Heyday Earbuds Review 2021: Is It For You?

Heyday Earbuds Review 2021 Is It For You

Heyday has a line of earbuds that offer an excellent sound for a great price. Since the cables are made from a braided fabric, they won’t get tangled up in your bag or clothes. You can find them at some retailers for a reasonable price.

Heyday has a line of earbuds that offer excellent sound for an affordable price. The cables are made from a braided fabric to avoid tangling up in your bag or clothes.

Read our Heyday earbuds review to find out how they sound, the features they have, and more.

Pros And Cons


  • Heyday earbuds are made with high-quality materials to give you the best listening experience.
  • The cords are made of a Kevlar material that will last much longer than other earbuds on the market, made with either thin plastic or metal.
  • They are built to last, and because they are eco-friendly, they are better for the environment.


  • Heyday earbuds aren’t sweated-resistant. The quality of the cords and their construction may not be suitable for people who live in a very humid area.
  • The drivers may not be the best in the world, causing them to become less accurate over time.
  • They are $50. That’s $10 more than what other brands charge for similar products.
  • An in-depth look at the Heyday Earbuds

In-depth Look Of The Heyday Earbuds

Lightweight & Portable

The Heyday wireless headphones feature a slim and sleek design that is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. The earbuds’ soft silicone material provides a comfortable fit to the ears and reduces the risk of accidental dropping.

It features a microphone and remote, perfect for answering phone calls and controlling songs.


Since the earbuds are sweat-resistant, it is safe to use while exercising or at the gym. The cord length is 1.2 meters, that’s 60″ long. Its weight is only 6 grams, the earbuds are almost weightless.

Battery Charge Life

Heyday wireless headphones are a new generation of earbuds. Heyday offers up to 8 hours of battery life in each earbud and in the case with charging cables included.

This means you can enjoy your favorite songs for an entire day without running out of battery. Heyday’s headset will provide you with that perfect background noise relaxing and energizing for your mornings.

If you are doing some exercise, you can listen to your favorite playlist on the go.

Safety & Comfort

Heyday wireless headphones are built with Soft Silicone materials that provide a perfect fit.

Heyday’s innovative charging case holds two total charges of earbuds. The carrying case has a removable and protective foam cover to keep the earbuds and accessories safe and organized.

Blinking Light

Heyday earbuds that feature a blinking light to help consumers find their earbuds after they’ve been misplaced. The electronics inside the silicone-coated silicone earbuds and plastic casing can be seen with a glance, and the blinking light serves as a beacon to help locate the device.

With this design, Heyday earbuds make getting lost in your sound easy and convenient.

Price & Value

Heyday earbuds are the only earbuds in the world with triple wireless technology. You are featuring an innovative Charging Case that is also a Standby-Charging Box that you can keep your earbuds safe and organized in one neat package.


Heyday earbuds give you the best of both worlds, value, and quality. The earbuds also feature environmental technology that offers sound quality and long-lasting life and contains no hazardous materials or chemicals.

Charge Time Of The Earbuds

Heyday Earbuds Charge time Heyday Earbuds are designed to charge in less than an hour with the USB wall adapter, and they will last for up to eight hours of listening time. The earbuds also come with a carrying case, which helps to reduce tangles and damage while traveling.

Power Up And Down The Device

Heyday Earbuds are small, earbuds that use Bluetooth to pair with your device. The earbuds are made of silicone and are designed to fit snugly in the ear without being uncomfortable. Heyday Earbuds can power up and down your device with a touch of a button.

There is no need to worry about your device draining while you want to play music or taking a call on Heyday Earbuds.


An in-depth look at the Heyday Earbuds is a pair of wireless headphones that offer a sleek, good design with a few features to help differentiate them from the competition.

The headphones come in a white and black or gray color combination. They have a battery life of eight hours and a range of 10 meters, which is impressive for Bluetooth headphones.

The earbuds have an IP55 rating, which means that they are protected against dust and water.

The outside of the earbuds has a smooth, glossy finish that is nice.

It feels nice to hold and is not slippery, which is nice considering that most earbuds are too slippery.

Soft Reset

With the Heyday Earbuds, you can control phone calls or anything that appears on your phone screen with the touch of a button. The soft reset function is built into the earbuds. This is great for times when you need to restart your earbuds without having to take them out of your ears.

For example, if your earbuds are dead, you can touch the screen, hold it for about ten seconds, and then let go.

The earbuds have a replaceable lithium-ion battery, which means you can charge them more than once before they die out.

The battery life charges using a micro-USB cable.

Length Of Standby

Heyday Earbuds claim to be more of a battery and charger than a pair of earbuds. The company says that the earbuds will charge your smartphone for up to 48 hours and then recharge in 2 hours. The length of standby is for up to 48 hours.

In our tests, it took about 2 hours and 30 minutes to charge the earbuds fully. There is a small LCD on the earbuds, so you can check how much charge is left in the earbuds.

After charging for a while, you should periodically charge the earbuds to keep them always ready for action.

Return Period

Earbuds are the most frequent accessories that people lose, which is why it is essential to know when you can receive your money back. The company Heyday believes in the importance of customer satisfaction, and they offer a return period for their products.

Customers can return their order within 30 days of purchase to get their money back. Heyday Earbuds The return period is 30 days from the date of purchase.

Chargeable With Any USB Cable

The Heyday Earbuds are a decent pair of in-ear headphones that provide a clear and balanced sound. They’re chargeable with any USB cable and easily paired to a laptop, iPod, phone, or tablet.

Chargeable With Any USB Cable

Not Water Resistant

Heyday wireless headphone is not water-resistant, so it should not be submerged in water. However, these earbuds still have a lot of benefits to offer. For one, the sound quality is excellent, and the earbuds fit comfortably in the ear.

Good Noise Cancellation

Heyday Earbuds provide excellent noise cancellation because of their small size. The sound is relatively straightforward and detailed, and the headphones produce accurate and balanced bass.

Although the bass isn’t the most powerful, the frequency range is wide enough to give the ears a good listening experience.

Heyday Earbuds Review: Comment Of Customers

The internet is flooded with reviews of different products, but customer feedback on products matters.

The Heyday Earbuds are rated at 4.3 stars on Amazon, which is not bad at all. The customer reviews are mostly positive, although some claimed that the earbuds’ sound was not good enough for them.

Customers have also mentioned that the Heyday Earbuds are an excellent choice for listening to music and making phone calls because of their small size.

The earbuds are small and handy enough to be stowed in a pocket, providing comfortable wear.

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Do The Heyday Earbuds Have A Mic?

It’s easy to skip a track, adjust your volume or take a call with an in-line controller and microphone, but if you want to listen to music, make a call or change the tracks, you’ll need some wires.

The earbuds come with both an in-line controller and mic, but they are not wireless.

You’ll have to connect the earbuds to your device with a cord, just like any other wired earbuds are pairing.

Why Won’t My Heyday Headphones Connect?

The Heyday earbuds should connect with all other types of devices that work with Bluetooth, such as Apple devices and Android devices.

The only possible way for this not to work is if your device doesn’t use Bluetooth. If this is the case, you’ll need to invest in a pair of Bluetooth headphones.

Are Heyday Wireless Chargers Good?

Wireless earbuds are not as good as wired headphones for your health, but they are still effective. Wireless earbuds are great for listening to music or podcasts while you do other things, like cooking or eating lunch.

Heyday Wireless

When paired with the Heyday wireless charger, these earbuds can be charged wirelessly, and they can provide up to 9 hours of playtime.

How Do I Connect Heyday Earbuds To My Laptop?

Heyday earbuds are typically meant to be used with your laptop. You will need to plug the cable into the audio jack located on the back of your laptop for connection.

If you are using a Mac, the plug-in is located in the same spot but on the left side of the computer. Windows users will find the plug-in on the right side of the laptop.


Heyday in-ear headphones are versatile in sound. They look relatively simple, they’re in the same category as the in-ear headphones, in my opinion, but they give off an excellent quality sound. Heyday earbuds are versatile in sound.

They look relatively simple, they’re in the same category as the in-ear headphones, in my opinion, but they give off an excellent quality sound.

Hooke Audio hopes you find my Heyday review helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments section below.

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