Elac Speakers Review 2021: Is It Worth a Buy?

Elac Speakers Review 2021 Is It Worth a Buy

If you are looking for the best budget bookshelf speakers, then Elac b6.2 Speakers are worth checking out. They are compact but offer professional quality sound performance. Some features of the speakers are the cloth soft dome tweeters, which produce crystal clear highs.

The high-frequency horn helps deliver a more seamless transition across the entire spectrum range. The bass reflex port helps make sure these bookshelf speakers can get loud when playing your favorite songs.

Keep reading Elac Speakers Review, a new speaker series that offers a more immersive experience with a modern and sleek design to create a perfect speaker system for the living room of Elac debut 2.0 b6.2 Speakers.

Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 Speaker Review

  • TYPE 2-way stand-mount loudspeaker
  • WEIGHT 7.4kg
  • DIMENSIONS (WxHxD), 195 x 325 x 268mm
  • 1x 25mm cloth dome tweeter
  • 1x 165 Aramid fiber mid/bass driver
  • Sensitivity quoted: 87dB/1W/1m (6ohm).

Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 Speaker Review

About ELAC Debut 2.0

The ELAC Debut 2.0B6.2 speaker is an upgrade to a model that was first released in 2015. Andrew Jones, who was previously a Pioneer designer, also designed the original bookshelf speaker B6.

ELAC Debut B6 received high praise from both users and professionals as soon as it was released. Users loved its price-quality ratio, while professionals thought it was a great set of bookshelf speakers that deliver exceptional audio performance.

Even though everyone loved the original model’s sound quality, ELAC wanted more. Andrew Jones was asked to do his best and create a better set of a bookshelf speakers. That’s how ELACDebut 2.0 B6.2 was born.

Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 Speaker Design


It would be easy to assume that a new version of ELAC Debut B6 will look the same as its predecessor. But that is not the case. Andrew Jones kept the retro design of the speakers intact, but the updated version is quite different from the 2015 model.

First, you’ll notice the ELAC Debut2.0 B6.2 speakers have a bass port at the front. They are also slimmer and taller than the older speakers.

Many users, including us, believe that the new ELAC Debut 2.0B6.2 speakers are more elegant than the old version. Dimensions wise, ELACDebut 2.0 B6.2 measures 14.76 inches high and 7.69 inches wide. Their depth is 10.55 inches.

The B6.2 uses the same 6.5-inch woofer as the original. It is made from aramid fiber, a material very similar to Kevlar. B6.2 has a 1-inch silk dome Tweeter that is covered in black mesh wrap.

Additional bracing is used to combat potential sonic colors. The speakers also have an extruded dust cover, which makes them more responsive.


Elac recommends connecting the B6.2 to an amplifier with a maximum of 120 watts per channel. The B6.2’s 87dB sensitivity, 44Hz-35000Hz frequency range, and ability to fill entire rooms will make it easy to use.

It was amazing to me how the Elac Debut2.0 B6.2 scales with better-sounding equipment. The sound quality improved markedly when I switched from a $400 Marantz receiver to a Roksan Blak. This is a rare feat for budget bookshelf speakers.

If you are looking for a way to connect a speaker to TV, then we can help: 



These speakers are known for their outstanding audio reproduction.

Frequency Response: 44-35,000Hz – This bookshelf speaker can reproduce audio in a wide frequency range. This means they can play any sound the human ear can hear. They can also reproduce audio without distortions which makes them the best speakers for you.

Silk-dome Tweeter: This 1-inch silk dome tweeter uses wide-roll surround technology. But what makes it stand apart is its ability to handle frequencies up to 30 kHz. Waveguide – This means you don’t have to worry about dispersion.

Aramid fiber Woofer: This 6.5-inch woofer is made from aramid fiber. This makes it more stable than polypropylene domes or paper when it comes down to damping and stiffness. It can also play bass better because it is more robust. The woofer can also go down to 44 Hz, which is an excellent option for bass.

Frontal bass port: The bass port is located in the front of the speaker so that you can place them against the wall. This means that they won’t be challenging to find in your living or office spaces.

3-year warranty: We guarantee that your bookshelf speakers won’t stop working after a while. ELAC would fix or replace the problem if they do only if the problem occurred within the warranty period (that is, the three years from the date of purchase).


The original Debut B6’s were favored because of their robust lower end. There were many options within the same budget, including Polk Audio and Klipsch.

However, they all had a harsh and sometimes harsh treble-heavy sound. The original B6, however, rolled off the higher frequency below 20kHz to make everything sound more bass-rich and easier on the ears.

The Debut 2.0 speakers have a 35kHz high-end. This gives it a more balanced sound signature. With the Debut 2.0 speakers, balance is the keyword.

These speakers don’t sound as loud or energetic as Klipsch boxes, but they aren’t as rich and moody. The result is a pair of loudspeakers with a cleaner, more balanced sound that won’t divide opinions.

This clean sound can highlight any flaws in the partnering electronics and recordings. It is possible to appreciate the high levels of accuracy that are not as harsh as studio monitors.

They may not have the unique character that makes each pair of speakers special to its listeners. The balance of Debut 2.0, for most people listening to different music, is their greatest asset.

Pros and cons


  • Audio reproduction is flawless – ELAC Debut 2.0B6.2 has won many industry awards for its excellent audio reproduction. They produce a clear sound across a broad range of frequencies. These speakers can play audio up to 33,000 Hz with no distortions.
  • Incredible bass: ELAC Debut 2.0B6.2 speakers are great for playing highs and mids. You wouldn’t be able to expect a more powerful sound from more prominent speakers. These compact speakers will be a pleasant surprise to you, thanks to their low-frequency performance.
  • Elegance: Bookshelf speakers should look great. Otherwise, they won’t be proud to be in your living space. The ELAC Debut 2.0 speakers are beautiful. The retro design is elegant and doesn’t stand out. They are suitable for any room regardless of their method.
  • These speakers are durable and built to last. Their audio performance won’t deteriorate over time, so that you can rest assured. The ELAC Debut 2.0B6.2 is designed to last for many years. If the problem occurs within the 3-year warranty period, the speaker will be repaired at no cost.
  • Reasonable price: It’s fantastic that these speakers don’t come at a higher price, considering their incredible audio performance, looks, and durability. They’re not cheap speakers, but they aren’t budget speakers.


  • There is no wall-mount hardware. If you intend to keep them on the bookshelf, they will be fine. You will need to do some work if you want them to be mounted on the wall. You will also have to pay an extra amount for mount hardware.

Elac Alternatives

Edifier R1700bt

Edifier R1700bt

  • Power output (RMS): 15W×2 (tweeter) +, 18W×2 (mid-bass driver)
  • Input sensitivity: Line In1: 700±50mV; Line In2: 550±50mV
  • Dimension: 154mm × 254mm × 214mm (W×H×D)
  • Net weight: 6.6kg
  • Frequency response: 60Hz-20kHz

The R1700BT is packaged in a plain retail box. It’s a simple cardboard box with a few pictures of the speakers. The inside is just as essential with no presentation and basic packaging materials. It’s okay; it keeps them affordable and ensures they can survive shipping to you.

You will find a variety of cable connections and remote control on the inside. Two speaker grills can be detached to protect the drivers. You also get two speakers.

Design and build

The Edifiers are a great design. The speakers only come in one finish, but that’s not a problem as the walnut vinyl, and black bodies look great.

We also like a few clever design details. Edifier claims that the speakers have a 10-degree upwards tilt to ensure that the listener directs the sound.

Polk Audio T15

Polk Audio T15

  • Enclosure Type: 2-way vented
  • Woofer: 5.25″ (13.34 cm) d (Round) Dynamic Balance mineral-filled polymer composite cone driver – Mid/Woofer
  • Tweeter: 0.75″ (1.91 cm) d (Round) Dynamic Balance silk/polymer composite dome – Tweeter
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 89 dB (1w/1m)
  • Lower and Upper -3dB Limits: 65 Hz → 20 kHz
  • Speaker Inputs: Pair of 5-Way Binding Posts – Gold-Plated
  • Recommended Amplifier Power Per Channel: 20 watts → 100 watts
  • Mounting Type: Keyhole Hanger
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 10.6”x6.5”x7.25”

The T15 speakers arrived in a well-packed box. They were placed between two giant foam pieces inside the box and covered with soft plastic bags. They look great with grilles. The Polk emblem and slight curvature of grilles add style.

These black woodgrain side panels look a lot more classy than the standard for this price range, usually textured vinyl. The speaker can be removed from the grilles.

The front baffle is made of semi-lustrous plastic and has rounded edges. A blue plate with the Polk logo surrounds the tweeter dome. The woofer cone is a creamy gravy with a glossy dust cap.

The front-mounted port is a small, gaping black tube that is located between the woofer and tweeter. It is a distinctive visual feature. When a speaker has a front baffle, ports are typically placed under the woofer.

Polk Audio may have used this arrangement to reduce the height dimension. The Polk T15 speakers are a good value for money. Although they aren’t flashy, they don’t look cheap.


This set of the speaker is one of the cheapest bookshelf speakers on the market. The speakers are compact and sound full for their size. They do lack some mid-range, but for this price, it is hard to find anything better. This set of speakers is priced in an affordable range. Hookeaudio hopes that our review of the Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 speakers helped you with your purchase decision.


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