How To Clean Earbuds? Top Full Guide 2021

How To Clean Earbuds Top Full Guide 2021

How To Clean Earbuds? Read on our guide below to find out more.

Your earbuds don’t sound as good as they used to. Since the tiny speaker drivers can become blocked by dirt, sweat, and other gunk. Fortunately, there are a few quick steps you can take to break down the detritus, getting your earbuds back to peak operating condition. Let’s find out!

Why You Need to Clean Your Earbuds

You have 2,708 times the bacteria in your headphones than on an average cutting board. There are six times as many bacteria in your kitchen sink and three times as many bacteria in your headphones as you would find on a kitchen counter.

Why You Need to Clean Your Earbuds

According to Whittier Hospital Center, a variety of problems can be caused by dirty headphones, including allergies, skin rashes, and even infection.

It’s easy for earbuds to get lost or left out because they are small. Whittier Hospital Center writes that earbuds can accumulate bacteria and dirt if they are not cleaned regularly. Your earbuds can bring dirt and bacteria into your ears as soon as they are inserted.

According to medical experts, earbuds can carry dirt and bacteria and cause ear wax buildup. Earbuds trap ear wax, which is what our ears are made to clean. Ear wax that is too thick can cause impacted hearing loss. Keep your earbuds clean about once per week. Don’t share!

How To Clean Earbuds

Here are some different ways to clean earbuds. These solutions won’t cost a lot, but you may need to spend a little more if you are concerned about damaging expensive earbuds.

Soft Cloth

You should not use soaps, shampoos, or other cleaning products if you use single-piece earbuds without ear tips like the AirPod Pros. Earbuds are sensitive. You can dampen an earbud with a soft, non-linty cloth and wipe them clean.

How To Clean Earbuds

Instead of cleaning the mic and speaker meshes with a cotton swab, make sure to avoid getting liquid in them. Allow them to dry completely before you place them in the charging box.

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Water and soap

First, you might want to make a solution using antibacterial soap and warm water. Next, use a soft cloth or sponge to clean your earbuds. You are correct! It’s a brilliant idea!

You can use soap and water to clean the wires and outer casings of your earbuds for a small fee. Warm water can be added to a bowl. Add a few drops of liquid detergent or hand soap. Use a microfiber or soft cotton cloth to dip into the solution. Once it has dried, you can get to work.

However, you don’t want this method to clean the grilles. Water can get into the earbuds and cause damage. Your buds will survive an injury. Worst-case scenario, your buds will die.

This cleaning method will not harm the input jack. Also, be aware of the area where the wire comes out from the earbuds. Water can get in there. After the earbuds have dried, place them somewhere dry.

Rubbing alcohol

A common cleaning solution is to rub alcohol (also known as isopropyl alcohol). It’s safe to use for cleaning the wires and casings of your earbuds. You will need to dip a cotton strip into the bottle and shake it until it is almost dry. Then, wipe any dirt or wax off the earbuds.

You shouldn’t use this method to clean grilles. You don’t want alcohol to drip into your earbuds. Cotton swabs can leave little cotton bits on everything they touch.

Metal filters can trap cotton strands, making it more difficult to clean them over time and even muffle audio. Once you are done, place the earbuds where they can dry.

Using a toothbrush

You’ll need a spare toothbrush that has nylon bristles. Luckily, this is every toothbrush you can buy these days. Nylon is also anti-static so that it won’t conduct electricity.

Brushes work well for cleaning mesh grilles because there is no risk of moisture getting in. However, you need to be careful. Use a toothbrush to brush the grille gently. To clean the toothbrush, either throw it away or put it in the dishwasher. It is not recommended to be used on your teeth.

Using adhesive

Geek Detour was the one who came up with this idea. Blu-Tack, a dry adhesive glue such as Blu-Tack, is almost foolproof for cleaning your earbuds.

The putty should be shaped so that one end can be pressed onto the earbud’s mesh grille. You should get any wax or dirt out of the putty and then pull it off. However, you may need to play around a bit to ensure it gets into all the nooks.


Tips to Keep Your Earbuds Clean Longer

When you aren’t using your earbuds, keep them in a bag. Earbuds pick up lint and other debris every time they are placed in your purse, pocket, backpack, or pocket.

Tips to Keep Your Earbuds Clean Longer

Your case should be cleaned as well, as dust and debris can cause charging problems. Clean the case after cleaning the earbuds. Use a microfiber cloth and a little rubbing alcohol to clean it. This is especially important for wireless charging cases.

Water-resistant earbuds should not be left wet for too long as moisture could get inside. Allow them to dry in the air if they get very wet.

Your earbuds should not be kept in your workout shorts or your sports bra. Instead, please place them in a waterproof or sealable plastic bag.


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