Dna Headphone Review 2021: Pro 2.0 Over Ear & On Ear

Dna Headphone Review 2021 Pro 2.0 Over Ear & On Ear

Do you love listening to music with Monster DNA Pro 2. 0 or on-ear headphones? You’re not alone! With solid bass and a strong stereo sound, this headphone is a must-have for anyone who loves music.

It features two custom drivers to deliver the best sound for Monster DNA Pro 2.0 and the on-ear version. It can hold up to many hours of playtime on a single charge, and the phone cable is easy to connect. If you are looking for new headphones, then they may be a good idea for you. In this DNA Headphone Review, Hooke Audio will show you all details of these devices.

DNA Headphone Reviews: Monster DNA Pro 2.0 Headphone

Monster DNA Pro 2.0 Headphone (1)

Monster DNA Headphones Pros and Cons


  • Powerful audio performance with big bass response.
  • Ships with two cables one with an inline remote.
  • Sound pretty good


  • It’s a bit overpriced.
  • Not for anyone seeking a flat-response sound signature.
  • Minor distortion at top volumes.

Design and Build Quality pro 2

Design and Build Quality

The circumaural (over-the-ear) DNA Pro 2.0’s look is not subtle at all. With a thick, sporty headband and muscular semi-gloss black plastic design, the headphones look like they’re meant for use on the streets of Tokyo. They also come with a soft carrying case and two cables and are available in white, black, or carbon fiber.

The headband features three different sizes of metal fittings that can be moved to change the fit, but I was expecting some adjustment mechanism to be included at this price tag.

The fit isn’t adjustable without modifying the headband. The ear pads are made of faux leather and are very soft. The earpads are also very shallow, which means they press up against your ears. This can be uncomfortable after extended periods of time, but they are easy to swap out for other pads.

Two removable audio cables can be connected to the Monster DNA Pro 2.0’s ear cups. The one with the inline microphone has a three-button remote control. You can use it to control play/pause, track navigation, make phone calls, adjust volume, and manage your phone calls.

The other cable is semi-coiled but does not have a remote control. To share audio with their friends, users can connect another pair of headphones to the Monster DNA Pro 2.0’s second connector. A handsome protective pouch is included as well as a 1/4-inch adapter for the headphone jack.


There is no doubt that the Denon DNP-214’s earpads will make your earshot. They are super soft and collapse in the middle when you lay them down.

However, the softness of the earpads does not have much impact on the overall sounds. The padded also does not have much to do with the overall Monster sound experience since it is aluminum.

They are comfortable, do a good job with noise isolation, and sound good regardless of whether the app’s EQ profiles are engaged or not.


The Monster DNA Pro 2.0 delivers a thunderous, subwoofer-like low-end on tracks that have heavy sub-bass levels, such as “Silent Shout” by The Knife. This is something bass fiends love, but purists won’t.

This track can experience some distortion at the absolute maximum volume. However, it is not noticeable at safe listening levels. This distortion is so minor that it only occurs at total maximum volume levels. However, it shouldn’t be considered a deal-breaker.

We can get a better sense of Monster DNA Pro 2.0’s sound signature by listening to tracks with less bass content like Bill Callahan’s “Drover.” Callahan’s baritone vocals receive a smoother low-end than they need.

However, the lows are counterbalanced with boosted high-mids or highs that give off an extra treble edge but don’t make things too bright or sibilant.

The subwoofer-style, deep bass is an excellent addition to this track. Although the drums are not thunderous, the audio is powerful and profound. This is not infuriating audio. However, it’s not accurate.

Jay-Z and Kanye west’s “No Church in the Wild” is the type of track Monster DNA Pro 2.0 seems to be able to play. The sub-bass synth hits at the beat feel like they’re coming from a club PA full-bodied and ominous.

Although the kick drum loop has a lot of high-mid presence, it could be a little more robust. However, the loop’s sustain is what steals the show. It’s delivered as a solid low and low-mid thump.

The bass is too loud to make the vocals stand out, but the high-mids or highs are loud enough to allow each singer their own space in the multi-layered mix.

The orchestral tracks like the opening scene of John Adams’ The Gospel According To The Other Mary sound almost comically enhanced in the lows.

The lower register strings have a deep resonance that makes it seem a little strange. This recording’s high-mids, highs, and lows retain their dominant presence despite an increased bass presence. However, this is not audio that will please those who are looking for a flat-style response.

DNA Pro 2.0 high end headphone is a powerful headphone that bass lovers will enjoy. The bass has a robust and full-bodied presence that will make most listeners smile.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the bass booms can sometimes drown out other aural nuances, but the headphones are generally well-balanced with decent warmth when paired with a smartphone.

The supra-aural Monster DNA headphones deliver full, bombastic audio and big bass using Pure Monster Sound technology.

While the soundstage is small compared to most open-back headphones, it has significant breadth and clarity compared to closed-back headphones in this price range. But If it’s a more lightweight, on-ear design you’re after, but you still want intense low-end, consider the Beats Solo HD.

Monster DNA over Ear Headphones Review

DNA On-Ear Headphones Review

Monster provides excellent audio and style in these Monster headphones. The great noise-isolating design and wide range of features make these a popular choice for consumers. Monster headphones offer exceptional sound and style in these headphones.

These supra-aural (on-ear) headphones feature an advanced noise-isolating design and a price tag that is more than inviting. This in-depth review contains everything there is to know about this stylish addition to Monster’s line of headphones

Monster On Ear Headphones Pros and Cons


  • Funky, unique design
  • Loud audio with big bass
  • Customizable skins
  • Affordable
  • Pretty good quality


  • Audio loses definition at high volume levels
  • In-line remote is iOS-specific

Design and Comfort over ear

Design and Comfort

DNA headphones feature a combination of simple, triangular earcups and sleek, glossy surfaces. The combination creates motion and looks great on both men and women.

You can personalize the look of your headphones by adding custom skins. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles. With a bit of creativity and technical skills, you can also create your own.

Monster headphones offer excellent features on these headphones, including an inline control for high volume and playback, a microphone for calls, and an adjustable headphone with memory foam. The ear cup also swivels flat and folds up for portability and storage.

As is familiar with many headphones, they do come with a few drawbacks. For one, there is only one cable with these headphones, so if it ever fails, you’ll have to replace the entire pair or buy a separate cable.

Monster used durable, lightweight materials and created a pair of high-quality headphones that are comfortable to wear. These headphones are not the most durable option on the market, but you don’t need the best build quality at this price point.

Large hinges let you fold easily transport these headphones in the included soft carrying pouch.

The outside is finished with glossy paint that unsurprisingly attracts fingerprints like a magnet. This isn’t the worst feeling paint I’ve ever come across, but it is low quality.

The inside of the headphones is lined with a very soft material that feels nice against your skin. The leather headband will keep them in place no matter how you tilt or move around while wearing them.

But Their padding lacks the necessary surface area for longer listening sessions in maximum comfort. The padding feels nice against your skin, but it does not provide enough surface area to isolate the outside noise.

The rest of the headphones is covered in shiny plastic that looks cheap and feels cheap. At this point, I’m just expecting affordable and reasonable. The included cleaning cloth comes in handy, and it takes just a few quick wipes to make your headphones all shiny and spotless.

Another fantastic feature is the addition of MusicShare technology. I quickly accessed music files stored on my iPod Touch and played them through the Sony h.ear go+. So, if you have a personal music collection, you can easily stream it through this speaker. The only complaint with having my music selection available, but that was my fault.

Noise Isolation

The Monster DNA on-ear headphones feature a pair of specially designed Advanced Noise Isolating cushions.

That reduces background noise by more than 70% while delivering high-quality audio. There is some pretty impressive tech behind these ear cups, but I’m not sure if the improvement in noise cancellation is enough to make up for the headphone’s overall design.

Foam earplugs also significantly reduce the amount of audio leakage. This means that you can listen to your favorite music at a relatively large volume without disturbing those around you.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Monster headphones is pretty impressive for a set of on-ear headphones. The rich, full sound features a wide frequency response range and deep bass that if you listen to music on your smartphone.

Mids are placed slightly forward and provide a good level of instrument separation and vocal clarity.

Vocals are forward but do not come across as boomy. Highs and lows are excellent and detailed.

While the sound isolation is only mediocre, the giant emphasis Monster has put on this aspect of the headphones means that you can listen to your music at a reasonable volume without bothering those around you.

The mids are slightly in front and offer good instrument separation and vocal clarity. Multi-instrumental music featuring male vocalists sounds spacious.

The head stage is almost the perfect size. Highs are the same. They are as detailed as possible throughout the frequency response range, and they don’t suffer as much distortion as lows.

Monster DNA headphones are very responsive to equalizing. This makes it easy to make significant audio adjustments. Foobar’s built-in equalizer reduced the bass level to a point where listening to higher volumes was not an issue. However, the sound quality remained essentially unchanged.

The Monster DNA on-ear headphones are a class above other designer headphones. The audio is both rich and clear. These headphones are very easy to use.


If you’re the type who is eager to be the first to have your hand on the newest trends, then these Monster DNA on-ear headphones are just for you and most people. With their customizable frame, you can have your personality show through your headphones.

These headphones are high-quality, with big, booming audio that you can share with a friend. We hope that our monster DNA headphones review can help you learn more about these devices, and know exactly which should you choose?


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