How To Connect Soundbar To TV Bluetooth? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Connect Soundbar To TV Using Bluetooth Top Full Guide 2022
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A soundbar is a great way to improve the audio quality of your audio experience when watching television. A soundbar amplifies the sound projected by the TV speakers, enabling viewers to enjoy high-quality audio while using their home theater setup.

The article aims to provide tips on how to connect soundbar to TV Bluetooth. Let explore it together.

How Does Bluetooth Connection Work?

Bluetooth pairing mode is a process that allows you to connect with other Bluetooth devices. To pair with a device, you must have one or both of your devices in discoverable mode. This will allow each device to find the other.

To make your TV and Soundbar discoverable from other devices, turn on the Bluetooth feature. You will see a list of different devices you can connect to from your TV.

If you pair with one device data such as the device’s name, class (or range) of the Bluetooth device, the list of services and technical information will all be shared. You will only see the name of your device. Sometimes it’s even the model.

When Can You Connect a Soundbar to a TV via Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless connection that allows devices to transmit audio via a process called pairing. To understand why any TV can connect to any soundbar, it’s essential to understand how Bluetooth works.

This connects a source device, in this case, your TV, to a receiver device, your Soundbar. Bluetooth is primarily used to broadcast and transmit audio, but it can also be used for other purposes. It can also be used to send and receive SMS messages.

Your device must be placed in discoverable mode before you can use Bluetooth. This allows other Bluetooth-enabled devices also to receive the following information:

  • Your device’s name
  • The class of your device (This refers to the range of your device. The range of most devices is approximately 30 feet.
  • The services list for your device
  • Information about your devices, such as their model, features, and time zone.

When Can You Connect a Soundbar to a TV via Bluetooth

This information is not available to anyone unless they are tech geniuses. Instead, you’ll see a list with user-friendly device names.

You may see descriptions of the device that identify the brand and type of the device. Some may be simply the model number. None of these will represent the weird 48-bit address your device sees.

Once both devices are found, you will need to connect one of them-usually the source for audio. Once the connection has been established, the TV model can send its audio to the Soundbar.

There are many ways to make different soundbars or televisions discoverable. To help you get rid of those wires, we’ll be reviewing the process for five top-selling Soundbar and TV brands on Amazon.

How to Set up Your Soundbar to Receive via Bluetooth

You will usually need to connect the TV to your Soundbar. The Soundbar must first be in detectable mode. This is easy to do, but the process varies from one device to another.

The soundbar remote control and Soundbar are equipped with a Bluetooth button. Hold each button for five seconds. The LED indicator lights will flash a pattern while in discoverable mode. The led lights stop flashing when you connect your TV and Soundbar.

You will need to press a button or hold it until the blue LED light blinks. This indicates that the Soundbar has entered the discoverable mode.

The Soundbar will glow white when connected to your TV using Bluetooth. It may or not fade to black, depending upon your model. For more information, consult your manual.

How to Set up Your Soundbar to Receive via Bluetooth

Yamaha soundbars come with a Bluetooth key that can be found on the remote. The Bluetooth indicator light will turn on and flash. It will flash when you connect a device.

TaoTronics has only one Soundbar for TVs. Press the Bluetooth button on your TV remote to put the device into discoverable mode. The light will glow blue when the TV is connected.

Sonos offers one soundbar model, the PlayBar. Unfortunately, Sonos products don’t support Bluetooth. However, don’t be alarmed. Any device can be connected to Bluetooth, as mentioned previously.

How to Set up Your TV to Transmit via Bluetooth

After you’ve set your Soundbar to discoverable mode, your TV wireless will find it. This can sometimes require some manual navigation through the menus with your remote. This is a bit more difficult than activating the Soundbar. Here are the instructions for the top 5 most popular brands.

  • TCL TVs are not all compatible with Bluetooth. For those models that are compatible, press the home button and scroll down to select settings. Select Add Accessory from the Remote and Accessories menu. The TV will now automatically scan for Bluetooth devices. You can now select your Soundbar from this list, and the TV will automatically search for Bluetooth devices.
  • Insignia TVs do not support Bluetooth. To get around this, please refer to the next section.
  • Samsung TVs don’t support Bluetooth universally, but many models do. To find the models that support Bluetooth, click on the home button. Next, select support surround sound, sound output, and then Bluetooth speaker list. Choose your Soundbar, and you can start listening to your favorite movies or shows.
  • Toshiba TVs can be a bit complicated because their menus may not be the same. Select Setup or System by pressing the Menu button on the remote. Select sound, then choose Audio Link. You may have other options. For more information, consult your manual.
  • Element TVs are not all Bluetooth-enabled. You can press the Home button to select Bluetooth settings, then Controllers and Bluetooth devices for those that are. Locate your Soundbar and start listening to the better sound quality.

What If Your TV Doesn’t Have Bluetooth Compatibility?

Bluetooth connectivity is possible even if your device does not have Bluetooth functionality. You can connect an audio signal source to a Bluetooth signal with a variety of adaptors. This is something you would probably already know if you had read our guide on Bluetooth receivers.

TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver and Transmitter (on Amazon) are great devices to use with a TV, Soundbar, or another device that isn’t natively Bluetooth compatible.

An AUX cable connects this device to your TV’s sound. This device should be set to transmit mode (TX) and connected to the Soundbar. Your TV may have an RCA output if it doesn’t have Aux input. To achieve the same result, you can use an RCA-to-Aux cable.

If your TV has a digital optical cable but no AUX output or RCA outs, you can use the TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver and Transmitter, Digital Optical TOSLINK, and 3.5mm Wireless Stereo Adapter.

What If Your TV Doesn’t Have Bluetooth Compatibility

This device can be connected to your TV using the Digital Optical Out port. Set it to TX mode for the correct digital audio output.

Many 2-in-1 Bluetooth/audio adaptors allow transmission in either direction (as an input or output). Many adaptors can only transmit in one direction.

You must ensure that the one-way Bluetooth transmitter you choose is the correct one. If your TV isn’t Bluetooth compatible, you can connect a Bluetooth transmitter with a 3.5mm connector to your TV’s audio-out jack. You should place your TV to emit sound through the audio out jack, not the built-in speakers.

You can attach the transmitter to the back of your TV if it hangs from the back because it has an optical cable.

For a Bluetoothless soundbar, you can do the same thing. You can purchase a Bluetooth receiver to 3.5mm and connect it to the Soundbar’s audio output jack.

The TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter & Receiver can be set to RX to receive. If the device hangs, you can use adhesive to attach it to a spot on the Soundbar.

That’s all! This is all there is to it about connecting your Soundbar to your television. Make your Soundbar searchable in the Bluetooth device menu.

An adaptor can be purchased to convert Bluetooth signals between audio and Bluetooth on devices that don’t support Bluetooth. You can now get rid of those annoying wires.

The final takeaway from our experts is to find a Bluetooth adapter that supports the same connections as your TV such as ARC (Audio Return Channel), Optical, and HDMI ARC inputs.

How Does This Type of Connection Work?

Pairing the Soundbar and TV via Bluetooth means that both devices can be connected. Each Bluetooth device must be discoverable before this can occur. This means both devices must be able to detect each other.

Bluetooth can be used for audio and video, but only if there is robust connectivity. Make sure to keep the devices close together so they can easily find each other and pair up.

If you go to the menu settings to search for your Bluetooth speaker or another device, it will likely be listed under the model number. You can change this later to make it easier for you to locate your device.

Troubleshooting Guide

You may have problems connecting your TV to the Soundbar wirelessly, as with all technological devices. You may not get better sound or loss audio of the soundbar through Bluetooth audio, and you could also lose a lot of time.

Here are some troubleshooting steps to help your Soundbar connect to your TV. These steps can be used to support your Soundbar.

How To Connect Soundbar To TV Bluetooth

  • Please turn off the devices, then power them up again. Hold the button on your Soundbar or remote and wait for them both to pair again.
  • To check if your Smart TV can detect and connect to the Bluetooth device, go to Smart TV.
  • Find out if Bluetooth doesn’t work for one device. This can be done by connecting your TV’s Soundbar to other devices in the home.
  • Sometimes, the problem can be solved by a hard reset of the TV or Soundbar.

More Tips to Get the Best Quality of Sound Transmission

how to connect soundbar to tv with bluetooth

Our audio experts recommend the following steps to ensure a stronger, more stable Bluetooth and the best quality music.

  • Place the devices closer together. You may experience interference from a signal coming from another device or source.
  • Make sure nothing is blocking your TV’s remote receiver.
  • You can turn off the wireless connections to another device of electronics in your home.


Can you connect a Soundbar to your TV via Bluetooth?

You can connect the Samsung soundbar via Bluetooth to the Samsung tv. Make both devices discoverable by turning on Bluetooth connectivity. You can enjoy enhanced audio or select sound quality through your TV and wireless speakers once they are paired.

How do I make my soundbar Bluetooth?

How do I make my soundbar Bluetooth

An adapter device can be used to make your Soundbar Bluetooth. An adapter device can be connected via aux out, RCA, HDMI cable, and digital optical cables. Setup it to TX mode to transmit signals from your Soundbar to your TV.

Do you prefer to connect soundbars with HDMI or optical?

The main difference between HDMI cables and other audio cables is their ability to transmit higher resolution audio, including formats like Blu-ray’s Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD Master Audio. The HDMI connection can also send video signals. … These soundbars may not have an HDMI port.

Is HDMI ARC better than Bluetooth?

ARC HDMI inputs are a better option than Bluetooth, but it will not work if your sound device (such as a soundbar or amplifier) is compatible with ARC. It can be challenging to set up.



This article provides tips on how to connect your soundbar to a TV with Bluetooth.

While the technology behind it may be complicated, all consumers should have no trouble setting up a Bluetooth connection between a soundbar and a TV.

The hardware involved is typically not high-tech, but the technical details are essential to establish a solid connection.

Use this information as you make connections in your home theater setup, ensuring that you get optimal performance from your equipment.

Thanks for reading. Hooke Audio hopes that this article helps you to understand more about connecting Bluetooth devices like TVs and soundbars together in an easy manner. Feel free to share the post and or leave a comment.

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