Here One Earbuds Review 2021: Is It For You?

Here One Earbuds Review 2021 Is It For You

Are you worried that your sensitive ears will never be able to handle the exciting world of earbuds without risking damaging your hearing? The Bose Sport earbuds may be the answer.

They offer an excellent listening experience through speakers that deliver strong bass without compromising the high-end response for crisp vocals.

With noise isolation and a comfortable open-ear design, these earbuds are perfect for cyclists and joggers who enjoy listening to music while they work out.

This blog post will be about Here One Earbuds Review. Hooke Audio will be covering the pros and cons of this product, as well as how it can benefit you. This is an excellent time to start reading!

Pros And Cons


  • You can amplify the ambient noise to improve your hearing.
  • To fine-tune your music, create a custom sound profile.
  • Decent active noise cancellation.
  • Beautiful metallic design.
  • You can now control the external noise and flix with the iOS version of Here One App.
  • Comfortable fit
  • The earbuds can be controlled by physical buttons that respond to your needs.


  • The battery lasts about 2 hours, and there are three additional charges in the case.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • It could use some improvement in the bass.

What’s In The Box?

Here One earbud comes with a bunch of things, and that can not be very clear. In this post, we will explain what everything is and if it is worth your money.

The biggest thing that comes in the box is their case. This is a very nice-looking case that can also double as a charging station and will charge your earbuds when you put them in it.

What's In The Box

You will also find a USB-C cable, a few different sizes of earbuds, and a user manual in the box.

The case itself is a 2-in-1 design and can be placed in three different positions.

  • First, it can fit any other brand of earbuds.
  • Second, it can be folded to fit snugly against your ears while charging.
  • Third, it can be used to store the Here One earbuds when they are not in use.


Many people find Here One Earbud to be a high-quality, comfortable and stylish product. Doppler Labs Here One is the first truly wireless earbuds on the market, and these earbuds were designed by and for artists and creators.

The Here One buds also feature a unique LiveMix technology that allows users to hear the world around them while still amplifying the sounds they want to hear. For sound coming, not many products can compete with the Here One earbuds.

The Doppler Labs Here One earbud are lightweight, small, and comfortable. They sit in the ear with the help of a ring, and they come in different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits your ears.

For music playing and voice control, they rely on your phone, but they include a few sensors to measure the outside noise level.

The weight of the earbuds is 6.4g which is less than half the weight of your average pair of wireless headphones. While they look tiny and fragile, these earbuds are built to last.

There is a complex case where the headset and charging dock can be kept. The case makes them perfect for travel and protection. There is also a soft silicone cap that you can put on the earbuds when not in use.

They are smaller in size, made out of high-quality materials, and fit well in the ears. Also, they are a bit more affordable.

Also, if you find them a bit annoying, you can use the earbuds from time to time and then leave them at home to prevent losing them during your workout.

The earbuds of Doppler Labs are also made with tangle-free flat cables.

They can be folded to form an easily portable shape to make them easy to carry.


The Doppler Labs Here One Earbuds is an innovative new pair of wireless in-ear earbuds. These earbuds allow you to completely immerse yourself in your music or the real-world sound around you.

The Earbuds use advanced technology to enhance the sound quality. If you are in an environment with excessive noise like a crowded room, the Here One will filter out the noise and only play music in your direction.


This is called Ambient Sound Enhancement, or ASE.

Another great feature of these true wireless earbuds is the Here One’s ability to communicate with the Here Active app on your phone. This allows you to hear where others are in a room and activate an alarm if someone walks too close to you.

It also allows you to control the volume of your music streaming or take calls. The Here One can also connect to other Here One Earbud for a more immersive experience.

Once paired, the companion app walks you through all of the available features and helps you create your listening profile.

This involves a series of white noise tests—one ear gets low volume white noise (noise mask), while the other ear gets a series of tones in varying frequency ranges.


A lot of people have a love-hate relationship with street noise. It seems that anything from traffic to the conversation can drive them crazy.

For those people, the Doppler Labs Here One Earbud might be the best thing they have ever seen.

The earbuds are designed to noise-filter out any sound you don’t want to hear while amplifying the sound you do want to hear.

They are constructed with an ultralight diaphragm wrapped around a high-fidelity speaker, which the Doppler Labs say delivers the most precise sounds for phone calls.

The headphones are designed to fit in the ear canal, much like an earplug.


They are built to provide users with privacy when they are listening to music playback.

It is worth noting that these earbuds aren’t just noise canceling; they also enhance speech or music. You can turn on a unique feature called Sound Lift, which brings back the vocals of your favorite song.

So, you can listen to your music as you usually would and still have some noise-cancellation effects from the earbuds.

While you can use them for music and phone calls, we love them for traveling – or any situation where we don’t want to disturb others around us.

They have a wide frequency range to improve the bass boost and richness of sound. The frequency range is between 200 Hz and 16,000 Hz, with a sensitivity of 106 decibels.

Battery Life

The Here One Earbuds have a battery life of 4 hours. They charge very quickly and have an intelligent charging case that will provide an additional 4 hours of battery.

Unlike some other wireless earbuds, these also allow you to see the battery life of both the earbuds and the charging case.

In our testing, we were impressed with how quickly the battery went to 1%, as well as how long it took for it to reach 100%.

The intelligent case has a switch that you can use to lower the volume on your headphones if you don’t want them to blast you. It also has a headphone jack so you can listen to music on your phone.

The case also charges other USB devices at the same time. That’s handy when you are traveling with multiple devices. It’s also perfect for charging your phone and tablet together. A lifetime warranty covers the battery bank and USB power adapter (both included).

Our only complaint with the case is that the charging base isn’t adjustable, so if you set it too high, your headphones can fall out when you flip them over to charge.

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Noise Filters

Doppler Labs Here One wireless headphone is cutting-edge Bluetooth connection hearing protection, noise-canceling wireless earbuds, and intelligent voice assistants in one.

They work seamlessly with the Here One app to listen to streaming music with hearing protection, listen to ambient sounds with noise-canceling technology, and use voice assistants for many other purposes.

 More Noise Filters

Apple’s AirPods are missing a feature that the Here One offers: active noise canceling. In addition to hearing protection, active noise canceling works by sensing external noise and producing a low-level high-frequency tone that cancels out background noise.

This makes sure that you hear yourself, not your environment. Active noise canceling is one of the main ways to protect your hearing when using electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, etc.

Here One Earbuds Review: Other To Consider

Here One Earbud is pretty expensive. But they come with a lot of features that you might like. They’re lightweight and don’t require a charging case, making them more accessible than some other options on the market.

Plus, they come with two cables. One 3.5mm jack cord and one Bluetooth connection dual-mode cord. This means you can use these earbuds while listening to music, talking on the phone, or whatever else you need them for.

Here One Earbud comes with a two-year warranty, which is a lot longer than other earbuds. They’re also IPX4 certified, meaning they should be able to withstand water for up to 30 minutes before getting damaged.

Here One Earbud isn’t cheap, but it can still be a good fit for you if you follow the steps listed above.

You will need to see which earphones are right for you.

Future Thoughts

The wearable market has been embodied by smartwatches that offer limited functionality improvements to the smartphones they are connected to but ultimately do not give users a markedly evolved user experience.

With the Here Ones, the world of Black Mirror and She seems closer than ever.

Smart wireless earbuds are a promising future. A device that can seamlessly take the audio input and provide auditory feedback from your ears will change the way people interact with computers and the outside world.

Augmented reality does not require a HoloLens visual headset to transform interactions. Earbuds and audio interfaces may be the next wave of consumer attention as digital assistants such as Siri and Alexa improve their skills.

Future Thoughts

Despite what Doppler Labs claims are a device that has an always-on future embedded into its philosophy, the Here One is not the device for you.

Although the device has a short battery life, the idea of active listening and some other experimental projects Doppler labs is currently involved in painting a picture of a future in which we can all hear the future that we desire.

Although wireless earbuds are primarily similar features to the headphones we have had for decades, I’d be surprised if the technology Doppler Labs developed for the Here Ones is not included in the next generation wireless ‘buds.

These headphones offer a glimpse of a near-future full of exciting possibilities. Augmented reality doesn’t only involve Magic Leap; it’s also about being able to customize the future to your liking.

Should You Buy?

Here One Earbud is a new Bluetooth headphone that was released in 2017. They come with many new features that were missing from previous Bluetooth headphones, such as noise cancellation, directional mics, touch controls, and a case that doubles as a charging station.

With so many features, it can be a bit overwhelming to know if these are for you.

We want to help you figure out if these earbuds are for you, and we think there is only one way to do that: by testing them.

We’ve tested Here One true wireless earbuds for a few years now and have our personal opinions about it. We believe that you should only buy the best earbuds you can afford, so if you are looking for something that won’t break the bank, then Here One is an excellent place to start.


Are Wireless Earbuds Worth The Investment?

They are definitely worth the investment, mainly if your interests include fitness and travel. In recent years, wireless earbuds prices have dropped significantly.

Wireless earbuds are more flexible and can be connected to many devices. The latest wireless earbuds offer a great range, memory, and long battery life.

What Is The Best Neckband Or Earbuds?

Earphones with a neckband design will have larger batteries and offer longer battery life. Neckband earphones typically last for at least five hours, while models such as the OnePlus Wireless Bullets 2 offer 10 hours of battery life.

The Best Neckband Or Earbuds

Are Earbuds Harmful?

Earbuds can cause hearing damage, just like motorcycles and chainsaws. This may sound strange, as earbuds can be so small. The volume is what does the most damage.

You can do more damage by turning up the volume. You can endanger your hearing by turning the volume up or listening for too long.

How Can I Reset My Here One Earbuds?

Place buds in the case. Close the lid and keep the paper clip in place for 15 seconds. After the soft reset, the case LED will turn on for approximately 0.5 seconds.

After 15 seconds, the hard reset will occur, and the case’s front LEDoccur and the case’s front LED will turn off. It will stay off until you release the reset button.

How Long Does An Earbud Last On Average?

How long should earbuds be good for? Earbuds should last between 3 and 6 months, depending on how frequently they are used. Even though there are no apparent signs of damage, the first sign is hearing loss of sound.

Earbud Last On Average


Overall, the Here One earbuds seem like a worthwhile purchase. They will provide many hours of the uninterrupted listening experience and are sleek enough not to be too bulky or noticeable when in your ears.

Also, the sound quality is incredible for a pair of wireless earbuds. Most people will be happy with these earbuds and enjoy the features and benefits that they offer.

We think the Here One earbuds are an excellent fit for those who want to keep things simple and don’t have much money to spend on earphones.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.


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