What is Enkyboys Net Worth 2023: Bio, Son, Career, Health, Death, And More

What is Enkyboys Net Worth 2023 Bio, Son, Career, Health, Death, And More

Hey there, folks! Curious about how much moolah our favorite internet sensation, Enkyboys, is rolling in? Well, you’re in the right place!

Hookeaudio is diving deep into the Enkyboys net worth, and trust us, it’s more than just pocket change. Get ready to be mind-blown as we uncover the dollar signs behind this online superstar.

So, grab your popcorn and let’s spill the beans on Enkyboys’ bankroll!

Quick Facts

Real NameRandy Gonzalez
Popular NameEnkyboy
Birth DateSeptember 13, 1987
Age36 (as of October 7, 2023)
ParentsNot Available
SiblingsNot Available
Birth PlaceBrazil
EducationGraduate from US State University
Marital StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationNot Known
Wife/SpouseKimberly Gonzalez
ChildrenLauran Gonzalez, Aubree Gonzalez, and Brice Gonzalez
DatingNot Known
Net WorthBetween $1 Million and $2 Million USD as of 2022
Source of WealthTikTok Star, YouTuber, Model, Entertainer, and Social Media Influencer
Height5 feet 8 inches (173 cm)
Weight62 kg (136 lbs)

What is Net Worth Of Enkyboys 2023?

As of 2023, the net worth of Enkyboys was estimated to be between $1 million and $2 million. This wealth was primarily accumulated through their successful career on TikTok, where they had around 15 million followers.

Their engaging content, which often featured lip-syncing, pranks, dancing, challenges, and vlogs, resonated with a wide audience, leading to substantial earnings.

Enkyboys Salary

While the exact salary of Enkyboys is not publicly known, it is clear that they earned a significant income from their TikTok videos. In addition to their TikTok earnings, Brice reportedly earned around $100,000 from his videos.

Furthermore, when Randy’s colon cancer diagnosis was revealed, his social media followers helped him cover his medical expenses with donations of around $100,000.

Enkyboys Overview and Wiki

Enkyboys Overview and Wiki

Early Life

Randy Gonzalez, the father in the Enkyboys duo, was born on September 13, 1987, in Brazil. He later moved to the United States, where he pursued his education and eventually started a family.


Randy was a graduate of a US State University. However, the specifics of his educational background are not publicly known.

Career and Awards

Randy, along with his son Brice, gained fame as the TikTok duo Enkyboys. Their entertaining videos, which often featured lip-syncing, pranks, dancing, challenges, and vlogs, resonated with a wide audience.

They amassed around 16 million followers on TikTok and earned a substantial income from their online presence.

The duo’s success was not limited to TikTok. In 2021, Brice landed his first movie role, a goal he had been aiming for since he started making viral TikToks with his father in November 2019.

The film was associated with director Eva Longoria, although the exact details of the project were not explicitly stated.

Personal Life

Randy was married to Kimberly Gonzalez, and together they had three children: Lauran Gonzalez, Aubree Gonzalez, and Brice Gonzalez.

In April 2022, Randy announced that he had been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. Despite his illness, he continued to create content for his followers until his death in January 2023.

Social Media Accounts

Enkyboys Lists news 2023

In 2023, the tragic news of Randy’s death was announced. Despite his passing, the legacy of Enkyboys continues to live on through their entertaining videos and the impact they made on their millions of followers.

FAQs about Enkyboys

FAQs about Enkyboys

What is the net worth of Enkyboys?

The net worth of Enkyboys, a popular TikTok duo consisting of Randy Gonzalez and his son Brice, was estimated to be between $1 and $2 million as of January 2023.

How did Enkyboys earn their net worth?

Enkyboys earned their net worth from their successful career on TikTok. They gained recognition for their videos, with Brice earning around $100,000 from his videos alone.

How many followers do Enkyboys have on TikTok?

As of October 2023, Enkyboys had amassed a following of 16 million on TikTok.

What was the source of income for Enkyboys?

The primary source of income for Enkyboys was their TikTok account. They also earned money through shoutouts and promotions to large brands and profiles looking to increase their followings.

How much could Enkyboy make on TikTok?

Enkyboy was estimated to earn around $12.63 thousand a month from their TikTok account.

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Enkyboys, consisting of Randy Gonzalez and his son Brice, made a significant impact on the world of social media. Despite Randy’s untimely death, their legacy continues to live on through their entertaining videos and the millions of followers they inspired.

Their story serves as a reminder of the power of social media and the impact it can have on people’s lives.

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