How To Connect Bluetooth Headphone To Laptop? A Simple Guide

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphone To Laptop A Simple Guide
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What features of the computer do you already know to use in its entirety? Want to use Bluetooth headphones on pc? But How To Connect Bluetooth Headphone To Laptop? Hooke Audio guesses in the age of technology transfer or starting to use computers are still confused by these problems. See the article to know more.

Benefits of Using Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth Headphones: Benefits

 Free from Your Desk or Device

Bluetooth headphones let you roam freely around your office, without missing a call. The range of Bluetooth headsets is typically between 25 and 100 meters. There is no need to worry about complicated wiring.

It’s easier to focus on my work and not worry about wiring all the time. Even if I’m on hold, I can still be productive by doing other tasks from my computer/ phone.

Easy and quick setup

Bluetooth is now almost ubiquitous. Bluetooth is available in almost all electronic devices. The pairing process for a Bluetooth headphone is faster than that of a traditional headset.

Pair Multiple Devices Easily

This is my favorite advantage. You may need to switch between devices if you have multiple devices at once, just like me. Bluetooth technology allows you to link multiple devices to one Bluetooth headset, and then switch between them at the touch of a button.

Everything is at Your Fingertips

A Bluetooth headset allows you to stay connected with clients and colleagues, family, friends, or loved ones wherever you are. The majority of Bluetooth headsets on the market offer easy-to-use controls that allow you to pick up and end calls from your smartphone or computer.

How to put Wireless Headphones in Pairing Mode?

Before You Start:

  • Check that your computer’s audio is at a good level. It can be confusing if the audio level is low or set to mute.
  • Your headphones and your device should be at least three feet apart. Bluetooth pairing is easier if they are closer together.
  • Both devices must be charged. These devices do not need to be fully charged. However, they should have enough battery so that neither device will shut down suddenly when pairing.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphone To Laptop?

Ensure that your laptop or desktop computer has a Bluetooth module

First, make sure your laptop/desktop has a Bluetooth module. This hardware might not be available on every laptop or desktop. The Bluetooth module’s availability can be found in the manual for your laptop/desktop.

An external Bluetooth module adapter is available to enable Bluetooth function on your laptop or desktop if your laptop/desktop does not have a Bluetooth module.

Usually, you do this by holding the power button for several seconds, or until a status light on the headphones starts to blink.

Initiate pairing mode for the device that you wish to connect to your computer

Entering pairing mode? You need to make sure the device is automatically connected to your computer discoverable.

You may need to change the steps depending on which device you are trying to pair your Bluetooth (headphones or speakers, smartphone, etc.).

Windows 7

Enable Bluetooth Windows 7

Go to Control Panel > find Bluetooth >click on Change Bluetooth settings > Press Apply.

Note: Ensure the following settings are enabled:

  • Allow Bluetooth devices to automatically connect to this computer.
  • Alert me when a new Bluetooth device wants to connect.

Pair and set up your device

Click Start >Go to Control Panel Select Devices and Printers > click Add a device window (Under Devices and Printers)

  • Make sure your Bluetooth headphone has been set to Pairing Mode.
  • From the list, the Bluetooth device select shows.

Windows 10 & 8

Enable Bluetooth Windows 10 & 8

  • Click Start > Settings > Click Devices > choose Bluetooth / Bluetooth other devices/ Bluetooth tab
  • The Bluetooth settings window will open. In the first tab Options, you will see a Discovery section with the Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC option.
  • Check the Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC > Apply.

Pair and set up your device

Click on Start > select Settings > Devices > click Add a device window / Bluetooth > Click Name Device > Click Done


  • Make sure your Bluetooth headphone has been set to Pairing Mode.
  • Make sure that the Bluetooth toggle is On in the Bluetooth and Bluetooth other devices or Bluetooth tab.

If Bluetooth is not set to ON, select Bluetooth options/Advanced Bluetooth settings underneath Related Settings.

  •  The caption below Name Device states Connected Voice, Music, and Name is selected as the input and output device.
  • To set the sound output or input (Microphone), click Sound Settings.

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Enable Bluetooth

Choose Apple menuSystem Preferences > click the Bluetooth.

  • Alternatively, go to the top menu bar and click on the Bluetooth icon if it is available.
  • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled.

Pair and set up your device

  • Appear in the Bluetooth list > Select Name Device > click Pair.


  • Scroll down if you do not immediately see the device you want to add Bluetooth to the list, as it might be hidden further down in the menu.
  • You can pair your laptop/desktop computer with multiple devices. However, you can only play sound from one paired device at a time. You will have to select one device for sound output.
  • Check your sound settings in system preferences to enable the correct sound output.

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Additional Troubleshooting Tips

Additional Troubleshooting Tips

Check your Bluetooth drivers

  • Click Start > Device Manage > open Network Adapters category/Bluetooth Radios category.

You should check if the driver is wearing a yellow exclamation mark

  • Exclamation Mark: Update or reinstall the Bluetooth drivers on your computer.
  • Down Arrow: Bluetooth is disabled. Right-click to enable Bluetooth.

Turn OFF Airplane mode (Windows 10)

  • Go to Start > Select Settings > Go to Network & Internet > Change the option Airplane Mode to [OFF].


Great if you’ve seen how to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10, 8, 7 & IOS. Hooke Audio hopes it is useful to you. If you have any questions about the related content, please leave the content.

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