How To Clean A Subwoofer? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Clean A Subwoofer? Top Full Guide 2022

There are many theories about the best way on how to clean a subwoofer, but it’s important to be cautious with any chemicals. Before you do anything, read the instructions in your owner’s manual.

How To Clean A Subwoofer?

We have listed some DIY ways to clean your car subwoofers at home. You can also visit a car audio shop to use their services. These are the easy steps I recommend.

Before I get into the details let me briefly explain what is involved in this process.

Tools Required

To do this, you will need the following

  • Cotton fabric made of microfiber cloth, lint-free, and cotton
  • Soft brush
  • Ammonia
  • A vacuum cleaner equipped with a suction tube

We’ll first take a clean, lint-free fabric and move it up to the top surface using a circular motion with the subwoofer.

After cleaning the surface of the subwoofer, we used a screwdriver to remove the grill. Use a microfiber cloth to gently remove dirt from the subwoofer cab. This technique can be used on all types of subwoofers. A wet brush is a good option to remove dust particles.

You must clean the subwoofer’s interior. The machine will remove all dirt and debris from the subwoofer’s inner surface. For better results, use it for five minutes on each subwoofer. It can quickly heat up so don’t use it for more than 5 minutes.

Start gently. You can’t rub too hard on the subwoofer’s cones and surface. Do not rush; this takes time and attention.

Cleaning The Subwoofer Exterior

Cleaning the subwoofer exterior

To clean the exterior surfaces of the subwoofer, only use dry cloths. However, stubborn dust may not be cleaned with dry cloths. In such cases, you will need to use a wet cloth. Use a wet cloth to clean wires and cables.

An ammonia-free cleaner can be used to keep the subwoofer’s surface dry. This is more careful than using a wet cloth, which can cause damage to the subwoofer.

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Clean Subwoofer Grills

Clean sub grills

To clean the subwoofer grill, carefully remove it. Refer to the instructions manual for the correct removal. Bring the microfiber cloth again and gently wipe the interiors of the subwoofer grill. After you’ve completed this process, be sure to keep the bolts and nuts in a safe place.

You cannot use water-based cleaners on subwoofer grills that have a metallic base. This can cause broke in the structure. To prevent corrosion, you should dry any liquid that has gotten on the metallic parts. This spray cleaner can be used to clean the parts of subwoofers.

Your subwoofer’s grill may have a fabric base. This can make it difficult to clean. Do not force the grill or use tools to hold it. Instead, use a duster or brush. Attach the subwoofer to the grills and fix it with the blots. Any wireless subwoofer can be connected to a soundbar.

This can cause subwoofer damage, as I’ve seen it happen. Follow this step-by-step guide and you will be fine.

Cleaning Speaker Cones

Cleaning Speaker Cones with damp microfiber cloth

The cones are usually made from paper. It is the cones that make up the central part of a subwoofer. Once it becomes spoiled, it cannot be replaced. When removing dust from cones, be gentle.

Always use a liquid for cleaning the clones. Never use a dry cloth to clean the subwoofer cones. It is important to note that no solution should exceed a certain limit.

Use a small brush to apply the liquid. Gently brush to dry the loose dust it off. Avoid spraying water directly on parts as it could damage them. This cleaning spray can be used to clean the cones.

After that, you must dry off any excess water with a dry microfiber cloth. Only use enough pressure to remove any water droplets.

You should rub the cones with fine abrasive paper. It is capable of cleaning speaker cones’ surfaces by gently rubbing. Many people break cones by cleaning too fast. It will only take a few moments.

Make sure to use a microfiber cloth. Regular fabrics can leave lint on the speaker. If you don’t have a second microfiber cloth, then just let the speaker air dry.

A cleaner is another option. You can place it directly on the cones, and allow it to dry for three to five minutes.

How to Clean Subwoofers With a Vacuum Cleaner?

Start by taking out your soft brush and starting to brush the corners. Do it slowly. Use a wet brush to do the job. If the subwoofer appears dirty, you can use the vacuum cleaner to activate the suction pipe.

Keep the subwoofer components at a distance of about 2 inches. To avoid damaging delicate parts, don’t place the suction pipe too close. To avoid overheating, keep the suction pipe from touching the subwoofer’s surface for longer than five minutes. It can be cleaned again by waiting a few minutes. The subwoofer should now be clean from the inside.

Clean the grills and place the subwoofer grills. If you do a thorough cleaning job, you will notice the better audio quality and equipment performance. It takes a lot of attention to clean your subwoofer. Here’s how to clean your subwoofer if it is still dirty.

Dos and Don’ts


You should carefully read the User Manual. Otherwise, your subwoofer could be damaged. You can dry the liquid with a hairdryer after you have used it.

Vinyl solvents may cause the subwoofer surface to crack.

Cleaning a subwoofer of a large size will take between 30 and 60 minutes. Ask a friend to help. These methods will become second nature to you once you are familiar with them. The same process can be used to clean your Sonos Arc Soundbar using Dolby Atmos.


Hard soap and detergent can cause subwoofer damage. You have to be careful when using a damp cloth to avoid damaging the parts.

Avoid using too much water or vinyl solvent, as they can damage the equipment. Use water with care if you have a subwoofer of a small size.

Remove any subwoofers in your trunk. Do not do this while your car is ON. Instead, turn off the engine and take out the key.


Subwoofers are often dust-covered, which may cause problems when they are opened for general maintenance. Cleaning this equipment should only take about five minutes with the use of a few household items. We hope that our guide can help you easily clean your sound system. If you have any questions, feel free to leave your contact below. We’re glad to hear from you.

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