birth Place:Taipei City, Taipei, Taiwan
Education:Degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo
Dating:Not currently dating
Net Worth:between $3 and $5 million
Source of Wealth:Online content creation, sponsorships, donations, YouTube, Twitch, Facebook Gaming
Height:5 feet 8 inches

Jeremy Wang, popularly known as Disguised Toast, is a renowned Taiwanese-Canadian streamer, YouTuber, and internet personality. As of 2023, his net worth is between $3 and $5 million. This significant wealth accumulation is primarily due to his successful career in online content creation, sponsorships, and donations.

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Disguised Toast’s earnings are quite diverse. He earns approximately $10K monthly and around $120K annually. His YouTube channel, which has over 3.6 million subscribers, contributes significantly to his income.

In 2022, it was reported that he could earn more than $150,000 annually from YouTube ad revenue alone. Combined with his Twitch channel, his annual ad revenue could exceed $200K.

As of 2023, Wang has over 3.75 million subscribers and more than 1.1 billion views on his channel. According to SocialBlade, his channel earns him between $3.4K – $53.8K per month and up to $40.4K – $645.9K annually.

Disguised Toast’s Overview: Why is Disguised Toast Famous?

Disguised Toast's Overview Why is Disguised Toast Famous

Early Life

Jeremy Wang, better known as Disguised Toast, was born on November 25, 1991, in Taipei, Taiwan. However, his family relocated to Penang, Malaysia before he even turned one.

His older brother moved to Canada for university studies, prompting the rest of the family to follow suit and settle in Kingston, Ontario.

Wang’s academic path took him to the University of Waterloo, where he first studied computer science and then switched to mathematics. He got a three-year degree in 2013 and is now a professor of mathematics.

Before he started streaming on Twitch, Wang worked as an app writer for several well-known companies, including:

  • Mercedes Benz
  • The NFL
  • The Royal Bank of Canada
  • Zynga


Wang’s journey into the gaming world began with the creation of YouTube videos about the digital card game Hearthstone.

His username and toast-mask are references to a Hearthstone card called SI:7 Agent. When played in-game, it says This guy’s toast, which comedian Conan O’Brien called the greatest name in gaming history.

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Wang’s content, including infographics and movies of strange card interactions in Hearthstone, got much attention on Reddit and made him more well-known.

Wang also did well by showing Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra, both made by Riot Games.

During the test phase of Legends of Runeterra, he was the second most-watched streamer on Twitch. He had 1.3 million followers on Twitch and 950,000 subscribers on his main YouTube account.

Wang got an exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming in November 2019. He streamed there for two years before announcing in November 2021 that he would return to Twitch.

Wang’s career has not been without controversy. In June 2017, he was temporarily banned from Hearthstone for 72 hours after showcasing an exploit on stream.

Even after this setback, Wang continued to do well. In October 2017, he joined OfflineTV, a group of content makers based in Los Angeles, California. His Twitch account was suspended for 48 hours in January 2022 for streaming the anime Death Note.

Wang’s success extended beyond gaming. He hosted a non-gaming series called Blind eDating on Twitch in April 2020, focusing on dating a new girl each week and playing games with them. He also appeared in the music video for Sub Urban and Bella Poarch’s song, Inferno, in August 2021.

At the 11th annual Shorty Awards, he was nominated for Twitch Streamer of the Year, and in 2021, Forbes named him a Games ’30 Under 30′.

Personal Life

Toast dated fellow streamer Janet, known as xChocobars, for two years before they announced their split in January 2020. They remain good friends.

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FAQs about Disguised Toast

FAQs about Disguised Toast

How is Disguised Toast so rich?

Disguised Toast has signed several sponsorship deals and is part of the Offline TV collective, which gives him many business possibilities and sponsorships. He also sells merchandise of his branding.

How much does Disguised Toast pay his team?

Disguised Toast pays each of his five team members $500 a month, totaling $2,000. Including a coach, the total monthly payment is $3,000.

Who is the richest streamer?

Felix Kjellberg, or PewDiePie, is the richest Twitch streamer with a $40 million net worth.

How much does Disguised Toast make annually?

Disguised Toast could be earning more than $200K annually in ads revenue from his Twitch channel and YouTube combined.

What is Lilypichu net worth?

As of June 2023, LilyPichu’s net worth is estimated $4 million. LilyPichu operates multiple YouTube channels, with her main channel boasting 3 million subs.


In the end, Disguised Toast’s net worth shows how far he has come in games and content creation. From poor beginnings to the top of his field, he has built up a fortune that shows how hard he has worked and how talented he is. As we say goodbye to this exciting journey, let’s keep being amazed by what Disguised Toast has done and look forward to the next part of his amazing story.

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