Flips Headphone Review 2021: Is It For You?

Flips Headphone Review 2021 Is It For You

One of the more popular models of in-ear headphones is the collapsible HD headphones. Flips Audio produces one of these models, called the FH2814BK, specially designed to be portable and small for easy storage.

If you are searching for a budget headset, we highly recommend FH2814BK; It is a durable high-definition headset that is also super lightweight. In this Flips Headphone Review, Hooke Audio will show you all the details of This latest headset release from Flips Audio.

Flips Headphone Reviews: Flips Audio FH2814BK Collapsible HD Headset

Flips Audio FH2814BK Collapsible HD review

  • Color: Black
  • Speaker mode Type: Neodymium
  • Speaker Diameter: 40mm
  • Impedance: 4 ohm
  • Distortion: 2%
  • Connectivity: 3.5mm jack
  • Foam Type: Memory
  • Battery Type: 3.7V, 600mAH Li-polymer Battery
  • Battery Life: 2 to 3 hours (Approx)
  • Charging: Micro USB, 5V 500mA

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Plush memory foam padding
  • Simply flip the earpieces outward to change the headphones into speakers
  • Good sound


  • The headband is hard


  • Headphones
  • Charging cord
  • User Guide
  • Carrying Case

Flips Audio Features

Flips Audio headphones are a revolutionary over-ear headset that offers two options. These flips audio headphones can be flipped into speakers by simply flipping one switch.

The on ears headset can be used as a standard pair of headphones, but it is unique in that it has two speakers and two drivers on each side of the headset. It also comes with a smartphone app for even more options.

Turn the ear cups over to enable solo mode and Social Mode. You can share your music with other people by using their portable speaker. It only allows you to headphone amplifier the sound when they are pointed away from your ears. This is to prevent users from inadvertently damaging their eardrums.

FH2814BK audio headphones also come with an integrated set of Bluetooth 4.0 technology that connects it to your phone or another device. The Bluetooth connectivity will allow you to stream audio wirelessly.

The over ear headset also has a built-in microphone that will enable you to answer calls. The FH2814BK has an active noise cancellation feature that effectively eliminates background noises and lets you enjoy the music.

Design flips


The FH2814BK over-ear headset is made of plastic. It feels nice in hand. However, it doesn’t feel very premium when compared to other headphones in this price range.

These headphones are not just lightweight and compact but durable as well. You can toss them in your bag without worry, as they come with a protective case that allows you to bring them anywhere and enjoy your music.

The headset measures eight by eight by 4.5 inches. It is available in both black and white models; they are designed to be lightweight. They weigh 1.2 pounds; this is heavier than the standard headset.

However, this shouldn’t be a problem if you want to use it while working out; you won’t even notice it’s there.

The ear cups are designed with memory foam that offers a soft and comfy fit. The memory foam is removable, so if you want to wash the headset, you can remove it from the headband.

Listen to music with the ear cups pointing to your ears or flip them around and they become speakers to share your music with your friends

The headset comes with a case that protects your headphones when it is not in use. It is compatible with all portable media devices.

However, users should be aware that there have been many complaints about the customer support department. This is not a good sign for headset owners.

Sound Quality

The most exciting aspect of the Flips audio headphones is their sound quality. They have created headphones that convert to an external speaker mode by simply flipping the earpieces inward. This is an innovative design.

The sound will only switch on when the earpieces are completely out. This protects your ears from accidentally switching to speaker mode.

The audio quality of the product is good; it delivers a solid and deep bass that will satisfy anyone looking for a great pair of headsets.

The vocals are clear, and if you like to listen to music with heavy bass, you will love these headsets. The headset has a versatile range of sound; the mids and highs are strong enough for most music while the lows are still present and defined.

The 40 mm Neodymium drivers are great for both Solo mode and Social mode. They also provide a guitar amp sound. Some users say the sound quality is not excellent, but it’s cheaper than some other models.

These headsets don’t advertise their impedance, frequency range, or sensitivity. This is a problem for avid music listeners who may want to find out these statistics before purchasing.

Noise cancellation technology

It is present but only up to 99%. This means it blocks out loud noises but at the cost of maintaining sound quality. If you need noise-canceling headphones, I recommend the Bose QC35; it’s more comfortable and better.

Comfort flips


The Flips headphones are very light (a little less than 200 grams) but still comfortable. It has medium-light padding around the ear cups, which makes it easy to wear for long periods.

Its headband is adjustable and allows for a good fit. However, I feel that the shape of the headsets is still more of a sport style than an audiophile design.

Battery Life

These headphones also come with a lithium-ion battery that is powerful and rechargeable. This rechargeable battery is designed to ensure that the headphones can last for as long as 3 hours at a go. If you use these headphones at low volume, they can survive to 10 hours.

Customer Feedbacks on Flips Audio FH2814BK

Right off the bat, I will say that many people criticize the headphones for not coming with a hard carrying case. This makes sense since these are Bluetooth headphones, and you would expect them to go with a hard case. But with me, it still is one of the very best headphones under 100 USD with great sound. The ear cup design is quite nice.

However, I didn’t mind since they were very lightweight, and I was willing to carry them around in my backpack. I even forgot to check if they came with a hard case, and they didn’t. About the sound quality when in headphone mode leaves a bit to be desired, I think my old headset, Abyss Headphones Diana Phi by Abyss company, still is better. 

Compact and portable design: the design of Meizu adheres to the concept of the perfect fusion of minimalism and aesthetics, the ear cup are soft, I feel very comfortable. The partly transparent design brings more technological aesthetics. the sounds are good for the listening experience. The battery is quite long at this price. This is a great product to purchase. 


This on-ear headset is unique and offers a new experience for listening music lovers. It is also a good option for those who love to play games as the microphone is not as sensitive as those on some gaming headsets.

However, if you need a headset with fantastic sound, it is not for you, its sound or features are not enough to please your ear, but with this meager price, it is entirely worthy. We hope that our review can help you learn more about this device and have a better decision.


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