How To Connect Onn Soundbar To TV? Top Full Guide 2021

How To Connect Onn Soundbar To Tv? Top Full Guide 2021

Using a soundbar with a TV is a great way to enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and music without interrupting the viewing experience. Depending on the soundbar model you have, using a TV can be more complicated than simply connecting a soundbar to a TV.

This article features instructions on how to connect ONN soundbar to TV. It also includes instructions on connecting the soundbar’s power cord to an outlet, connecting the audio output cord to the TV, and connecting the wirelessly-enabled subwoofer to the soundbar.

What Are the Components of Onn Soundbar?

Onn Soundbars come with an integrated sub-woofer to provide richer bass. Black color is available for the 30″ 120W, 2.0 Channel Soundbar with Bluetooth. These features are included in the device:

What Are the Components of Onn Soundbar

  • 2.0 audio channels
  • Two internal speakers
  • 30W RMS plus 120W peak output
  • Wireless Bluetooth streaming audio technology
  • One optical connection, 13.5mm AUX connector, and one line-In.
  • Easy mounting on walls with a template sheet
  • Remote control that is easy to use
  • There are four sound modes: Standard, movie, and music.
  • One AC adapter power cable, 5 inches in length
  • Remote control battery
  • Six ft. 6ft.
  • One 6-foot RCA cable
  • One 6-foot AUX cable
  • One quick-start guide
  • One template for wall mounting
  • User manual.

Ways To Connect Onn Soundbar To The TV

We will be discussing the most popular and convenient ways to connect the Onn Soundbar with the TV. Each connection method will be described in detail.

Method 1 – HDMI ARC

HDMI is the most common way to connect two devices. An HDMI cable allows you to connect the Onn Soundbar and the TV easily. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to follow.

We need to set up an HDMI ARC cable. The best part is that the Onn Soundbar includes various tables, such as HDMI Optical or Aux lines, to make connections. The HDMI must be in excellent condition.

The second step involves connecting the HDMI ARC cable to the HDMI IN port on the Onn Soundbar. The HDMI Out port will be connected to the TV.

After connecting both devices using the HDMI arc cable, it is time to adjust the audio settings on your TV.

Navigate to the menu on your TV and select Audio Settings. You will need to select HDMI arc or Wired as the output option in the audio settings. You will need to refer to the manual for specific television models to determine how options are labeled.

Method 2 – Digital Optical Cable

Digital Optical or Optical Cable, is the second way to connect the Onn Soundbar and the TV. The Onn Soundbar has the same ports as every Soundbar for aux and HDMI optical connections. Let’s take a look at the steps.

The first step is to locate the optical port on both Soundbar and television. You can label the port with either an optical port or a digital optical.

Ways To Connect Onn Soundbar To The TV

The second step is to take the optical cable. It must be included with the Soundbar. However, if you don’t have an optical cable, you can easily order it from the marketplace. Use a 3.5mm to 3mm optical cable.

Connect the end of the optical cable to the Onn Soundbar’s optical port. The second end will be connected to the television’s ports.

Next, just as you need to adjust the audio settings in an HDMI connection, the same process applies to a digital optical link. You can change the audio output setting in your TV’s audio settings to Optical Cable or Wired.

Method 3: Bluetooth Connection

We will be discussing the wireless Bluetooth connection as the last way to connect Onn Soundbar and the TV. These are the steps.

You will need to turn on Bluetooth in your TV first. Then, using the remote control on the Onn Soundbar, enable Bluetooth on the Soundbar.

You should ensure that the Soundbar and television are within a 1-meter distance. If the distance is too large, the Soundbar might not be able to discover Bluetooth.

The Soundbar will turn on Bluetooth mode, and a blue light will blink to indicate that it can pair your device with the TV.

Look for your Onn Soundbar in the Bluetooth list. It must be labeled Onn 36 5.1 Soundbar. Press on the name to connect.

After pressing the connect button, your home TV will be connected to the Onn Soundbar. You will notice that the Soundbar’s blue light has stopped blinking.

Method 4: Connecting Onn Soundbar To TV Through Aux Cable:

  • An aux cable can be used to connect the Soundbar and your TV.
  • Get an aux cable.
  • Locate an aux port on your TV set and the Onn soundbar.
  • Connect the other end of the aux cable with the aux port on the TV set.
  • Connect the other end to the aux port on the Onn soundbar.
  • After both ends of the aux cable are connected, you can go to the settings section of your television.
  • Set the Aux cable to the TV’s audio setting.

You are now ready to be entertained and have the best audio quality.

Connecting Your Onn soundbar To An Electrical Outlet

AC connectivity is available on the Onn soundbar. The power cable connects the AC IN port to your power outlet. Before you plug the device into the mains power outlet, ensure all audio connections are correctly connected.

1. Mounting Your Onn Soundbar on the Wall – Preparing for Installation

If you follow these simple steps, mounting your Onn Soundbar to the wall should not be difficult. Start by drilling two parallel holes on the wall (approximately 100mm each depending on the suitable type). The distance between holes should be approximately 58mm.

This installation should be handled by a professional. Incorrectly installing your Soundbar can cause severe injuries to you or permanent damage to your device. It is essential to be familiar with wiring and plumbing, as these can impact your installation.

Connecting Your Onn soundbar To An Electrical Outlet

It is essential to understand that the wall must be strong enough to support Onn soundbar installation. Before you begin the installation, it is essential to have all the necessary tools.

Don’t tighten the screws too tightly to the wall. As a guide, keep the instruction manual handy. The electronic stud finder can be used to identify the type of wall before drilling or mounting.

2. Product Wall Mounting – Other Steps

Next, fix the dowel measuring 10.2x30mm in diameter and length into each hole. For wall-mounting, the Onn soundbar, solid walls such as concrete or brick, solid wood battens, or solid wood battens work best. Plaster walls, plaster walls, drywall, and lath walls are not ideal for mounting the Soundbar.

Each anchor requires a screw TA of 9.4mm. This is not included in your package. There should be a gap of 6mm between the wall and the screw head. Before you place the soundbar unit, lift it over the head of the screw.

Common Issues With Onn Soundbar And Fixing Them

Many issues could affect your Soundbar. Here are some of the most common and possible solutions.

1. Soundbar Turns Off while the Sound is Still Playing

You should ensure that the energy-saving settings are checked if your Soundbar is not turning on at certain times.

To save power, soundbars shut down after a time. Good soundbars are more sensitive to volume than other soundbars. To prevent the Soundbar from shutting down, you may need to adjust the volume or power settings.

2. The soundbar is Sounding, Not Better than the TV Sound

Some soundbars are not as good as the TV, but there are high-end soundbars. In most cases, the connection between Soundbar and the device is not working correctly. This should be your first call. Sometimes the Soundbar might not play the Sound while the TV speakers work.

You must check the RCA cable that connects to the Soundbar and the digital optics or HDMI cables. Verify that all connections are tight. Check the manual to make sure that cables are correctly attached.

3. No Sound Coming from the Soundbar

Sometimes, your Soundbar may not be able to send Sound. This could be due to a bad connection. The Soundbar has many output and input ports. Make sure that you connect the correct wires to the correct port.

To ensure compatibility with the soundbar output, you should also verify the format of the content. Bluetooth connectivity can sometimes be a problem. Your device might be out of range if it is not connected to the Soundbar. To sustain the song, make sure that the device is reconnected.

Any connectivity issues should be addressed in your soundbar manual.


With the soundbar connected to the TV, you can enjoy high-quality surround sound, just like your living room stereo setup. This setup is very convenient, especially if you have a separate surround sound system for watching movies.

Just connect the ONN soundbar and TV, and you’re ready to enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and music. Hooke Audio hope you found the soundbar to TV connection helpful guide.

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