How To Clean Headphone Pads? Top Full Guide 2023

How To Clean Headphone Pads Top Full Guide 2023
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Do you know How to Clean Headphone Pads? Refer to Hooke Audio‘s article! If not cleaned properly, ear cups also become easy to get more dust when placing the headphone in an outdoor environment.

Ear wax too much and cups that are too dirty will cause some ear diseases such as otitis media, etc., which are quite dangerous. Therefore, I have some ear tips for you in the process of using your headphones to preserve and wash your headphones to improve the life of the device as well as protect your own health.

The Important of Cleaning Headphones Pads

The Important of Cleaning Headphones Pads


Music, podcasts, and any other audio you listen to through headphones are your favorite. You wouldn’t compromise on sound quality.

All that is dependent on how to clean headphones and remove the ear dirt and dust. You will feel uncomfortable if your headphones are full of ear wax. If ear cups have an odor, it can make your ears even more uncomfortable. Ear tips: You can increase your comfort by cleaning it.

Then step, you should use hand sanitizer to clean your hand.

Save money

Cleaning your headphones and sure to keep them in great shape will help you avoid spending extra on replacements every few months.


Your headphones will collect sweat and dirt from the moment you first use them. This can lead to a lot of bacteria buildup. Headphones wash will improve your hygiene and prevent you from getting ear infections.


I don’t know what you think, but my headphones have a special connection with me, just like all my electronics. They are my only possession. Maybe I should reconsider that. I can make them last longer by cleaning them often.

No odor

It’s not a good idea to wear headphones that are prone to picking up odors. Q tips: You can also take care of and clean your headphones to keep them odor-free.

How to Clean Headphone Pads?

How to Clean Headphone Pads

Ear tips to cleaning headphones

1. Cleaning with Rubbing alcohol/hydrogen peroxide/Isopropyl alcohol

The Rubbing alcohol/Hydrogen peroxide/Isopropyl alcohol and then the cotton swab is one thing I recommend you buy.

  • Get a microfiber cloth or a soft cloth to soap and warm water. You can use the same water to mix rubbing alcohol in and wipe the headphones with the cloth. This doesn’t need to be done after each session, but only once a week.
  • Use your headphones then keep your headphones clean after you’re done playing. Humidity can build up in the headphones, so don’t keep them away. Another option is to place it in the corner of your table, as shown in the image above.
  • You can also use rubbing alcohol on black headphones pads. These alcohol pads can be used on black pads. However, if your headphones have colored pads, don’t use alcohol pads. It will cause the pads to become soiled. You can use one with a low alcohol content to avoid stripping off colors.

2. Cleaning with Soap and Water

Cleaning headphone pads with Soap and Water

Step 1: Separate the Earpads and Remove Dirt and dust

First, remove the earpads from your headphones by gently separating them. You can remove any hair or crumbs from the earpads with a lint roller.

You can use a lint roller to remove any residue from your earpads. Depending on how dirty your pads are, you may need to use them several times.

Step 2: Soak a clean cloth in soapy water

Mix a tablespoon of laundry detergent in a bowl. Use a clean towel or paper towel to dip into the foamy water. Then, wring any excess suds out of the cloth.

Step 3: Clean the Surface

Next, wipe the earpads clean with a damp cloth or paper towel. You should pay attention to the areas closest to your ears. Wash the entire surface of the pads, even if they don’t look dirty.

However, do not scrub the earpads. You can gently wipe them.

Step 4: Remove any gunk with the Toothbrush

Some dirt and grime may have stuck to your earpads. Use a soft toothbrush to clean the stubborn spots.

Continue to brush until dirt and gunk are gone. Use this foamy, clean the cloth to wipe it off.

Step 5: Dry the Ear Pads

Place a towel or cloth on a flat, dry surface after cleaning. Allow the pods to dry on a flat surface for several hours or days.

After drying the earpads, you can attach them to your headphones.

Tips on how to clean earbuds will help prevent ear infections and prolong the life of your ear headphones!

3. Q tips another

If you’re looking for a more advanced device that can clean your headphones just like the factory did, we recommend a hearing-aid vacuum cleaner.

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How to Clean Leather Ear Pads?

Many materials can be used to make earpads. Because leather is one of the most delicate and common materials, we’ll be focusing more on it. It is best to take care when handling it.

Cleaning leather pads is one of the best ways to maintain them. Headphones are delicate and expensive. A little dirt can cause you to flush your hard-earned cash down the toilet.

How to Clean Leather Ear Pads

Basic tips

1. Regularly condition the headphones pads. To ensure that leather coatings last for a long time, a special leather conditioner is required. Should be done once or twice a year.

2. You don’t need to dip a piece in water to make regular pads. Leather headphones require you to take a piece and apply conditioner to the surface of the headphones. This helps to reduce the chance of the pads becoming soaked in moisture and the cushions getting stale.

3. The leather coating on the headphones is unique in that it can crack easily when exposed to sunlight. It is important to care for it properly.

Q tip

When listening to music, ear wax can build up in the earbuds. To protect your ear pads from getting ruined, remove ear wax regularly using a good wax cleaner.

Cleaning Headphones: Frequency

Cleaning Headphones Frequency

How To Clean Headphone Pads? Can wipe them with a dry cloth right after taking them off.

Ear tips: The hem of your shirt can be used, but you might prefer to have a microfiber cloth in your case for a soft fabric to wipe off the headphones.

Weekly cleanings

You don’t need to clean your headphones every week if you don’t use them often. This cleaning should be done after 7 to 8 uses.

Just use a damp cloth, don’t soak it. Next, clean your headphones. Do not scrub or press too hard. Gently rub and wipe them down a few more times. Allow them to air dry completely before storing or using.

Condition occasionally

This applies only to ear headphones with a protein leather coating. A special leather conditioner will be required. You can only use the conditioner twice a year so that it will last a long time.

You need to apply a small amount of leather conditioner to a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Then, wipe the headphone pads with the cloth. It can be massaged into the leather.

Only use a small amount of conditioner. Allow it to absorb the conditioner completely and allow it to dry completely before storing or using. This should be done no more than once a year. Otherwise, the cushion could trap moisture and become moldy.

Headphone pads need to be replaced regularly. It is easy and affordable to replace them. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to make your headphones sound new with a new pair of headphone pads.

These easy tips will keep your headphones in top shape for longer.

Most people often forget how to clean headphones. They grab them out of their bags and place them in their ears. Because they are directly in their ears, it is even more important to ensure they stay clean. It’s not just about prolonging the life of your ears but also about preventing ear infections.


FAQs about cleaning headphone pads

What Is The Best Way To Clean Headphone Pads?

The best way to clean headphone pads is to use a soft, damp cloth with a small amount of mild soap or rubbing alcohol. Slightly wipe the pads, being careful not to saturate them with liquid. Allow the pads to air dry completely before using them again.

Can You Put Headphone Pads In The Washing Machine?

It is not recommended to put headphone pads in the washing machine, as this can damage them. Instead, use a soft cloth and mild soap or rubbing alcohol to clean them.

How Often Should You Clean Headphone Pads?

It is recommended to wash headphone pads once every few weeks, or whenever they start to look dirty or oily.

How Do You Remove Sweat From Headphone Pads?

To remove sweat from headphone pads, use a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol or a mixture of water and vinegar. Gently wipe the pads, being careful not to saturate them with liquid, and allow them to air dry completely.

How Can I Disinfect My Headphone Pads?

To disinfect your headphone pads, you can use a solution of water and vinegar, which is a natural disinfectant. Alternatively, you can use a commercial disinfectant spray, making sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Can You Use Baby Wipes To Clean Headphone Pads?

While baby wipes may seem like a convenient option for cleaning headphone pads, they are not recommended as they can leave behind residue and may not be effective at removing dirt and oil.

How Do You Clean Foam Headphone Pads?

To clean foam headphone pads, use a soft cloth and a mixture of water and mild soap or rubbing alcohol. Wipe the pads, being careful not to saturate them with liquid, and allow them to get dried up completely.


If your device does not come with a box, you should invest in one, it is not expensive but brings great convenience. You can even add a few desiccant bags in the box to ensure absolute dryness.

Above are how to wash headphone ear pads that Hooke Audio recommends. If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments below!


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