How To Connect Samsung Earbuds To Laptop? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Connect Samsung Earbuds To Laptop? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Connect Samsung Earbuds To Laptop Top Full Guide 2022
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How To Connect Samsung Earbuds To Laptop? Read on our guide below to find out more.

If you open the Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Buds Live, or Galaxy Buds Pro case, you should see a popup asking you to pair your compatible Samsung Galaxy devices. What if you want to pair your Galaxy Buds to a laptop for use while you study or work? Let’s explore!

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Laptop

Let’s begin with the obvious: when you want your Samsung Galaxy Buds to be connected to your computer or laptop. These are the steps.

how to connect samsung earbuds to laptop

Step 1: Open the case to start. This puts the buds in pairing mode. This makes them easily discoverable via your phone, laptops, or other compatible gadgets.

You only need to make sure they are not connected to the previous device.

Step 2: Next, open Windows 10’s Settings menu by pressing Windows Key + I shortcut. Navigate to Device > Bluetooth and other devices.


Once you are logged in, add Bluetooth or another device to initiate the scan.

Step 3: Click on the first option. The earphones that are within a pairing distance will then be displayed. Now you are familiar with the rest.

The good news? Your laptop will automatically remember which paired device you used the last time you opened it. The system will take care of everything else if you take the buds out.

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How To Pair Galaxy Buds Plus To Mac

It is easy to pair the Galaxy Buds Plus with an Apple MacBook Pro or Macbook Air. You will be all set if you follow the steps below.

How To Pair Galaxy Buds Plus To Mac

Step 1: Open the Galaxy Buds Plus’ lid to activate pairing mode. You will need to remove them from their previous device, as they won’t connect if they remain paired.

Step 2: Open the Bluetooth menu by tapping on the Status Menu.

As soon as your Mac detects the buds, they will be available in the Bluetooth menu.

Next, click the Connect button to start blasting your favorite songs.


We hope that our guide will help you connect Samsung AirPods to your laptop easily. Leave a comment to let us know that you found this guide helpful. Thank you for spending your time at We are grateful for your support.

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