How To Check Bluetooth Headphone Battery Android in 2023

How To Check Bluetooth Headphone Battery Android in 2023
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Do you know How To Check Bluetooth Headphone Battery Android? You are not sure when your device needs to be charged. HookeAudio will answer this question.

Your Android headset device usually doesn’t show any indicator for its current battery charge level. This can make it difficult to manage the battery life of any Bluetooth device. How do you view it?

Thankfully, We found options that do exist, and they vary based on your current Android version.

Bluetooth Headphones Battery Overviews

Bluetooth Headphones Battery Overviews

Battery life battery status Android

A full charge from the carrying case should last about 5 hours of use. A good charging case can hold eight charges and allow you to playback for around 40 hours before it needs to be charged again.

Charging time

Up to 2.5 hours for a full charge.

Charging speed

Does your case use fast charging? If it does, your case will charge at full speed. It will take several hours to charge your device in any other situation.

Benefits of using your Bluetooth device

Benefits of using your Bluetooth device


A Bluetooth device allows us to make calls, listen while exercising, and use our phones wherever we are without worrying about wires.

Find your accessory easily

It can be annoying when a Bluetooth device falls to the floor, and you forget where they were. You can find your headphones by calling them if they are connected to your smartphone. True wireless earbuds don’t have any cords or lines connecting them.

You can choose to ring either the left or right bud. If you have Location History enabled, you can view the last known location of your headphones in the Find My Device app.

When to charge the wireless headphone

When you open the case for your true wireless headphones, you will receive a notification on your phone about the battery level status of each component (left bud, right bud) and the case, if applicable. Also, you’ll be notified when your case and earbuds battery is low so that you can charge them when they run low.

Personalize and manage your accessory easily

After Bluetooth pairing is successful, the accessory name will be personalized with your initial name. Pixel Buds, for example, will be renamed Alex’s Pixel Buds.

Android 10 phones can be adjusted to adjust the headphone settings. This includes linking the phone to Google Assistant or accessing Find My Device from the device details page. This setting will vary depending on the headphone’s model.

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Tips and Suggestions to Change a Bluetooth device Battery level

We don’t recommend that you replace your Bluetooth headset battery by yourself. Here are some reasons why this is important:

  • The warranty may be void if you violate it.
  • Earbuds can be very small and may cause damage to the internal workings of your headphone. They can also become uncomfortable to wear.
  • You can damage waterproof headphones by opening the casing.
  • It is unnecessary to put yourself in a position of danger.
  • Buying new headphones is often cheaper and easier than spending time and money.
  • You can replace the rechargeable batteries in your headphones if they are not included.

How to check Bluetooth battery indicator Android

Using Settings Android Phone Battery widget status bar

Using Settings Android Phone Battery widget status bar


Step 1: Pair and Connect a Bluetooth Device to Your Android Phone.

Step 2: Open the Settings app, and click on Connect Devices.

Step 3: Tap the word Bluetooth, not the switch next to it, to see a complete list of connected devices and their current battery levels.

Using app BatON

Using app BatON
1. Install Baton

Install the app (BatON) to get it started.

Google Play Store:

2. Adjust Settings

Next, open the app and grant permission to the location (this is necessary for the app’s ability to scan Bluetooth devices). Next, navigate to the side navigation menu to access BatON’s settings page.

Next, go to the Notifications menu and adjust the options. BatON displays a notification displaying battery level when compatible Bluetooth devices connect to it by default. However, you can disable the toggle next to Show notifications to turn this off.

The Auto measure section can be accessed by going back to one level. You can adjust the frequency at which BatON receives a battery level percentage update via Bluetooth accessories by tapping on the Measure Frequency button. A higher frequency will provide more current stats, but it will slightly drain your battery level and the accessory.

3. Check Battery Life of Paired Bluetooth Devices

Once everything is set up to your liking, it’s all done. You can now open the BatON app whenever a Bluetooth device is connected. You can check your notification shade to see the battery level depending on your settings.

Not all Bluetooth accessories will report the battery percentage. This is especially true for older products, some accessories won’t report their battery percentages, such as 20%, 50%, or 100%. This means that they will not report the next range until they reach that threshold.

How to extend your Bluetooth battery life

How to extend your Bluetooth battery life

Don’t overcharge your headphones. They just require a few hours to fully charge, usually 2 to 3 hours but sometimes as little as 45 minutes. Don’t charge your headphones for more than you need or for longer than is necessary. For example, don’t leave your headphones plugged in overnight.

Ideally, your electronic devices should be charged between 20% to 80%. You can decrease your battery life by letting the charge rise and fall beyond this limit.

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You can turn your Bluetooth device off when not in use. While this will not increase the total battery life of your device, it will help you with day-to-day usage.

You should turn off noise-canceling features. Only use the feature when necessary.


Now it is time to close this app and grant location permission to this app. This is required for the app to scan Bluetooth devices. Move to the side navigation menu, and then go to the BatON’s settings pages.

You can change the settings by going to the Notifications menu. BatON displays a notification by default that shows battery life when compatible Bluetooth devices connect to it. You can disable the toggle next to Show Notifications to turn this off.

Move to the Auto measure section. Next, tap the Measure frequency option. This will allow you to adjust how often BatON checks for battery percentage updates from your Bluetooth accessories. You will receive up-to-the-minute statistics if you select the higher frequency.


After you’ve completed all the steps, you will see results. You will now be able to find information about the Bluetooth device supported by your phone. You can check the battery level by opening the BatON app. Your notification shade can also be used to check your battery level.

One thing to keep in mind is that not all Bluetooth accessories can report the battery percentage. You will not be able to see the battery percentage of some accessories. 20%, 50%, etc.

Does using an Android Bluetooth battery drain the battery?

Does using an android Bluetooth battery drain the battery

This is a great question. We conducted these second tests using audio playback as our baseline use case. It’s what most Bluetooth headset users use these days.

These results showed that Bluetooth audio plays back at the same power level as audio played over headphones or speakers with Bluetooth turned off. Power consumption increased by an average of 0.2% when listening to audio over properly connected Bluetooth laptops or other mobile devices.

This is well within the margin of error. Over a four-hour listening time, the battery drain of the Poco F2 Pro and Galaxy S20 Plus was not significantly different.

This is because Bluetooth audio encoder algorithms are very efficient on modern smartphone’s digital signal processors (DSP). They consume very little power. Audio amplifier circuits also turn off when you playback Bluetooth audio. This reduces the Bluetooth wireless chip’s power draw. The more you listen, the more savings you will enjoy.

When phones are not in use, Bluetooth does not appear to reduce battery life. Bluetooth won’t drain your battery if it is left on for too long or accidentally left on overnight.

Most users will not notice any extra battery drain if Bluetooth is turned off. It’s a good idea not to connect to unknown devices and to protect your privacy.

To answer the title question, Bluetooth only drains a small amount of your smartphone’s battery. There is no need to be concerned.

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How do we Test Bluetooth headsets?

How do we Test Bluetooth headsets

Qualitative Calls

This is the most important feature. To hear the sound of each other’s conversations, we place multiple calls to both live people and answering machines. We test the volume indoors and outdoors and determine how clear voices sound in various situations.


We connect headphones to multiple models of cell phones. Test with multiple devices that are connected to the same wireless carrier.

Then, we’ll try them again with another set of devices. We test to make sure the headphone pairs with each other and verify that it can be paired and re-paired with multiple devices.


Typically range between 15 and 30 feet for clear calls, while calls with static can be made at a distance of approximately 30 feet.

However, some offer a greater range. Walking 60 feet in a straight line to the phone, we talk into the answering machine and see how speech quality decreases with distance.


Is there more than one size option for the headphone? The various earpieces are used to check how comfortable our ears are.

Battery Life

It is connected to a phone that dials into a test number. This plays a continuous loop recording of a book being read aloud. The phone is connected to the power supply so that it doesn’t get low.

The headphone and phone are placed about one foot apart. Attach a microphone and then plug it into the Audacity recording program. This software includes a timeline. We let the headphone run until it runs out of juice.

Stereo Features

Stereos are a great way to enjoy media playback and calls. They can also be used for video chat and audio streaming as a wireless pair of headphones.

We play high-quality, 320-kilobit-per-second or lossless music from both a computer and a mobile phone to hear how it sounds. We also test how the wireless headphone handles transitions in songs and what happens when you get a call.


By pressing the button long enough, we check for features like voice dialing or redial. We also test any additional control features, such as voice commands or built-in voice commands.

Noise Cancellation

Manufacturers make a lot about noise cancellation. We pay special attention to how the transmissions sound in noisy areas. The headphones will be put through at least one of the following tests: in a windy, noisy, or windowless vehicle.


The headphone’s reception quality is compared based on two important test positions: the handset in front of our eyes and the back of our hands. Sometimes, the signal can be affected by placing your body between your headphone and your phone.

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HookeAudio hopes with the above how to check Bluetooth headphones battery life, you can check the battery of your Android Bluetooth headphones as fast as you want. If you have any questions, please comment below.


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