How To Allow Microphone Access On Mac 2024? Top Full Guide

How To Allow Microphone Access On Mac 2024 Top Full Guide
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Like many other smart devices, Apple will by default ask the user before turning on the microphone in the iPhone, macOS application to protect the privacy of user data.

You can decide which apps or websites are allowed to use the microphone.

Join Hooke Audio to learn how to allow microphone access on Mac if unfortunately you do not give it permission or it is accidentally turned off.

Before we start

Apple has introduced new security settings in macOS 10.14 Mojave that let you control which apps allow camera and microphone access. In previous macOS versions, you could only control access to your location and contacts.

When the application attempts to access your mic for the first time, you will see a prompt from your computer.

You can still change the settings on your Mac later, even if you have clicked Don’t Allow. This article will show you how to check which apps and websites can record audio using your microphone and how to adjust the settings.

Microphone Settings

Microphone Settings on mac

1. Click on your Apple menu in the top-left corner and select System Preferences.

2. Double-click the Sound icon.

3. Click on the Input tab to see your microphone list.

4. Click microphone you want to use. The Internal microphone is typically used.

5. Adjust Input volume by moving the slider to the right. Do this while you speak in a normal voice. You can stop moving it to the right when the Input level bars below move to the halfway point.

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6. If you see an additional microphone, you can disable it by selecting it in the list and scaling the volume slider all the way to the left.

7. Exit your mic settings and go back to the interview to take another practice question.

8. If the microphone issues continue, restart your computer and take another practice question.

How to allow microphone access on Mac

How to allow microphone access on Mac

  • Select Apple menu > System Preferences click on your Mac. Click Security Privacy and then click Privacy.
  • Choose a Microphone
  • To allow an app access to the mic, select the checkbox.
  • To turn off access to that app, deselect the checkbox.
  • If an app attempts to disable access, it will ask you to turn it back on the next time.

For Chrome, enable Camera and Microphone on my Mac.

  • Click the apple icon in the top left corner—next, select System Preference from this menu. Next, click Security Privacy.
  • Click on the Privacy tab.
  • Click camera in the lefthand columns, and then tick the box next to Google Chrome.

*If Camera or Google Chrome is not available, please upgrade your macOS (Click Apple Icon > More About This Mac > Software update ) and your Chrome browser (click three vertical dots at the top of Chrome > Update Google Chrome).

Enable Camaera and Microphone on chrome

  • A small window will appear. Click Quit Now. You are giving Google Chrome access to your camera by clicking Quit Now.
  • Finally, click microphone in the left column and tick the box next to Google Chrome.

If you do not see Microphone or Google Chrome options, please upgrade your macOS (Click Apple Icon > More About This Mac > Software update ) and your Chrome browser to the most recent version (at the top of Chrome, click three vertical dots > Google Chrome Update).

  • A small window will appear. Click Quit Now. You are allowing Google Chrome access to your microphone by clicking Quit Now.
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How To Deny Access To Your Microphone

You can follow these steps to prevent certain apps from accessing your microphone.

  • Go to the Apple menu.
  • Click System Preferences.
  • Choose Security & Privacy
  • Choose a Microphone
  • To turn off access to that app, deselect the checkbox.

How To Easily Control Permissions

control permissions

CleanMyMac X is a great way to manage all permissions for your apps. CleanMyMac X has a new feature called Application Permissions that allows you to see what data is being used by different apps.

In just a few clicks, you can check which programs have access to your camera and microphone. You can also make changes.

This is how you can use this incredible feature.

  1. CleanMyMacX X is free to download and install.
  2.  Launch the app
  3. Select the Privacy tab.
  4. Click on Scan.
  5. Select Application Permissions
  6. Check the current permissions and make changes.

That’s all! It’s easy to see and manage all permissions in one place.

You can only control permissions for apps on the most recent macOS version.

After you have verified your permissions, you can try the other CleanMyMac X features. There are many tools to speed up your system, check for malware and viruses, find space hoggers, and more.


Applications may be able to access your microphone if you consent to them. This will allow them to collect information following their terms and policies.

Before granting mic access permissions, please read the privacy policies and terms. If you find this guide useful, please share it with others. Thank you for taking the time to visit Hookeaudio.

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