How To Connect Bose Soundbar To Tv? Top Full Guide

How To Connect Bose Soundbar To Tv
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How to connect Bose soundbar to TV? You will need to follow a few simple steps. First, you will need to make sure that your soundbar is properly plugged into an electrical outlet. Next, you will need to connect your soundbar to your TV using an HDMI cable. Finally, you will need to adjust the audio settings on your TV to ensure that your soundbar is properly working.

How Do You Connect Your Bose Soundbar?

There are three ways to connect your Bose soundbar with your TV. Depending on your TV’s capabilities and the Bose soundbar you choose, which one will depend on what you have.

Some TVs with a newer model may connect via HDMI cable (optical, HDMI connection labeled arc, or Bluetooth). If you have an older TV audio, adaptors can be purchased for these connections.

How Do You Connect Your Bose Soundbar

HDMI cable is the best method to connect your Bose Smart soundbar with your TV. It provides the highest audio quality. The optical audio cable comes in second. Soundbar support bluetooth is an option if you are okay with a muddy sound.

We’ll be discussing how to connect Bose soundbar to TV using each of these options.


You can connect your TV and soundbar if they support the HDMI ARC jack. Your TV will then be able to send your TV’s audio to the soundbar.

Your TV should have an HDMI ARC port. You won’t hear the TV’s soundbar if it doesn’t support ARC (Audio Return Channel).

Your TV’s port will be labeled ARC. You can refer to your TV’s manual or best support if you are unsure.


Follow these steps to connect with HDMI ARC.

  • Turn off your TV and soundbar
  • An HDMI cable is the same as an HDMI ARC cable.
  • Connect one end of your TV to the soundbar and the other to your TV
  • How to turn on tv speakers on sharp Aquos and soundbar
  • You can change the audio output settings via the TV settings
  • Your soundbar can be used to change the audio input setting to HDMI.

You can adjust the settings in this article depending on your TV or soundbar model. These are the only steps that you will need to take.

Once the soundbar is connected, you will hear sound. Try resetting the soundbar and reconnecting again if you still don’t hear any audio.

Using Optical Cable

If your TV doesn’t support¬† ARC, this is the second option. This is a more modern option than an HDMI cable box.

Make sure that your TV and soundbar can accept optical cable connections.

Using Optical Cable

Follow these steps to connect Bose soundbars to TV via optical cable.

  • Purchase an optical cable
  • Connect one end of your cable to the Bose soundbar, and the other end to the TV
  • Select optical cable from the Audio Output Settings of your TV
  • Select Digital in from the Audio Source on Bose Smart soundbar

Your TV and soundbar may have different settings. Although they may look different on TVs and soundbars, the basic steps are the same for all.

Using Bluetooth

This is a reliable feature, but all TVs or soundbars do not support it. Modern audio devices often have this feature, but older models do not.

If you have a wireless connection, you can use it. A wireless conversion kit can be purchased to make this connection available.

Bluetooth connection does not deliver the same sound quality as HDMI or optical cable. It is convenient and free from wires.

Bluetooth is supported by both your TV and soundbar, so we assume they are compatible.

Using Bluetooth

Follow these steps to connect Bose soundbar to the TV.

  • To enter pairing mode, press the Bluetooth button on your soundbar/remote and hold it down. The manual will show you how to enter pairing mode.
  • Open the Bluetooth menu on the TV and choose your Bose soundbar among the available devices.
  • This soundbar is a great pairing.
  • You can watch something on TV and listen to audio from the soundbar.

For Bose 500 Soundbar And 700 Soundbar

Bose 500 Soundbar and Bose 700 Soundbar are among the most loved soundbars from Bose. These soundbars have very high-quality audio, and both support HDMI and optical connections.

You can connect up to 700 Bose soundbars to your TV if your TV supports HDMI ARC.

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Why won’t my Bose Soundbar connect to my TV?

Reset the HDMI connection using both the source device and the cables connecting between them. Turn off the Bose, source device, and TV. Unplug the Bose, source device, and TV. Securely connect components with two HDMI cables at each end by disconnecting them.

Why won't my Bose Soundbar connect to my TV

How do I get my Bose Soundbar to work?

  • Install your soundbar
  • Connect the power cord to the soundbar to a plug.
  • Open the Bose Music app on your mobile device. Open the Bose Music app on your mobile device.
  • Allow Location Service and Local Access Network permissions to the app if asked. You can also access the app via Location Service or Local Access Network permissions.
  • Choose Speaker & Soundbar

Why is my soundbar not working with my TV?

Next, turn on the TV and then your audio device. Check that sound is being output by changing the TV’s audio output setting from PCM to PCM. Reset your TV and audio device.

Note: For a factory reset on your Android TV (TM), refer to Resetting the TV.


Bose soundbars are excellent devices. They offer incredible sound, and beautiful designs, and fantastic TV connectivity.

Connecting them to your TV isn’t complicated at all, but you must know a few things about how they work before you can connect audio devices.

This article has taken the most time-consuming step out of the way so you can get back to enjoying your Bose soundbar with ease.

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