How To Connect Speakers To Samsung TV 2024

How To Connect Speakers To Samsung Tv 2024 Top Full Guide
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Did you know that there are a few different ways to connect speakers to your Samsung TV? One way is with an RCA cable. You can also use the headphone jack on the TV or a standard 3. 5mm audio output. Keep reading our article; Hookeaudio will show you more information on How To Connect Speakers To Samsung Tv.

How To Connect Speakers To Samsung Tv

How To Connect Speakers To Samsung Tv

1. RCA Connection

This is the simplest and most direct way to enhance your TV’s listening experience. Connect your Samsung smart TVs stereo analog outputs (also known as RCA outputs) to an external audio system like a home theater.

Here are the steps:

  • Use the analog stereo cables you have at your disposal to connect the mini-stereo (3.5mm) to the Samsung smart tv’s audio output.
  • Afterward, connect the same Samsung TVs RCA plugs with your home theater’s audio-in ports.
  • Turn on your home theatre and follow the steps.
  • Next, choose the input of your home theater system to hear the external sound system.
  • You should have connected your Samsung smart television to your home theatre if you followed all the steps.
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It is important to remember that not all newer smart TV sets, including Samsung models, have RCA cables or 3.5mm analog connections. If this happens with your Samsung smart TVs, don’t panic. We will show you how to fix it.

ARC – HDMI Connection

2. ARC – HDMI Connection

An alternative method to combine speakers to a Samsung smart TV is to use an HDMI ARC. This method requires that your TV model has an HDMI connection input with an MDMI ARC label.

The Audio Return Channel feature on most Samsung TV models limits the number of cables that can be connected between the smart TV and external speakers. These are the steps:

  • Go to tv’s audio output settings by selecting the HOME button on your smart TV’s remote control.
  • Select the GENERAL MENU option and then select the EXTERNAL DEVICE MANAGER.
  • Select the HDMI-CEC and press Enter.
  • An HDMI cable can be attached to the HDMI-ARC connector on the external speaker system or your TV’s HDMI arc port. Then, turn on your smart TV and speaker system.

3. Digital Optical Connection

Digital Optical Connection

Many reasons home theater systems are so popular include the many combinations that can transmit an audio signal and video signal to your TV.

The digital optical output is a type of connection that works well for audio quality. A digital optical cable connect, a physical connection using fiber optics (light), allows audio data to be transferred from one device to another via specially designed connectors or cables.

These are the steps to make this method work efficiently and effectively.

  • Grab your digital optical cable and attach the digital audio out of your TV to the digital audio output on your home theater system. Turn on your home theatre system.
  • Use your remote to change the input on the home theater system’s HTS. A lot of home theater system remotes have a button that lets you switch between inputs. It would help if you pressed this button before proceeding.
  • You should now hear the sound quality coming from your home theater system.
  • If you do not hear surround sound from your home theater speakers, then take out your remote and test the TV’s sound output settings. Look for PCM. This will resolve the problem. This problem is most familiar with home theater systems with optical audio input functionality but not dts studio sound 2.0 PLUS or Digital Dolby decoding capabilities.
  • Important to remember that not all speakers will produce the same sound depending on the additional audio settings of your home theater system. Most home theater systems have a feature that converts a 2-channel stereo system into multiple channels or multi-speaker signals, stimulating sound quality. If your Samsung TV sends a 2-channel signal to your home theater, this feature must be activated. To learn more, you can refer to your manual.
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3. Using Bluetooth

Using Bluetooth to connect samsung tv to speaker

How to connect a Bluetooth device to your Samsung TV? Bluetooth is another great way to connect speakers with your Samsung TV. Bluetooth is enabled on speakers. Samsung TV models can also attach to many other devices via Bluetooth function.

You can also connect to other devices via Bluetooth function using the TV’s share feature. This method will eliminate the need to use cables. Here’s how it works:

  • Use the remote control to press the HOME button and then go to Settings.
  • Select the sound menu, then select the sound output option.
  • The list of devices will be displayed, including the external speaker you would like your TV to communicate with.
  • You will need to pair your devices by selecting the pair and connect option.
  • Select the pair and Connect option and wait for your home theatre system to respond.
  • Once the pairing is complete, click the OK button.

If you are looking for a way to test your speaker, then we can help:

Smart TV Advantages

Smart TV Advantages

Convenience. Smart TVs offer many benefits when it comes to content. Access all content from one screen. Viewing content is easy because you don’t need to switch input channels.

Compatibility with Smartphone. TVs can sync your TV with your smartphone. This means you don’t have to worry about losing your remote control. Download an App from the App Store for Android phones and App Store for IOS to use your phone’s remote as your TV’s control.

It is easy to use. It is easy to set up and use. It is as simple as plugging in and connecting to your Internet. You can enjoy browsing and streaming video without any trouble after this simple setup.

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Reliability. You can be sure that TVs will consistently hold Wi-Fi signals. This gives you a more reliable TV experience each time. These TVs work best when connected to streaming devices. Play your favorite games on your Samsung smart tv. You can also schedule recordings and connect with other smart devices throughout your home theater system.

Decluttering. Smart television is the best method to organize your entertainment space. Smart TV is a multi-tasking device that can reduce, if not eliminate, the number of remotes and cords you have to connect to your TV.

Web browsing. Smart TVs offer more than entertainment. Smart TVs, unlike previous models of TVs, are better web browsers than smartphones and tablets.

Affordability. Smart TVs can be affordable, even though you might not think so. You get great value for money. They can last many years if they are taken care of.

How to Connect External Speakers to Samsung Smart TV FAQs

How to Connect External Speakers to Samsung Smart TV FAQs

Can I connect a subwoofer speaker and satellite to my Samsung TV?

Yes, you can use a subwoofer speaker and satellite to your Samsung TV. All you need is to make sure the satellite has a Samsung TVs RCA connection, and your TV has a 3.5mm jack for the audio.

You can use either a Samsung TVs RCA or 3.5mm audio cable to connect the satellite and the TV. The placement of the speaker matters because you want to have enough space to feel the full range of sound quality.

How can I connect my Philips home theater to my Samsung LED TV?

I am having difficulty figuring out how to connect my Philips home theater to my Samsung LED TV. I need help! You will need to purchase an HDMI cable and plug one end into the HDMI input on your Philips home theater and the other end into the HDMI input on your Samsung LED TV.

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Once you have done this, you will need to plug your Philips home theater into the power outlet and turn it on. If you are using HDMI, you will need to set your Samsung TV to input 2 (instead of input 1).

How to Disable Your Television Speakers?

It’s a good idea to disable your home theater system if you’re going to use headphones or exterior audio systems for a long time. -Look for a ‘speaker’ icon on the menu bar of your television -Find a speaker icon and turn it off -If you have a remote control, find the speaker icon on the remote and turn it off.


There are a few things to keep in mind when connecting speakers to your Samsung TV. Speakers should be powered, and it’s best to connect them to the TV’s HDMI input. This way, the sound quality is improved and will usually produce quality sound than connecting them to the TV’s headphone jack.

When speakers are connected to the TV, the sound will only come from those speakers and not any other ones. We hope that our guide can help you know How To Connect a Speaker To Samsung Tv.


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