Enacfire E18 Bluetooth Earbuds Review 2022: Is It For You?

Enacfire E18 Bluetooth Earbuds Review 2022 Is It For You
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If you’re on the go or just looking for some noise-cancellation earbuds, the Enacfire E18 Bluetooth Earbuds are an affordable option. The battery lasts 12 hours, they have a max volume of 115db, and you can sync them with your device via Bluetooth.

Hey, you’re on your way to work or want some great quality earphones that won’t break the bank? Well, look no further!

Don’t wait any longer–check out this Enacfire E18 Bluetooth Earbuds review now!


The Enacfire E18 Plus has been added to the Enacfire E18 wireless earbuds. The Enacfire E18 Plus has new features to make it a more versatile earbud. These are the new features:

  • The new IPX7 waterproof rating is now available.
  • CVC.8.0 Noise Cancellation technology reduces background noise.
  • The cable also has a wireless charging mode, making it easier to charge in the event of a failure.
  • The E18 Plus’s most significant advantage is its long battery life, which now lasts up to 48 hours. The charging case and the earbuds are included in the battery life.
  • NB: In the coming weeks, we will publish and finalize our review of Enacfire E18 Plus Bluetooth earbuds.


Looks and Build Quality

The Enacfire E18 is compact, lightweight, and built with high-quality materials. The case is made of sturdy plastic and has a matte black finish.

The Anacfire earbuds are also available in white, which was just released to the market. We dropped the earbuds to test their build quality. But, it was not damaged. Even though we did it from a reasonable height, it was clear that this earbud was made to last.

Enacfire E18 weighs in at 1.82 oz. They are lightweight, so you can use them for more extended periods without feeling tired. Due to their small size, you can forget to take them off.

Looks and Build Quality

The Enacfire E18 microphone can be found on the left earbud, rather than both. We are not sure if this offers better mic usability, but it will undoubtedly reduce the audio quality.

This will make your left earbud drain power, mainly if the mic is used more often.

Compatibility and Connectivity, Bluetooth Performance

The Enacfire E18 true wireless earbuds can be used with any Bluetooth device that supports Bluetooth 5.0.

The Enacfire earbuds were easy to pair with different phones. It was quick, intuitive, and painless. The earbuds will automatically pair with your phone after the first pairing.

To signify a successful Bluetooth connection, a woman will speak on her earbuds and say left channel connected or right channel connected.

Bluetooth 5.0 brings significant improvements. One of these is the increased Bluetooth range to cover a greater distance without losing the signal.

The Enacfire E18 was capable of moving up to 10 meters without the connection dropping. Outdoor environments can reduce the range of the Enacfire E18 earbuds. You will notice the signal drop, but the earbuds will reconnect once you get closer.


Each earbud has a single circular control that controls the playback options. You can turn them off by pressing down the circular buttons on the earbuds.

Or, you can press down on the left earbud’s button to power them down. To skip or pause a track, you will need to click twice on the button or once.

The volume control button on the earbuds is not available. Although you can adjust the volume with your device, the volume can vary from one device to another.

Battery Life and Charging Case

The Enacfire E18 wireless earbuds can be charged for up to three hours, just like most wireless earbuds. However, this may vary from person to person. These will need to be charged more often if you spend more than 4 hours per day listening to music on your phone.

Battery Life and Charging Case

The earbuds also come with a portable charging case for portable charging that can hold an additional 15 hours of power. The wireless charging case makes it easy to take the earbuds with you on the go.

Make sure that the charger is fully charged before you travel. Make sure to remove the plastic stickers covering the charging connectors when you purchase this earbud.

Comfort And Fit

The Enacfire E18 wireless earbuds are very lightweight, as we have already mentioned. They are so light that you won’t even notice they are there. The earbuds are very comfortable and easy to wear for extended periods without feeling tired or uncomfortable.

You can also customize the fit of your Enacfire E18 true wireless earbuds by purchasing three pairs (small, medium, and large) of silicone ear tips.

The Enacfire E18 can be used for exercise due to the different ear tips. Getting the right size isn’t entirely about comfort, either. Because these ear tips were designed in the interests of noise isolation. Although the earbuds may not be waterproof, they are suitable for running if you don’t sweat too much.

Sound Quality

Audio Quality

The audio quality of the Enacfire E18 is excellent but not as good as the high-end earbuds. The clarity and bass were good for the price. This will not perform as well as the Sennheiser HD600 headphones.

Audio Quality

These headphones will not deliver high-quality sound, so you might want to save money. The Enacfire E18 earbuds are great for listening to music or watching TV.

Microphone and Call Quality

The wireless earbuds Enacfire E18 has an integrated microphone, just like most earbuds. The microphone is located on the left earbud, unlike other earbuds that have the microphone on the right earbud.

The microphone picks up sounds around you better than your voice, making phone calls more pleasant, especially when in a noisy environment.

Because the microphone is far away from your mouth, this is true with most earbuds. However, indoor calls sound better and more straightforward if you use these earbuds.

Packaging and Accessories

The Case

The case is made from plastic and feels substantial. The case is compact and can be carried around in your pocket. Magnetic construction ensures that the earbuds won’t fall out of the wireless charging case when it is inverted or moved.

It also includes a USB cable to charge the case. This can take approximately one hour to charge fully.

Packaging and Other Accessories

The Enacfire package contents are the same as other earbuds, except for the wireless charging pad. The Enacfire logo/name is printed on the front of the black box in which the earbuds are packaged.

Packaging and Other Accessories

The case is centered and surrounded with foam when you open the box. The manual is hidden under the case. The USB charger is located in the box marked USB.

Enacfire E18 Bluetooth Earbuds Reviews:

What We Like

  • Enacfire earbuds can be used wirelessly.
  • Bluetooth connectivity seamless
  • Sleek design
  • Budget-friendly and affordable
  • Although the sound quality isn’t perfect, it is better than what you would expect for the price.

What we don’t

  • If the volume button is missing on the earbud, it could be rendered useless by a user who uses it with a device without volume control.
  • They are not water-resistant, making them less suitable for exercise.

The Competition

Avantree TWS110 vs. Enacfire E18

While the Enacfire is currently the most affordable earbuds on the market, the Avantree TWS110 is a close second. They are slightly more expensive than the Enacfire at just $60.

The Avantree TWS110 comes with more power. The charging case is required to charge the battery.

This gives you a total of 28 hours of power. Avantree TWS110 includes Siri and Google Assistant Voice Command. They are slightly larger and provide better comfort than the Enacfire.

Enacfire E19 vs 18

The Enacfire E19 is an upgrade to the E18, with very few differences. The Enacfire E19 includes a compact, sleek charging case and six pairs of silicone tips. The only differences between the two earbuds that you can see are:

  • The price difference (the Enacfire E19 is much more expensive).
  • The new charging case.
  • Six pairs of silicone ear tips.

The Competition

Enacfire E18 Vs. Jlab JBuds Air

The Jlab JBuds Air is an excellent choice if you’re looking for good running earbuds. The Jlab JBuds Air cost just $50 and performed well in our tests. Although they are larger than the Enacfire in size, their comfort is still excellent.

The Jlab JBuds air cushions provide more comfort, better grip, and a snug fit for running and gym exercises. They only have Bluetooth 4.2, whereas Enacfire has Bluetooth 5.0. They are good, but we prefer the Enacfire in all aspects.

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Enacfire E18 vs TREBLAB X5

The TREBLAB X5 is a budget-friendly option if you love the Apple AirPods’ design. These earbuds are noise-canceling and support Siri. The earbud can last up to five hours on its own, even though the actual battery life is only 10 hours.

These earbuds are sweatproof and can be used while working out or at the gym. They are compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and have excellent sound quality.


Is Enacfire E18 good?

The audio quality of the Enacfire E18 is excellent but not as good as the high-end earbuds. The clarity and bass output was good for the price. The sound quality was excellent. These should be purchased for high-quality sound.

Is ENACFIRE a great brand?

The ENACFIRE E60 headphones are fabulous for fitness and sports. These wireless headphones are small and lightweight so that they can be carried around in your bag or pocket.

ENACFIRE a great brand

They are comfortable and stable, but they also have six different-sized ear tips that will help you achieve the best fit.

Is Enacfire waterproof in the future?

Enacfire claims that these buds are IPX5 waterproof, making them suitable for working out. They can withstand some sweat and rain, but you shouldn’t use them in the shower after a run.

How can I increase the volume of my Enacfire earbuds?

The earbuds have volume controls. Pair BOTH earbuds and then click and hold on the right earbud button. This will increase the volume to the maximum.

Once your earbuds have reached max volume, then you can use your phone’s volume control to adjust the volume.

How can I connect Enacfire headphones to my laptop?

Connect Enacfire in ear headphones to my laptop

Connect Bluetooth in-ear headphones to your PC

You must ensure that your in-ear headphones are turned on and easily accessible. This will differ from one device to the next.

Go to Start on your computer, then choose Settings > Devices> Bluetooth & Other Devices. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled. You can also click the following link:

Select your in-ear headphones from the drop-down list in the settings menu to pair them.


When it comes to earbuds, the Enacfire E18 Bluetooth Earbuds have a lot to offer. In terms of sound quality, the earbuds are loud and clear, with a well-balanced sound profile that will please both bass lovers and audiophiles alike. While not the best-looking earbuds on the market, they are well-made and easy to use.

The Bluetooth connectivity is reliable, and they have decent battery life. What’s more, the quality of the audio is good, if not exceptional.

The Enacfire E18 Earbuds are a sound choice for those looking for a good pair of earbuds.

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