How To Connect Samsung Subwoofer To Soundbar Without Remote 2021?

How To Connect Samsung Subwoofer To Soundbar Without Remote 2021?

When it comes to sound quality, you want nothing less than the best. If you are unsatisfied with your soundbar’s ability to produce the deep, rich bass tones that make movies and music come alive, then the Samsung Subwoofer is the perfect addition.

Soundbars are often hard to set up for people who use remotes. When you have a Samsung TV, Soundbar, and subwoofer, it may seem overwhelming.

But, if you follow the following steps, you will be able to quickly know how to connect Samsung subwoofer to soundbar without remote.

Samsung Soundbar System

Samsung manufacturers seem to be relentless in their efforts to make their mark in the tech market. Samsung soundbar systems are truly unique. Samsung makes about ten soundbar systems.

They are unique in their features. These features include sound quality and strong body characteristics.

It is built with solid and durable materials. It’s also beautiful, giving your room a more aesthetic feel. Each model is well-thought-out and executed with intelligence and soundness. Even slight hits or drops won’t make a significant impact.

It produces a rich and intelligent sound. This is balanced production. The TV’s mix of sounds, tones, and voices is something you will enjoy. The subwoofer connects wireless to your TV, amplifying the sound output.

Samsung Soundbar System

Imagine that your home could be transformed into a movie theater. Samsung soundbar systems produce a rich and profound sound effect that draws you into each scene. The action unfolds in front of your eyes so that you can feel and hear it.

The ports behind the device make it easy to pair. It’s easy to connect your devices using the full HDMI In or install wirelessly. You have a variety of options to ensure you don’t get stuck.

Want to know more about how to connect the soundbar to the TV, check

How Soundbars Work

The soundbar will often be paired with a subwoofer to produce the full range of sound in your video or game. The soundbar connects wirelessly to the sub. It requires either Bluetooth or a wire to connect to your TV/gaming device. How clear your sound is will depend on how you connect.

There are many options in Samsung soundbars, including HDMI, Aux cable, and Tos-Link.

There are two options for connecting to HDMI. There are two options for connecting to HDMI ARC or HDMI. You will need to connect the HDMI cable from your TV HDMI port to your soundbar’s HDMI Out port. Connect the HDMI Out of any other device, such as a gaming console, to the HDMI In on the soundbar.

Connect the ARC to your TV’s HDMI In (ARC) and your soundbar’s HDMI (TV-ARC). Now you’re ready for great sound.

You can also use the optical cable option (TosLink). Connect the cable to your TV’s OPTICAL OUT port and link it to your DIGITAL AUDIO INS (OPTICAL). Next, set the feature to allow you to hear the D.IN.

Aux cable and Bluetooth are also options. These options are best used when HDMI or optical cables are not available. These options produce the weakest sound effect.

The reason is that the first two are digital connections. They can pick up every sound coming through the cable. The Bluetooth system is analog, but fluctuations in the environment can easily distort the Aux cable.

Connecting A Samsung Soundbar To A Subwoofer Without A Remote

Sometimes it isn’t easy to connect a standalone sub with a Samsung soundbar. The soundbar and subwoofer should be compatible and natively paired to establish a connection.

The sub and soundbar must be sold together and paired within the same brand line, such as a Samsung sub or soundbar. Samsung soundbars and subs might not work well with non-Samsung soundbars.

A sub can be connected to a soundbar for a richer, more immersive sound experience. Soundbars typically produce only front-treble sound and no powerful bass. To get a cinematic sound experience, a subwoofer is required.

Connecting a sub to a soundbar is difficult without a remote control. This is because you may have plugged in the wrong power cords or the wrong power outlet. Sometimes the power cords can become loose when plugged in, causing problems with the automatic connection.

The connection can be impeded if there is no power at the outlet.

How To Connect Samsung Subwoofer To Soundbar Without Remote

Automatic Connect

After plugging in the power cords, your Samsung soundbar or subwoofer will often automatically connect. This is possible because both devices have the integrated ID set, which allows for instantaneous connections.

Connect the power cords from the subwoofer and soundbar to the power outlet. Please turn on a soundbar and wait for it to turn on for a few seconds. When the blue LED indicator lights up on the sub, it means that the subwoofer has been successfully connected to the soundbar.

If the blue LED indicator does not stop blinking after a while, it is a sign that there is no connection. The process must be restarted. Please turn off the soundbar and unplug the cords from their sockets. Reconnect them.

Plug into another power if possible. Make sure it is securely plugged in. It could be because the cords are not tight enough.

It could be the soundbar or sub-sub that is faulty if the connection fails again.

Other Alternatives

You can manually connect your subwoofer or soundbar if they don’t connect automatically. Soundbars can be controlled with a remote.

If a connection doesn’t establish immediately, you can connect manually with a remote. The connection process will be made more accessible by our audio experts.

Samsung Remote Replacement

You can look on the market to search a replacement remote if yours is damaged. You can also contact your local Samsung store to get a suitable replacement. Avoid remotes sold by dubious dealers.

Samsung Remote Replacement

Manual Connect

First, connect both power cords to an AC outlet. Locate the ID set button on the subwoofer’s back and press it. You might find the button too small to keep, so we recommend that you use a pointed object to push down on it.

You will find the ID SET button on some Samsung soundbars, not the subs. To activate, press and hold on to the ID SET button of the remote menu. Make sure that the remote control points at the soundbar.

Continue pressing the button until the blue LED indicator blinks quickly. Keep the button down until the soundbar is still visible.

Continue holding down the Mute key until the ID SET is displayed or a flashing light on the power button. Next, turn on your soundbar. If the blue LED indicator stays steady, your subwoofer is connected to the soundbar. However, if it blinks, you will need to restart the process.


How do I reset my Samsung soundbar without the remote?

Turn off the soundbar and hold the Play/Pause key until the display says INIT OK. Please turn on the soundbar and pair it with your TV.

Why is my Samsung subwoofer not working?

Make sure you check your wall outlet.

Plug the subwoofer back in and unplug it. If it is receiving power, the subwoofer should have a standby lamp. If the outlet is not working, try another lamp or something similar. It could be a problem if the outlet is not powered, although this may be a simple issue like a tripped circuit.

How do I sync my Samsung soundbar to the subwoofer?


In this guide, we listed all the steps you need to follow to connect the two pieces of hardware successfully.

This can significantly improve the performance of your system, making it possible to sit back and enjoy the thrilling soundtrack of your favorite movie or music.

Hooke Audio hope you had fun reading the guide. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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