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How To Connect Subwoofer To Tv? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Connect Subwoofer To Tv? Top Full Guide 2022

Many people do not know how to connect subwoofer to TV, but it is actually quite easy. One of the most important steps in this process is to make sure that your television and your subwoofer are set to the same audio output. Follow these methods below to successfully connect your sub to the TV.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Subwoofer?

The corner is not the best place to put a subwoofer. It’s convenient to place it there, but it is not the best location for subwoofers.

The rule of thumb when choosing an area to place the TV is to place it at least a third of the wall. The TV will be placed on the wall in front of it, for example. The distance between the wall and the subwoofer should not exceed a third. It’s not in the middle so it won’t be a problem if you trip over it.

The best place to put a subwoofer in most cases is at the front. If the sound is still terrible, you might try to place your subwoofer in a specific area of the room. Then, move around the room to find the best place for the sound. You can mark the spot where you want to place your sofa. Although it won’t be easy to find the perfect spot, this is the price you must pay to ensure the highest quality sound.

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Before You Connect A Subwoofer To A TV

Before I get into the details of this article, I want to address this issue.

Make sure you place your subwoofer correctly before you start to enjoy the movie. This guide will help you position your subwoofer correctly.

It doesn’t matter how many woofers you have, where they are located, or what combination of them, as long as the sound quality is different, it’s important to know before connecting it to an electric connection.

How To Connect Subwoofer To TV

Direct Connection

This connection is the most convenient method. Direct connections don’t require any additional wires or devices to connect the TV audio to the subwoofer.

Locate the audio output port on your TV first. Connect the HDMI cables to your TV’s port. Next, locate the audio input port of your subwoofer. Once you have found it, connect the HDMI at the other end to the subwoofer. That’s it! It was so easy!

Use A Converter

Use a converter

A converter is an alternative to a direct connection between your subwoofer and the TV. A converter is useful when there are different ports on your TV or subwoofer. This means that they can’t be used in the same way (e.g. an HDMI input).

The job of a converter is to convert the signal to a compatible one that can read by the TV or subwoofer and allow the sound to be transferred between both devices.

If the port type of the two devices is different, a converter will be used. A converter converts the signal into a compatible signal that can be read by both the TV and subwoofer.

First, connect the digital coax output directly to the TV. Connect the other end of the digital coax input cable to the converter. Connect the HDMI cable through the converter. Next, connect the HDMI cable to your subwoofer.

This is a more complicated connection than the direct one, as it involves more cords. Although it’s difficult at first, you will soon get the hang of this. It doesn’t always work. You can check again the connections to ensure they are in the correct ports.

Use A/V Receiver

Use AV Receiver

This is the most difficult method. Although you may not want to do this, it’s still worth knowing.

A/V system owners will need an A/V receiver in order to convert the signals to compatible formats for their devices. First, connect the TV and A/V receiver. You will need to connect the input port of the A/V receiver to the TV’s audio output. This is a great time to connect any other speakers to your A/V receiver.

Next, you will need to locate the port for your subwoofer in the A/V receiver. Many A/V receivers are equipped with subwoofer ports. Once you have this information, connect the subwoofer to the A/V receiver via an HDMI cable. Once you are done, turn on the other devices.

It is easy to connect a subwoofer, especially if the connection works with your TV. You might need to experiment with other connections as not all video devices will connect the same way.

If the sound quality is not improved or the sound is muted, it may be due to the placement. You want to find the best place for sound quality and bass waves that don’t cancel each other. You’ll find the perfect spot for your subwoofer, whether it’s in the middle or near the TV.

Speakers In-Between

There are several ways to connect a subwoofer with your TV. First, make sure your subwoofer is powered. It cannot be powered via a USB or 3.5mm connection. Subwoofers will require their own electric cord to connect to an outlet.

You will also need external speakers. External speakers are necessary because connecting your subwoofer to your audio jack will cut the TV’s sound and send it all the way to the subwoofer. In this example, you would connect your TV’s speaker system to the speaker system and then connect your subwoofer directly to the speaker system.

Wireless Connectivity Is Also An Option

A wireless connection is a great idea in modern times. This is especially important if you want to reduce the number of wires and cables in your setup.

While wireless connections have been avoided in the past because they provide better audio quality, connectivity is much better today. There is no difference between a wired and wireless subwoofer.

This is evident by the number of brands that have their own subwoofers, including the Sonos Sub and options from B&W and Klipsch.

The wireless subwoofer market is expected to grow in popularity over time. If you don’t like the idea of wires and cables running through your living room, it might be worth considering one.

Old Tech

You might have to replace your TV if it is older and does not have an HDMI port or an audio jack. Although you may be able to bring your television down to an electronics shop with highly trained technicians to modify it for the headphone jack, this comes with additional risks. It might be cheaper to replace an older TV than to have it repaired. Make sure to shop around before you commit to one option.

Although your TV may have been expensive when it was first purchased, it is now possible to get a 65-inch smart TV at a very affordable price. This is especially true if you are looking for an older model than the most current technology. To get back to the point: Once you have connected your speaker system and an audio output jack, your powered subwoofer can be connected to the speakers.


We just give you a few ways to link your sub to TV. We hope this post can help you enjoy the highest sound quality. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave your comments below. We’ll try to resolve your problems.

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