How To Adjust Headphone Balance Windows 10? Top Full Guide

How To Adjust Headphone Balance Windows 10 Top Full Guide
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Sometimes your headphones may not be well balanced. How To Adjust Headphone Balance Windows 10? You are annoyed because the moot is loud and the side is small. Maybe you have a hearing loss in one ear, and increasing the volume in one ear will cause noise. Dangerous to the other ear.

Keep reading our posts, Hooke Audio has native workarounds on all platforms that help you adjust audio balance in Windows 10.

What can cause a loss in the audio balance on your computer?

What can cause a loss in the audio balance on your computer

The problem is often with one of the audio channels. This is where the signal travels from the source to the speakers. Splitting the signal adjust the left and right channels of headphones results in equal sound for both speakers.

If the signal is not flowing properly, it can provide the impression that your headphones may be unbalanced.

1. OS upgrade

Some of the default settings you have set up earlier can be lost when your operating system is upgraded to a new Windows edition. There is a chance that your audio settings could become blurred if you have new operating software installed. Some users reported sound problems after updating to a new OS.

2. Special audio enhancements

Windows PCs have built-in audio enhancements that enhance the sound quality of your audio devices. These audio enhancements can improve sound quality, but sometimes they can cause problems with the balance between audio devices connected to your computer.

3. Speakers/headphones that are defective

Sometimes, it’s not your computer. Sometimes your audio device speakers are just faulty and should be replaced. Make sure that your computer is not responsible for audio problems.

Alternate equalizer (EQ) settings can often cause unbalanced audio channels. Frequency imbalance can occur when more current is directed towards one speaker than another. This results in an audio experience that is unbalanced.

4. Computers can use sound effects

Computers can use sound effects to modify the way that the sound card perceives music. These sound effects can be found in the Sound Control Panel. They either emphasize a mono or stereo effect and using an earbud mic on a pc is similar.

5. Unbalanced sound and channels

Unbalanced sound and channels

Unbalanced sound and channels can result from connecting headphones to the wrong output. This issue is much less common nowadays, as many commercial audio devices can detect input devices and adapt accordingly.

How To Adjust Audio Balance in Windows 10?

You can monitor the audio channel usage on a computer by accessing the Sound Control Panel. You can make your headphones sound better by making a few adjustments.

Make sure your Headphones are not Plugged into a Mono Jack

Make sure your Headphones are not Plugged into a Mono Jack

The wrong jack can cause unbalanced headphones. You might have an audio device that has mono output capability. If you hear only from the left side of your headphone speaker, it could be because you are using the wrong jack. Here are some solutions:

Make sure that headphones are properly plugged into a headphone port

  • The labeling of a headphone port is headphones, or an icon will appear on the device. Stereo sound will be available for headphones, and it will sound the same in both ears.
  • Do not plug your headphones into an earphone jack.
  • Plugging headphones in an earphone socket will not create the right audio.

Want to Adjust Audio Balance in Windows 10: Make sure your speakers are equally balanced

You may sometimes notice an imbalance in the left or right audio balance on a playback device (output device), such as a speaker, headphone, or headphones. In these cases, you will need to adjust it manually until you feel the music is the best.

This tutorial will demonstrate how to adjust audio balance in Windows 10.

Options 1: in Settings

In Settings, adjust audio balance in windows 10 (output) include the left and right channels

  • Open Settings and click/tap the System icon.
  • Click/tap Sound on the left, then select the output device that you wish to adjust in the Choose output device drop-menu, and click/tap the Device properties link.
  • Adjust audio balance until it is appropriate for your device ( control the left and right channels)

The default audio balance settings for the left and right audio are 100%.

  • You can close Settings when you are done.

Options 2: in Control Panel

  • Open the Control Panel and click/tap the Sound icon.
  • Tap/click on the Playback tab. Double click/tap the output device that you wish to adjust.
  • Click/tap the Levels tab and click/tap the Balance button.
  • Once you are satisfied with the sound quality, adjust the audio balance to the left and right. Click/tap OK when done.

Default audio balance settings for left and right channels are 100%

Disable any Sound effects that could be Affecting playback

Disable any Sound effects that could be Affecting playback

Windows PCs have unique sound-enhancing capabilities, as we mentioned previously. These features can affect the sound quality of your headphones, which could lead to a change in your perception of sound.

  • You can disable all sound effects and restore audio to its normal state to fix this problem.
  • The Control Panel is now open.
  • Look for Sound and choose it.
  • Right-click your headphones and select Properties.
  • Click on the Enhancements tab.
  • Click the checkbox labeled Disable all sound effects.

Enabling sound effects will remove different playback sounds and allow mono audio to continue playing the same channels. This will remove a 3D sound effect and quickly restore audio balance by assigning sound to both channels equally.

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Modify the registry entry

Windows can also lock the ability to adjust the volume or audio balance by default. It can, however, be unlocked. This article explains how to remove the joint volume from the headphones channel using the Windows registry.

  • Step 1: Use the Windows + R keys to start your Windows PC Run function.
  • Step 2: Type Regedit into the dialog box and then tap Enter on your keyboard.
  • Step 3: Navigate the registry editor to the next path/location.
  • Step 4: In this location, double-click the value named Disable Absolute Volume and change the value data to 1.
  • Step 5: Click OK to save your changes and restart your computer

After you have turned off the absolute volume, you can manually adjust the audio channels on your Bluetooth headphones.

This does not mean that you have to do this every time you adjust the balance channels on your headphones. This is a once-off procedure.


Above is the easiest way to make sound-balanced computer speakers on Windows 10. HookeAudio hopes you succeed!

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