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How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers 2022

How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers 2022 Top Full Guide

Audio speakers are great for when you are trying to enjoy your favorite songs. But having to either walk around or limit yourself to using one speaker can be a pain. Thankfully, Bluetooth technology has given us the ability to connect up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled speakers at once!

Connecting multiple speakers also has the added benefit of having the perfect ambient soundscape all the time without having to worry about positioning various speakers. Keep reading this article; Hookeaudio will show you how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers.

How To Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to One Device

How to Use Ampme to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

1. How to Use Ampme to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

There are very few apps that can connect to multiple Bluetooth devices. These include AmpMe and Bose Connect. AmpMe is by far the most versatile app since it doesn’t require a specific brand, while Ultimate Ears and Bose Connect apps will require multiple speakers from the respective companies.

AmpMe syncs Bluetooth speakers and smartphones to stream audio from SoundCloud or YouTube. These platforms allow users to create and join parties, as well as sync with unlimited devices.

Notes: The smartphone can only be connected to one speaker. This means that you will need to support your family and friends to make it activate.

The party creator controls the music. However, other users can request songs using the chat feature. The Guest as DJ feature allows other users to add pieces to the queue.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can link it to your Google or Facebook account. You will then be able to see which of your contacts is on AmpMe. Or, you can turn on-location services to find a party close by.

Step by Step:

  • Tap the plus (+).
  • Choose the service you want (Spotify or YouTube, etc.). Next, tap Connect.
  • Tap Connect

Tap Connect

  • Log in to access your account.

Log in to access your account.

  • Create or choose a playlist.

2. Bose Connect

Bose Connect App is next, which allows you to pair multiple speakers to one smartphone in stereo or party mode.

The stereo mode uses the left or right channel of each speaker to produce sound. In party mode, you can pair the speakers to play a single thing.

Switch on both speakers, connect to one speaker with Bluetooth, and then turn on Connect. You can switch between party mode and stereo mode when the speakers are connected. By selecting stereo L/R, you can easily switch between stereo and party mode.

You can also activate party mode by pressing Bluetooth, increasing the volume, and following the audio instructions.

To switch between stereo and party mode, hold down the volume and Bluetooth buttons until the home sound kit confirms that the play mode is selected.

This app can be used with any speaker, including Bose Bluetooth headphones. You can also sync up two pairs of headphones utilizing this app. This is an excellent way for you to experience music in the car and have the same music on your headphones.

Ultimate Ears

3. Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears was the company that developed portable speakers that stream Audio wirelessly to multiple speakers via Bluetooth technology.

The most popular models they made were Boom, Boom2, MegaBoom2, Wonderboom, and HyperBoom. PartyUp allows you to connect more than 50 Boom, Boom 2, and MegaBoom speakers to your smartphone.

Bluetooth Connect Your Ultimate Ears Boom

  • Check that the battery in your loudspeaker is fully charged.
  • Once you experience an acoustic signal, press the Bluetooth button on your UE Boom.
  • Select the UE Boom speaker from the Bluetooth settings on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Wait a minute, and the speaker will be connected to your smartphone.

Connect the Ultimate Ears Boom with a second speaker

You can connect your Ultimate Ears speaker with a second UE speaker in two ways.

  • As described above, connect one of the boxes to a playback unit.
  • Now, press the Bluetooth button while simultaneously pressing the “Volume up” button.
  • Now, press the Bluetooth button twice more on the box you want to pair.
  • Within 10 seconds, the speakers should be attached.
  • You can also download the UE Boom App and pair your speakers with it. You can find the exact steps in the app.

4. Samsung’s Dual Audio Feature is a great option

Samsung Galaxy S8 S+ or older models can take advantage of Bluetooth Dual Audio. It works with all Bluetooth speaker systems and headphones. Bluetooth 5 is not required.

Samsung's Dual Audio Feature is a great option

This feature can be enabled by:

  • Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth Connections

Navigate to Settings Bluetooth Connections

  • In Android Pie, tap Advanced. Tap the menu icon (3 vertical dots) located in the upper-right corner of Android Pie.
  • Turn on the Dual Audio toggle switch.

Turn on the Dual Audio toggle switch

  • Dual Audio can be used by pairing the phone with either two Bluetooth speakers or two headphones. Audio will stream to both.
  • If you add another, the first paired device is booted off.

Notes: Only the first set of headphones can playback from your Samsung’s on-headphone media controls. Bluetooth speaker systems may sometimes be out of sync. This feature is best for speakers in separate rooms.

Use HomePod Stereo Pair

4. Use HomePod Stereo Pair

Apple offers a similar feature, called HomePod Stereo Pair, to Samsung’s Dual Audio. It allows users to pair their iPhones or Macs with two HomePod speakers.

You will need an iPhone with iOS 11.4 or Mac running macOS Mojave to set up HomePod Stereo Pair. HomePod speakers must also be running iOS 11.4 or higher.

You can use your HomePods as stereo pairs by placing them in the same room. This feature can be set up on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using the Home app. To pair HomePods, they must be in the same room.

  • Double-click on or hold the HomePod button, then click or touch Settings.
  • Click or tap to create a stereo pair.
  • Choose a second HomePod.
  • The app will display two HomePod icons. To map it to the right or left channel, tap or click on a HomePod icon.
  • Click or tap back, and then done.

Do you need more speakers to make your home a music paradise? There are many options available. Shop around to see the best deal, but ensure you get the volume and quality you need.

5. Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 speakers are twice as fast and have twice the range as Bluetooth 4.2 technology. Audio companies are working hard to develop speakers that support Bluetooth 5.0.

Apple is currently the leader in this area. Apple has released the HomePod mini speakers, which support Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Others will follow this trend.

These technologies have evolved to improve connection quality, range, and power consumption. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and S8 Plus were the first Bluetooth 5.0 compatible smartphones.

They also included the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X. You can expect future smartphones to have the Galaxy S9, S9+, S10, and S10+.

This technology is still relatively new and not widely available, but you can purchase a Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter to pair to your phone or speakers.

6. Amazon Echo & Google Home

Without Google Home and Amazon Echo, we couldn’t create a list. The smart speakers, including Google Home and Amazon Echo, can also pair with Bluetooth speaker systems. Despite being from different companies, these two use the same technology, combining them into one point.

Amazon Echo & Google Home

7.1. Amazon Echo

It can pair to only one Bluetooth audio system at once; Amazon maintains a list of certified Bluetooth audio systems that will activate with the Echo. This can be done with an Echo with a display such as the Echo Show and Echo Dot.

Or, swipe down from the top of the Eco screen and say “go to settings.”

  • Choose Settings > Bluetooth
  • You will see a list of available devices.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen and select the speaker.
  • Alexa will let you know if the connection is successful.
  • If your Amazon Echo does not have a display, you can still use the Alexa App.

Tap Alexa Devices from the menu and choose your Echo device.

  • Click on Bluetooth Devices > Add a new device.
  • The app will display a list of devices available; tap on the one that interests you, and it will be ready.
  • You can also say “Get Connected” to pair your Echo to the device you have just connected.

7.2 Google Home Page

Google Home devices can be connected to third-party wireless speaker system

s or home speakers. Although you can only pair one Bluetooth sound system at once, multi-room audio can be achieved with multiple Google Home speakers. Connect a wireless speaker with your Google Home page

  • Open the Google Home app, and then tap the Devices icon at the upper right corner.
  • Choose the loudspeaker that you would like to pair to your home.
  • Select the Bluetooth loudspeaker by pressing Settings > Default Music Speaker.
  • This feature is available for Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max smart speakers.

7. JBL Connect

JBL is well-known for its production of wireless speakers. The speakers can be connected to your smartphone by charging the battery and then connecting via Bluetooth.

This process is quick and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. You can also click the speaker and your smartphone with one-touch if they have an NFC chip.


  • Place the devices side-by-side.
  • Turn on the column and wait for the signal or the light to indicate.
  • Turn on the wireless module of the speaker. JBL technology has a button control panel that you can use to turn on the speaker’s wireless module. Hold down the key and hold it there. Bluetooth is activated when the flashing light turns on. Other devices can recognize the column.
  • You will need to go into the settings section of your smartphone. You will see a tab that has a wireless connection. Activate Bluetooth. If the Bluetooth module were enabled previously in the column, it would be available in the search results for pairing.
  • Choose a column from the available options. Wait for pairing to be activated. This could take up to five minutes. You can turn on music when the home sound kits are listed as a connected device under the phone menu. And now you know How to Connect One Device to Multiple Bluetooth devices.

And these are step by step how to connect JBL speakers:

How to Connect Phone to Multiple Bluetooth Speakers: FAQs

How to Connect Phone to Multiple Bluetooth Speakers FAQs

What You Need for Connecting Bluetooth Speakers to One Device

It’s important to note that many speakers nowadays come with a built-in Bluetooth feature and that the process of connecting is as simple as selecting the home sound kit and then pairing it with your phone or tablet.

You’ll need to make sure you have Bluetooth capabilities on your device and that it’s turned on, and you may also need to turn on the Bluetooth on the speaker itself.

Are there any Bluetooth speakers that can connect to multiple devices simultaneously?

Many wireless speakers are designed to play music from some devices. A few examples are the JBL GO, UE Boom 2, and Sony SRS-XB3.

They each offer the ability to pair two devices and activate as a single wireless speaker. Another type of speaker that can pair with some devices is called a multi-room speaker.

Do you know how Bluetooth speakers work? if not yet, let us show you how it works?

Can an iPhone 6S connect to multiple Bluetooth devices?

You can use this device with only one device at a time. This does not mean that you cannot use the device with more than one. If you already have a Bluetooth speaker and want to pair it to your iPhone 6S, the easiest way is to pair them directly using a 3.5mm jack, headphone cable, or auxiliary cable.

How To Stream To Multiple Bluetooth Speakers On Mac?

Bluetooth devices are compact, portable, and affordable. For the first time, people who have some speakers around their home or office can pair to one device and control it using their cell phone.

The first step is to choose your audio system preference. Next, open the Bluetooth panel on your computer. Finally, turn on the Bluetooth functionality on your speakers.

How to Pair Multiple Bluetooth Speakers: Conclusion

Setting up a Bluetooth speaker system is much easier than people think. Start by plugging the Bluetooth speakers into power, then turn on the Bluetooth on your device and search for available two Bluetooth speakers.

Once you’ve found the right speakers, click “pair” and wait for your speakers to connect. This is the easiest way to use a Bluetooth speaker. We hope that our article helps you to learn more about connecting two Bluetooth speakers

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