Introducing A Binaural DSLR Microphone

Before you set off on your next adventure, it’s important to consider how you will want it to be remembered in the years to come. A binaural microphone is perfect for capturing life’s amazing moments because it captures them identically to the way they were experienced! You hear the world in 3D, the Hooke Verse lets you capture it that way. Hooke Verse is a DSLR microphone that will capture all of life’s moments in rich immersive 3D audio. It’s time for a new DSLR mic.

Why Record Binaural Audio To Your DSLR?

If you want to tell a story that feels immersive in a whole new way, you may want to consider recording it in binaural 3D audio, which captures audio identically to the way our ears experience sound. A binaural film will give your listeners the sensation of being in the same exact place where you made the recording, transporting your audiences to a World unlike any other.

  • Binaural 3D audio can be experienced on any pair of headphones, meaning you can upload your binaural videos straight to the web and have any one hear it in 3D.
  • Hooke Verse plugs directly into your camera’s mic input, overriding the onboard mic to capture your video in 3D audio.
  • More than half of YouTube content is consumed on mobile, meaning headphone listening is at an all time high. A perfect opportunity for binaural audio.

Binaural Audio Will Change Storytelling Forever

What Is Binaural 3D Audio?

Mimicking the way our ears hear naturally, 3D or spatial audio allows people to hear sounds all around them in more accurate detail than stereo. 3D audio creates a clear pinpoint to where sound is coming from in an acoustic space which enables better listening. We hear the world in 3D audio, we should be capturing it that way.

  • Binaural sound is not to be confused with conventional stereo sound. Stereo does not factor in the natural ear spacing or “head shadow” of the head and ears.
  • Dr. Who released an episode recorded completely in binaural audio in 2017.
  • The BBC rigged an binaural microphone array at the Royal Albert Hall this season and is using it to record concerts in three-dimensional sound.
  • Hooke Verse is the world’s first Bluetooth binaural 3d audio microphone.

Binaural Audio Is NOT Stereo


Binaural audio must be recorded with a binaural microphone.

A binaural microphone consists of two omni directional microphones wherein one mic is positioned very precisely within each ear. When a microphone is placed within the pinnae of each ear, a recordist is capable of recording audio identically to the way they hear it.

Hearing Is Believing

When you listen back to binaural audio recording on any 2 channel system (so any pair of speakers or headphones) you will feel like you are there in the moment, hearing it identically to the way the recordist did at point of record. Hear for yourself (recommended with headphones on).

How To Record Binaural 3D Audio On A DSLR

These days binaural 3d audio is becoming more accessible, with a lot of companies creating products that let you consume 3D Audio or create 3D Audio on professional rigs. But what if you want to capture 3D Audio on your DSLR camera? Well, now you can. This is how you record 3d audio to a DSLR camera. It’s actually easy to capture professional audio to a DSLR and the results are mind blowing!

1. Use a DSLR Camera with a stereo 3.5mm jack.

This should be easy since every DSLR camera comes equipped with a 3.5mm mini plug. 

2. You’ll Need a Binaural 3D Audio Mic With a Stereo 3.5mm Connector

In this case, we’ll use the Hooke Verse ( as it comes standard with a cable for recording direct to DSLR cameras. In our tutorial, we will use the Hooke Verse to capture binaural 3D Audio to a DSLR camera. The Hooke Verse is cool because in addition to being microphones, they’re also headphones. Which means you can listen back to your 3D Audio recordings.

3. Plug into a Stereo Input

Once you have the recording cable plugged into the Hooke Verse, power the Hooke Verse on and plug it into your DSLR camera’s jack. The Hooke Verse will automatically over ride your DSLR camera’s built in microphone.

4. Record On!

Simply press record on your DSLR camera and your videos will automatically be captured in beautiful binaural 3D Audio! For optimal results, click the menu settings on your DSLR camera to manually adjust your audio levels.

Unlock the True Potential of Storytelling

Read More about Binaural DSLR Recording: Hooke 3D Audio Blog

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Capturing binaural audio used to be reserved for professionals with big rigs and big budgets. But now there’s a much more affordable, hands-free option for recording binaural audio on the go — and it’s a lot less cumbersome. Hooke Verse is the ultimate DSLR microphone, allowing you to capture immersive 3D audio straight to your DSLR camera.

Videomaking Reimagined. In 3D Audio.

Watch With Headphones On.

Sound Traveler

The appeal of  binaural 3D audio is clear for today’s geared up traveler, so it’s no surprise that new 3d audio travel sites and apps are starting to pop up. The Sound Traveler, an offshoot of Destin Sandlin’s hugely popular educational YouTube series Smarter Every Day, immerses you in experiences that range from catching a 100-pound tuna to riding the New York City subway to sliding down a 12,000-foot mountain.

The Travelear

The Travelear, a new app that bills itself as “A vacation for your ears,” takes listeners to destinations as a far-flung as The Flower Market in London, Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and St. Mark’s Square in Venice.

The Future

Capturing binaural audio used to be reserved for professionals with big rigs and big budgets. That mic The Travelear is holding is a 3Dio Free Space Pro II, a binaural microphone that sells for $2,000. If you’re willing and able to shell out for it, the 3Dio is an exceptional professional binaural mic to take on your family vacation. But now there’s a much more affordable, hands-free option for recording binaural audio on the go — and it’s a lot less cumbersome than the 3Dio.

Hooke Verse is the world’s first binaural audio recording headset. The price? $239.99. These Bluetooth headphones have microphones embedded in each earbud and pair with your smartphone. You can also connect the Verse to a DSLR or a GoPro. The future of audio has arrived.