How To Connect Two Wireless Subwoofers To One Soundbar?

How To Connect Two Wireless Subwoofers To One Soundbar? Top Full Guide 2021

Soundbars are great for delivering high-quality sound in your living room or bedroom, but what about in larger spaces?

Upgrading a sound system is often a daunting task. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be! Learn how to connect two wireless subwoofers to one soundbar with a Bluetooth connection. This will create a fuller, richer sound for an affordable price.

Do Soundbars Come With a Built-In Subwoofer?

Many soundbars have a built-in subwoofer or a separate partner subwoofer. However, some would find these partner subs producing less-than-satisfactory bass and their sound having a potential for distortion and a muddying effect.

A common complaint about soundbars that have built-in subs is their heavy front sound.

How To Connect Two Wireless Subwoofers To One Soundbar

This is not to suggest that all soundbars are poor in sound quality. It is just that people familiar with the capabilities of a subwoofer will be able to distinguish between them. Subwoofers that are capable of producing thundering output and smooth-hitting deep bass notes are the best.

Why Add a Subwoofer to the Soundbar?

Subwoofers enhance surround sound and the low-pitched audio tone created by your loudspeaker.

A subwoofer is the best option if you prefer a deeper, more power and punch to your movie, music or battle royale game.

A subwoofer, in other words, would make a movie’s stormy scene sound more authentic. It would be as if thunder was roaring outside your home.

Scenes of motorbikes revving up would seem so real that you’d be transported to the highway. The sound of guns during gunfights would make it impossible to hide behind the couch.

Soundbar owners with larger rooms or unusual shapes might want to upgrade their system and connect more subwoofers for a richer, more powerful audio experience.

Connecting 2 Subwoofers to a Soundbar: Is It Possible?

You won’t usually be able to add a separate subwoofer to a soundbar. A separate subwoofer can only be connected to a soundbar if they are both packaged together and designed to be paired.

If the soundbar and subwoofer come from the same manufacturer, it is possible to connect an additional subwoofer. If they are from the same brand, soundbars and subwoofers may be compatible.

Manufacturers offer customers the opportunity to upgrade their soundbars with extra subwoofers, provided they use recommended products.

The Solution to Connect 2 Wireless Subwoofers to 1 Soundbar

You can connect two subwoofers to your home theater if your subwoofer supports wire connectivity. You can connect two subwoofers to your home theater amplifier using an RCA splitter.

They can be connected wirelessly so that one subwoofer can be connected wirelessly while the other is connected with a wire.

The Solution to Connect 2 Wireless Subwoofers to 1 Soundbar

Follow these steps to connect two wireless subwoofers with one soundbar.

  • If you bought a new subwoofer, pair one subwoofer with the soundbar.
  • Find the connection point between the Bluetooth receiver and the amplifier in your paired subwoofer
  • The cable can be run from this place to another in the unpaired subwoofer.
  • You can connect two subwoofers to one soundbar if you are able. You can now enjoy a deeper bass.
  • The soundbar is connected to one subwoofer, but the audio signals are being sent to both.

Connecting Three or Four Subwoofers

You can use up to four subwoofers. Make sure they have either RCA line-out or LFE connections. Then daisy chains them using a series of subwoofer cables.

If this is not possible, you might need a home theatre receiver with two subwoofer outputs. These will need to be split so you can feed four subwoofers. That’s a lot of cables, as you can see.

FAQ’s About Wireless Subwoofer Connectivity

You should be able to find the answers to your questions. These questions may be in your head.

Can you connect two subwoofers directly to one soundbar at the same time?

The simple answer to this question is No. Two Bluetooth connections are impossible at once with Bluetooth. You can connect one subwoofer to the other, even if they are different models.

Can you connect two wireless subwoofers directly to one soundbar at the same time

Is there any other authentic way to connect both wireless subwoofers?

No one method will work for everyone. The only way to connect the soundbar to the wireless subs is by using the above method.

Where to place the subwoofer with the soundbar?

Some people prefer to place the woofers behind their heads, but it is best to have them in the center of the room, similar to your soundbar.

It would help if you made sure that there is nothing in the way of the sub’s bass. You can place the sub either to the left or right of your TV or soundbar.

Do multiple subwoofers increase the bass?

Installing many subwoofers is a great way to get a deeper, more powerful bass. Here’s the deal! You can get a larger one instead of connecting several small subwoofers to achieve the desired sound quality for a great experience.

Is it possible to connect any wireless subwoofers to a soundbar

A soundbar doesn’t allow you to add a subwoofer on its own. This is usually only possible if both the soundbars and subwoofers are sold together and designed for natively connecting.

Is it possible to use a coaxial cable as a subwoofer?

Yes. The Coax digital cable can be used to set up a subwoofer. These cables may not be interchangeable. All video cables, including digital coax cables, have a 75-ohm standard impedance.

Is the length of subwoofer cables significant?

Speakers and subwoofers don’t care about the length of the cables. Short version: Electrical signals travel too quickly through cables to make an audible change. However, the distance between the speakers and subs might matter if they are too far apart.

Can regular speaker wire be used as a subwoofer?

It should work. The problem is that speaker wires are often not shielded as they carry an amplified signal. You can go to a radio shop and purchase soldered or solderless RCA connectors.



Get the most out of your new soundbar with these easy methods for connecting subwoofers to your new sound system.

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