Edifier R1700Bt Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers Review 2024: Top Full Guide

Edifier R1700Bt Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers Review 2024
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Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers Review is a great addition to any home entertainment system. They offer superb sound quality and are very easy to set up and use. The speakers are also very affordable, making them a great value for the money.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features and performance of these speakers to help you decide if they’re the right choice for your needs.

Edifier R1700bt Review

Edifier R1700bt Review

  • Power output (RMS): 15W×2 (tweeter) +, 18W×2 (mid-bass driver)
  • Input sensitivity: Line In1: 700±50mV; Line In2: 550±50mV
  • Dimension: 154mm × 254mm × 214mm (W×H×D)
  • Net weight: 6.6kg
  • Frequency response: 60Hz-20kHz

Pros and Cons


  • Lovely midrange
  • Warm, smooth, enthusiastic sound
  • Engaging and easy to listen to
  • Smart finish and build quality
  • Deliver rich low tones
  • Affordable price


  • Boomy bass sticks out a lot
  • Slightly thin treble
  • Controls need a better finish

Packaging and Accessories

Packaging and Accessories

The R1700BT bookshelf speakers are packaged in a plain retail box. It’s a simple cardboard box with a few pictures of the speakers. The inside is just as essential with no presentation and basic packaging materials. It’s okay; it keeps them affordable and ensures they can survive shipping to you.

You will find a variety of cable connections and remote control on the inside. Two speaker grills can be detached to protect the drivers. You also get two bookshelf speakers.

Design and Build Quality

The Edifiers are a great design and build quality. The bookshelf speakers only come in one finish, but that’s not a problem as the vinyl walnut wood grain wrap, and black bodies look great.

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We also like a few clever design details. Edifier claims that the bookshelf speakers have a 10-degree upwards tilt to ensure that the listener directs the sound.

We like how the rotary controls for volume, treble, and bass response are neatly located in a small cut-away on the right speaker.

This means that the volume controls are not at the back of the speaker or in the face of the fascia. Left-handers might be unhappy with this positioning.

Although the Edifier R1700BT speakers are solidly built, especially considering their price, we have issues with the sharp edges on the volume control. The active speakers without grilles look cleaner, but we prefer them with them on. You can remove the grilles to reveal the drivers and bass port.

The remote comes with speakers. While we don’t like this type of plastic control, we appreciate having it handy to control volume and change inputs. It’s essential to keep it from getting lost down the back of your sofa.

Most people will use the Bluetooth streaming feature of the speakers to stream music wirelessly, as we imagine.

There are two pairs of RCA analog inputs at the back if you need to plug in other sources, such as CD players, or use the Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth for tv sound system.

Amazon Edifier r1700bt includes the appropriate cables so that you can connect to any other Bluetooth music player.

Sound Quality

Sound quality is the most critical indicator of quality. An ugly speaker that sounds great will always win over a set of speakers that sound terrible. The Edifier R1700BT was able to find an outstanding balance between both.

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The good sound quality is rich and clear, with no significant distortion at high volumes. Although the low-end is quite substantial, it can be a bit too boomy. This is more of a Hi-Fi sound than a studio monitor sound.

Mids that are balanced and well-defined, with enough warmth to provide a pleasant listening experience. The most influential sound characteristics that can influence enjoyment are the mid-tones. These speakers can deliver on this front.

The high frequencies are also crisp and clean. You won’t feel the harshness at the top end, which can lead to ear fatigue.

For a set of speakers this low-priced, it is seen as the best sound quality. It has enough volume and power to fill small spaces and is a good choice for medium-sized rooms.

The Driver Edifier R1700bt

The Driver

The Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth speaker features a 4-inch bass driver with a silk dome tweeter and delivers satisfying low-end frequencies. With its balanced sound delivery, the 0.75-inch tweeters can handle higher frequencies with ease. This makes it an enjoyable listening experience for all age groups.

It has a remarkable frequency response, with a range of 60Hz to 20kHz. This gives it the ability to produce rich low tones with defined highs while still allowing for enough headroom to enable the sound to breathe.

The Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth speaker has a loud 85 dBA, which is more than sufficient for most applications. The sound projector can be heard in large rooms when watching TV.

I do not recommend running speakers at max capacity for prolonged periods as it can cause distortion, even if the volume is set to its highest setting.

It is worth spending more powerful speakers or a subwoofer to handle the bass properly if you have the space.

The best thing about these speakers is the five-pin port. This makes it so much easier to connect them than two-wire speaker cables. These speakers are extremely easy to install because they have no loose connection options.

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Packaging and Accessories

Connectivity and Controls

You’ll find the volume, treble, and bass controls on the side of the Edifier Bluetooth speaker review. They are also neatly placed in a section cut out on the side of each active speaker. The recess is designed to allow them to be easily reached without obscuring the front fascia of your speakers, which is nice.

However, the positioning is not ideal for left-handed persons as these rotary dials are located near their right hand (except when they are seated opposite).

These three knobs control the volume, treble, and bass of this speaker. This safety feature is handy because it sets a default volume that is relatively quiet to protect your speakers and ears if you don’t think about the book.

The volume knob on the speaker is a great feature. This knob allows you to control the volume and switch between various connectivity options. It also has a power button and a connector for wired connections. These are basic but still very useful.

You can connect up to two devices to Edifier R1700BT simultaneously using the two sets of RCA inputs. This is highly convenient. You can also switch between sources by using the control device or volume knob on the side panel.

This box also includes 2 x RCA cables, 1 1/8″ (3.5mm), and a jack-to- RCA cable. These will expand your connections options as they can be used to connect almost any media player.

Although the remote control for the speaker is quite essential, it still serves its primary purpose of controlling volume, muting, or selecting an input. It’s a good thing that these speakers have decent control devices, considering the price.

The Edifier R1700BT features a Bluetooth connection, which allows you to connect your tablet, phone, and computer. It is compatible with iOS, Android(TM), and Windows(r), and it is simple to set up. The speaker worked flawlessly once connected. I had no interference or dropouts.

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Bluetooth connectivity is reliable and solid. The volume knob serves doubles as a solid pair reset button for multiple connections and a device switcher. You can’t save settings from switching between devices without connecting them manually each time.

edifier speakers review Tuning Options

Tuning Options

Less expensive monitors often don’t have many tuning options. The Edifier R1700DB gives users some control over the output.

The bass and treble cover this task controls knobs on the right-hand speaker. They are conveniently hidden in the cabinet for a cleaner appearance.

These functions can disrupt the classic design aesthetic if they are located on the front end of the speaker. You can also place them at the back. This can make it awkward and difficult to adjust. These tuning options are a great compromise between attractive design and convenience.

They also offer tuning options. These speakers are handy when you consider their purpose. These speakers can be used in studios, multimedia projects, and even as speakers for your television. These features allow you to fine-tune the sound to achieve the desired output.


The Edifier R1700BT bookshelf speaker has a 4-inch woofer and manages to keep a small footprint. They are not recommended for narrow shelves as they are too deep.


The Edifier R1700BT studio monitors also have a variety of connections options. Bluetooth is the main selling point, but you will also have more options.

You can connect two devices simultaneously using two sets of RCA inputs. You can quickly switch between sources using the remote or the volume dial on the back.

The box also contains two sets of RCA cables. A 1/8″ (3.5mm to RCA) cable is another great addition. This increases your connectivity options. This will allow you to connect all devices, such as smartphones and media players.

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Bluetooth connectivity is reliable and solid. The volume knob also serves as a Bluetooth pairing mode reset. You can’t save multiple connections or switch between them. Each time you wish to switch between devices, you must pair them manually.


There are many challenges when you set up your home studio. One challenge is finding enough space to hold all your high-quality components. Another challenge is to be able to store all your details. Flexible gear is a great option.

Studio monitors are used for a specific purpose. Near-field speakers provide a neutral response that allows for precise mixing and mastering.

Not everyone has the time or ability to dedicate their lives to music. Many people have the desire to express their creativity but cannot make it a career.

An adaptable set of speakers can bridge the gap between extremes. You can save money by buying a pair of solid speakers that are flexible. The benefits of having the equivalent of several pieces of gear will also be yours.

Think about all the uses you might want to make your speakers useful. Multimedia editing, music production, TV sound system, and multimedia editing are just a few of the many benefits for your speakers.

It cannot be easy to find speakers capable of handling all these tasks. Many options can do this. These options might not be the best for professionals. They are affordable and practical for hobbyists and beginners.

These speaker options are worth considering because of the growing demands on our time and entire listening space.


These speakers were only $150, which is a fair price considering how great they sound. These are not budget-friendly devices. Similar sound quality can be had for as low as $100, but you will lose some connectivity features such as Bluetooth. We think that the price is fair for solid speakers with a premium look and sound quality.

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Is Edifier R1700BT worth it?

The Edifier R1700BT Bluetooth speaker satisfied me. The sound quality is outstanding for the price, and those wood accents are hard to top! I strongly suggest the Edifier R1700BT powered speakers because of their excellent components and design.

Does the Edifier R1700BT need an amp?

To conclude the Edifier R1700BT review evaluation.

The first is a 2.0 bookshelf speaker, which requires just two satellite speakers and some connections to function. The other is a 2.1 speaker that needs an amp, a subwoofer, and two satellites to function.

Is edifier R1700BT good for gaming?

When it comes to having the finest gaming experience, having the best gaming display, best gaming desktop, and best gaming router can only get you so far.

Do Edifier speakers have a preamp?

If you’re on a tight budget, a good turntable with a built-in phono preamp and a pair of Edifier S1000DB bookshelf speakers will provide a superb listening experience with clarity and depth.

Edifier Speakers Review: Conclusion

The edifier studio R1700BTreview is a great speaker with an excellent sound, great features, and is easy to set up. If you are looking for a great speaker that will play music, movies, and listen to your favorite podcasts, then this is the one you should consider. We hope that our edifier r1700bt 2.0 Bluetooth bookshelf speakers review can help you know which you should buy.


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