Do Smart Tvs Have Bluetooth? Top Full Guide 2023

Do Smart Tvs Have Bluetooth Top Full Guide 2023
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In this article, Hooke Audio will show you how to learn Do Smart Tvs Have Bluetooth and connect wireless headsets with other devices.

TVs are now cheaper than ever, but is it worth getting one with Bluetooth enabled? It depends on how frequently you use Bluetooth devices, such as headphones or speakers. If you like to use your wireless headphones or speakers with your TV HDMI port, a TV with a Bluetooth logo can benefit.

Do Smart TVs Have Bluetooth Enabled?

Many intelligent TVs today have Bluetooth built-in. All intelligent TVs are Bluetooth-enabled by Sony, LG, Samsung, Hisense, and Toshiba. You can make smart TVs with Bluetooth enabled headphones even if they don’t have short-range wireless technology by either downloading the smartphone app or using a Bluetooth transmitter.

It is expensive to integrate Bluetooth chips into every intelligent TV set, so some manufacturers don’t bother.

1. Which TVs are Bluetooth-enabled?

Which TVs are Bluetooth-enabled

This Bluetooth enabled smart TV models is Bluetooth compatible with short-range wireless technology:

  • Hisense – H55, H65, H8G, H9G series
  • LG – UN7300 series, UN7370 series, & UN8500 Series
  • LG – Nanoclass 85, 90, 90, and 99 series
  • LG – CX, BX, GX, and WX Series
  • Samsung – 6, 7, 8, & 9 series
  • Samsung – Frame, Serif, Sero, and Terrace series
  • Samsung – Q60T, Q70T, Q80T, Q90T, Q800T, & Q900TS series
  • Sony – X750H, X800H, X900F, X900H, & X950H series
  • Sony – Sony A8H and Sony Z8H series
  • Toshiba – Fire TV Editions

Manufacturers that bother to include Bluetooth connection usually make their intelligent TV models, and they tend to be more expensive.

My experience is that of all the innovative TV brands, Samsung, Sony, and LG have Bluetooth built-in.

The easiest thing is to check the TV’s manual for information about short-range wireless technology.

You can search your TV’s model and make to find the manual. This is a common way to find manuals online. You can search for short-range Bluetooth technology and see the results.

If the TV manual is not found, go to Audio within the TV’s setting and check if the Bluetooth connection is listed under Output options.

2. What can a Bluetooth TV HDMI port do

You might be asking yourself if it is worth the effort.

It was definitely for me.

Short-range Bluetooth technology has a lot of great features that aren’t available anywhere else.

A Bluetooth enabled smart TV – Bluetooth connectivity allows you to do these things:

  • Use wireless headphones or speakers to connect to the TV
  • Your smartphone can be used as a smart remote control
  • Use a Bluetooth keyboard with Sync to type on your TV
  • Stream music directly from your smartphone or iPod to your TV
  • Your smartphone’s screen, apps, and photos can be projected onto your TV

Simply being able to use a pair of Bluetooth headset to view TV late at night so that I don’t wake my wife up makes it worth the effort to get my TV enabled.

How to Know If the TV Has Short-range Wireless Technology?

How to Know If the TV Has Short-range Wireless Technology

Although most Smart TV supports Bluetooth, it is still good to ensure that your interested TV has Bluetooth capability. As we have already explained, not all Bluetooth enabled Smart TVs are equipped with short-range wireless technology.

So you don’t fall into the trap of buying a stylish, smart TV setup only to discover later that it lacks Bluetooth capabilities. This is a simple way to check if your TV has Bluetooth connectivity.

This is an excellent tool for gamers. It’s not enough to check if your TV is compatible with Bluetooth box. You should also know what Bluetooth adapter version it has. Here’s how you can tell if your TV is short-range wireless technology capable.

1. Do your research before you buy your TV. You’ll find all the information you need about the model of smart TV you want to buy by doing your research.

The website of the manufacturer is a great place to begin. You can also search for the model on Google and read the specifications. You can buy it if it has short-range wireless technology. If it doesn’t have short-range wireless technology, and you can manage it that way, then use it.

2. If you have a TV that does not have a Bluetooth logo and are unsure of the model, you can navigate the TV Bluetooth settings. You can navigate to locations using the smart TV remote control. Depending on the TV model and brand, you will find the system information option in Bluetooth settings.

3. Checking the manufacturer manual is another way to determine if your Smart TV has Bluetooth. Your user manual will also explain how to activate Bluetooth on your Bluetooth enabled Smart TV if it has it.

4. Another way to test your intelligent TV remote control is to use the following method. Is it capable of intelligent functions? Your Smart TV is most likely Bluetooth enabled headphones.

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How To Enable Bluetooth on a Smart TV

How To Connect Bluetooth Devices to a Smart TV

It is easy to enable Bluetooth on a Smart TV. Its dynamic is, however, quite different than your mobile phone. Before you can search for or pair your mobile phone with another device, your Bluetooth integration must be turned on. You don’t need to turn on your Bluetooth on Smart TVs, particularly Samsung Smart TVs.

To connect a short-range wireless technology Smart TV device to Bluetooth, turn on Bluetooth, then navigate to the Bluetooth adapter list section to find your device’s name in the list. If the process of enabling Bluetooth on your Smart TV differs from that for regular Samsung TVs, you should consult your manual.

It would be possible to inspect the short-range wireless technology setup without causing any damage by looking around and changing factory settings that should not be altered.


How To Connect Bluetooth Devices to a Smart TV

Smart TVs include Bluetooth, which can enhance your TV experience. If you can use it effectively, Bluetooth can keep your TV glued to you. Enabling Bluetooth on a Smart TV will allow it to connect to another device and maximize its potential.

You can connect your Smart TV to via short-range wireless technology. There are many benefits. It gives you better viewing and listening experience.

Smart TVs with short-range wifi technology are great for gamers who want to get more out of their games. You can also connect your Bluetooth box speaker/soundbar to your watch TV to create a cinematic experience.

You can connect more than one thing to your Smart TV, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. This process can seem complicated for some, so we created this guide to help you. We’ll first simplify the process for connecting other devices to your Bluetooth Smart TV.

To pair your Smart TV with the device you wish to use, switch to pairing mode. It is easier to pair devices if they have a particular pairing button. Refer to your manual if your Bluetooth equipment doesn’t have a pairing button.

Go to the Bluetooth setup section on your TV and then to the Bluetooth list. Your Smart TV Bluetooth list will automatically show the Bluetooth device if it is in pairing mode.

Another compatible device will also be displayed on the Bluetooth list. Tap on your device to add it to the Smart TV pairings list. After you allow it, your Smart TV will establish Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone.

After the short-range wireless technology connection is established successfully, you can start enjoying whatever music, movie, or game you want. This works for all Bluetooth: your smartphone, speakers, Bluetooth headphones, and even your Bluetooth headphone.

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How To Make A TV Short-range Wireless Technology

How To Make A TV Short-range Wireless Technology

There are three ways to make intelligent Smart TVs Bluetooth-enabled if they don’t come with Bluetooth. 1. Enable Bluetooth via the TV’s secret menu 2. Download the smartphone app from the TV manufacturer 3) Purchase a Bluetooth transmitter for the TV

1. Secret service menu

  • You can make your TV Bluetooth by using its secret service menu.
  • Every digital TV has a secret menu. This menu allows users to access some advanced menus/options and change/enable/disable lots of features in your TV that you cannot get at otherwise.
  • You can also use specific codes on your remote to access the menu.
  • Because sometimes, a mistake in the menu can brick your TV. This is a term that refers to when a device is so severely damaged it’s useless.
  • You can also access the secret service menu to void your TV’s warranty.
  • It’s not great.
  • Continue reading if I haven’t scared you yet.
  • Many secret codes for Philips, Samsung, and LG Smart TVs have Bluetooth. You can also Google search for codes for other TV brands.
  • These codes may take several tries before they work. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t appear immediately.
  • Take your time, and don’t change any settings while you are there.

2. Smartphone app

  • You can download the app from your TV manufacturer to your smartphone and connect your TV using your phone’s Bluetooth. This is a far more straightforward option.
  • Roku is one example.
  • You can use the Roku app to sync your phone’s Bluetooth with your headphones or speakers and then listen to your TV.
  • It’s not perfect, but it is an option.

3. Bluetooth transmitter

  • You still have one option if short-range wireless technology is not enabled through the secret menu.
  • A Bluetooth transmitter can be purchased.
  • Bluetooth transmitters turn non-Bluetooth devices like smart TVs become Bluetooth devices.
  • The technology is so advanced that these devices have very low latency (meaning that the sound will be almost real-time and without any delay).
  • Even better, you can find a great one for as low as $40.
  • The TOKSEL Visible Bluetooth5.0 Transmitter is an excellent option if you are considering this route. This gadget has fantastic reviews and will turn your smart TV Bluetooth within seconds.
  • This model requires a headphone socket (AUX) on your TV. Make sure you have it before purchasing.
  • The Avantree Bluetooth Transmitter 5.0 is an excellent option for TVs without a headphone jack. It has excellent reviews as before but offers many different setup options (Optical, Auxiliary, RCA, and USB).


Yes, some smart TVs have Bluetooth built-in, but not all Smart TVs. It depends on the model. Hopefully, this article can help you to know do smart tv have Bluetooth. Feel free to leave a comment with any additional questions or requests, and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can.

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