Earin Earbuds Review 2021: Is It For You?

Earin Earbuds Review 2021 Is It For You

If you are looking for the perfect earbuds to use while working out, traveling, or just relaxing at home, then this blog post is for you! I have found that these earbuds by Earin are excellent and provide excellent sound quality.

The best part about these earphones is that there is no cord attached, so they never get tangled or caught on anything. They also come with an attachable armband which makes them even more convenient because you don’t need to carry your phone with you everywhere.

The Earin earbuds review will take a look at the pros and cons of this product and give some information before you decide to buy it.

Pros And Cons


  • The smallest TWS earbuds available
  • Amazing soundstage for its size
  • Automatic left/right ear detection
  • Wireless charging case for compact devices with 30-hour capacity


  • No noise cancellation
  • Small size can lead to compromises
  • Touch-sensitive areas

Price And Availability

Earin A-3 is $199 and is currently only available from Earin. You can choose from black or silver for the charging case, but the buds come in black only.

$199 is quite a steep price for Earin true wireless earbuds. It’s a fair price for the Apple AirPods standard wireless charging case, and the A-3’s case supports standard wireless charging.

These buds are now in direct competition with the feature-packed Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. The price of the A-3’s case supports wireless charging as a standard.


I don’t know if there are any true wireless earbuds smaller or lighter than the Earin A-3. I’m still amazed at how these buds work. Each one measures only 0.8 inches in length and weighs a light 0.12 ounces.

With their elongated stalk design, the AirPods would be enormous next to the Earin A-3. The true wireless earbuds barely stick out, and the touch sensor is the only thing that sticks out.

Because the charging case is not bulky, it can be kept small. Although the Earin A-3 themselves are made from bare plastic, the aluminum charging case is exceptional.

It has a matte finish and flip-top lid that gives you the feeling of opening a high-end lighter. The rear of the charging case has a small amount of plastic, valid for wireless charging, and a button to start pairing.

Price And Availability

These aren’t in-ear headphones that go into your ear canal. They rest in your concha. Also, the Earin A-3’s earbuds are identical. Instead of one left and one right, bud, you can use either one.

The Earin A-3 true wireless earbuds can instantly identify which ear canal it is and then assign the correct audio channels. This is quite amazing. It worked flawlessly every time, so I didn’t have to worry about accidentally putting the wrong bud in.

This convenience comes at the cost of being one-size-fits-all. There are no ear tips or wings that can be swapped around to create a custom fit. ANC is not available, as it wouldn’t work well with the Earin A-3’s loose seal. You do get IP52 waterproofing which is sufficient to protect from rain, sweat, and dust.

Comfort And Fit

The Earin A-3 is lightweight and comfortable, as you would expect. The Earin A-3’s earbuds open design makes it easier to grip than other in-ear models and gives you a more relaxed feel.

The buds don’t fit any particular ear and are therefore not ergonomic. The Earin A-3’s units are more flexible than other earbuds.

The Earin earbuds can slide around in your ears if they’re not set correctly, but not enough to cause them to fall out. It’s easy to set them at the wrong angle.

This can affect how they sound. Too far out towards the ear canal will result in too much bass. Too far away will cause it to sound weak and recessed.

The Earin A-3 true wireless earbuds could be worn on long walks quite well, but despite the sweatproof and low weight, it will not be a top-rated running headphone.

Setup And Controls

It is simple to pair the Earin A-3 earbuds the first time: press the button at the back of the charging case while the pair of earbuds have been docked. This will allow them to connect via Bluetooth 5.0.

It also supports the high-quality aptX Bluetooth codec, which neither the AirPods Pro nor the Galaxy Buds Pro can boast of being able to do.

The Earin A-3 earbuds will reliably pair with a source device each time you remove the buds from the cause.

The touch controls can only play and pause tracks, answer or disconnect from phone calls, summon the voice assistant or summon it. However, you cannot skip or adjust the volume.

I love the way that the Earin A-3 handles these inputs. The tiny, pill-shaped touch sensor was created for voice assistants. To play or pause, all you need is to double-tap one earbud anywhere you want.

Each earbud has an accelerometer that can detect jostling and saves you the tedious task of tapping on a tiny sensor.

You can also customize the iOS companion app by making a few simple changes, such as having play/pause input take one tap rather than two. Although the Android app isn’t yet available, Earin says it will soon be and offer the same features as iOS.

Sound Quality

Earin has put big, 14.3mm, dynamic drivers in the Earin A-3 true wireless earbuds. The custom-built speakers quickly disillusioned me.

First, credit must be given to the left/right hearing detection. It never lost track of which side it was. This enabled the Earin A-3’s impressively large soundstage to be demonstrated.

Tracks that shift vocals or instruments between the two channels for effect like Foo Fighters’ Low and Lorde’s Still Sane were executed with a satisfying feeling of breadth.

Sound quality

Although there is a lot more ambient sound, it doesn’t make the mix less clear. The Earin A-3’s ability to separate all recording elements to preserve detail is one of its most impressive sonic characteristics. The Earin A-3 can be used to drown out any nearby noises by sitting at high volumes.

You also get a decent amount of bass punch. This gives you the power and detail that electronic, rock, and metal music requires without losing any details.

This is important for tracks that have a lot of distortion or overdrive effects. Royal Blood’s Typhoons, which featured spiraling bass, sounded filthy in a good way.

Frequency balance is generally good, with the bass, mids, and treble not threatening to overwhelm or even compete with each other. Although vocals may be a little closer to the front, podcasts are still very listenable. Video audio always stays in sync, too.


The Earin A-3 true wireless earbuds are a great product. However, you won’t be able to adjust the EQ via the mobile app. Or ANC. Or you can use transparency mode. Or spatial audio. You can also mention anything else that isn’t already covered in this review.

The Earin A-3 has many special features. The Earin A-3’s unique features, such as left/proper ear detection, and an ultra-compact, non-invasive design, are outstanding.

However, more standard features, like voice assistant support or water resistance, work well. The Earin A-3 earbuds could withstand a splash in the sink and will not be affected by light rain.

You can also get a lot more toys for $200. The Galaxy Buds Pro has better waterproofing and offers ANC, transparency mode (Samsung’s version of spatial sound), and a deeper app.

Battery Life

Earin A-3’s battery life is even worse. Earin claims 5 hours battery life of playback on a single charge and 30 hours with repeated charging. Although the latter sounds great, the first is not. In practice, I could not even get the whole 5 hours.

My first run was only 3 hours and 5 minutes. I tried to keep my volume at 50%, but that didn’t work. This seemed almost too low, so I recharged my batteries and tried again. I reached 3 hours 15 minutes.

Some wireless earbuds may not be as durable as the JLab Epic Air Sport ANC. Not even four hours. This isn’t very pleasant, and you shouldn’t expect to get 30 hours out of your charging case.

Call Quality

It’s not much more than a headset for calling. Roland, our UK editor, and my mic test subject, said I sounded crackly when using the Earin A-3 microphones. The fact that the earbuds don’t poke outwards makes speech pickup more difficult for the microphones.

I also felt as though I was speaking to them from far away, and there was a noticeable echo in the room.

Call Quality

It should be noted that I could still be heard clearly enough to be understood by others. I was never asked to repeat my words. However, I sound less distorted than when using my phone’s microphone. Also, stepping outside onto my balcony made a huge wind noise at the other end.

Earin Earbuds Review: Our Opinion

The Earin A-3 has earned three-and-a-half stars. You get poor call quality, low battery life, and a loose fit for such a high price. There is no ANC.

There are two reasons. The Earin A-3 is a great sound system that plays the vital, central role of blasting music into your ears. The Sennheiser CX 400BT costs $200 more, but the A-3’s large soundstage, instrument separation, and rich bass impressed me consistently.

The second reason is that these earbuds have very few circuits, and soldiers can possess charm. It’s all so easy to like, from the compact bud design to the Scandi-chic charging box, to the effortless touch control provided by the accelerometers.

Earin tried something new here. While it isn’t an AirPod-killer, I found it enough to keep reaching for the Earin A-3 long after I had finished testing it.



Are high-quality earbuds worth the investment?

They are definitely worth the investment, mainly if your interests include fitness and travel. In recent years, wireless earbuds prices have dropped significantly.

Wireless earbuds are more flexible and can be connected to many devices. The latest wireless earbuds offer a great range, memory, and long battery life.

Do I need to keep my earbuds in a charging case?

Nearly all wireless earbuds have lithium-ion batteries that can stop charging when their battery life is fully charged. The charging case protects your earbuds against moisture and extreme temperatures.

Are noise-canceling earbuds worth the investment?

Are noise-canceling headphones worth the investment? Yes. This technology is an excellent choice if you want to improve your listening experience, sound quality and reduce environmental noise.

Are headphones suitable for your brain?

Headphones do not directly affect the brain. Unhealthy headphones habits can cause ear infections and hearing loss. Although it is unlikely, damage to the ear could lead to brain nerve damage.

headphones suitable for your brain

Are earphones a bad idea?

If you wear earphones all day and listen to loud music, you can damage your eardrums. Noise above 90 decibels can be damaging to your ears. This can cause severe hearing loss or even deafness.


The Earin earbuds are an excellent option for those of us who need to have headphones on all day long. They come in three different colors, and they’re designed to be comfortable so that you can wear them all day without any discomfort.

Their ergonomic design also means that the sound quality is surprisingly good, especially considering their affordable price.

These headphones include a built-in microphone as well – it makes communicating with my team while working from home much more accessible! Hooke Audio hopes our review has been helpful if you’re looking for a new pair of wireless headphones.

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