How To Connect Two Wireless Subwoofers To One Soundbar?

How To Connect Two Wireless Subwoofers To One Soundbar? Top Full Guide 2023
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If you want to boost the bass in your home theater setup, you might be wondering how to connect two wireless subwoofers to one soundbar. While most soundbars come with a built-in subwoofer, adding an extra subwoofer can really help to fill out the low end. Here are a few different ways that can I connect 2 wireless subwoofers to one soundbar?

Do Soundbars Come With a Built-In Subwoofer?

Many soundbars have a built-in subwoofer or a separate partner subwoofer. However, some would find these partner subs producing less-than-satisfactory bass and their sound having a potential for distortion and a muddying effect.

A common complaint about soundbars that have built-in subs is their heavy front sound.

How To Connect Two Wireless Subwoofers To One Soundbar

This is not to suggest that all soundbars are poor in sound quality. It is just that people familiar with the capabilities of a subwoofer will be able to distinguish between them. Subwoofers that are capable of producing power output and smooth-hitting deep bass notes are the best.

Why Add a Subwoofer to the Soundbar?

Subwoofers enhance surround sound and the low-pitched audio tone created by your loudspeaker.

A subwoofer is the best option if you prefer a deeper, more power and punch to your movie, music, or battle royale game.

A standalone subwoofer, in other words, would make a movie’s stormy scene sound more authentic. It would be as if thunder was roaring outside your home.

Scenes of motorbikes revving up would seem so real that you’d be transported to the highway. The sound of guns during gunfights would make it impossible to hide behind the couch.

Soundbar owners with larger rooms or unusual shapes might want to upgrade their system and connect more subwoofers for a richer, more powerful audio experience.

Connecting 2 Subwoofers to a Soundbar: Is It Possible?

You won’t usually be able to add a separate subwoofer to a soundbar. A separate subwoofer can only be connected to a soundbar if they are both packaged together and designed to be paired.

If both the soundbar and subwoofer come from the same manufacturer, it is possible to connect an additional subwoofer. If they are from the same brand, soundbars and subwoofers may be compatible.

Manufacturers offer customers the opportunity to upgrade their soundbars with extra subwoofers, provided they use recommended products.

If you still don’t know how to connect a soundbar to TV, read fully our article.

How to Connect 2 Subwoofers to a Soundbar

The Solution to Connect 2 Wireless Subwoofers to 1 Soundbar wirelessly

If you build an entertainment system in an ample or irregularly shaped space, you can anticipate requiring a multi-speaker or multi-subwoofer arrangement.

This is the most effective technique to provide a completely immersive audio experience. As a result, be proactive and get a soundbar with twin subwoofers or extensible.

The Nakamichi Shockwave Ultra soundbar (Amazon link) has twin wireless subwoofers and four rear surround-sound speakers and is offered with two subwoofers.

You can add a second subwoofer to soundbars like the Bose Soundbar 700. However, pairing two subwoofers wirelessly with the soundbar may be challenging, if not impossible, or pairing one sub wirelessly and the second sub through the plug-in connection.

To connect the two subwoofers to the soundbar via cable, the video below suggests using a 3.5-millimeter Y-split adapter:

1. Connect Non-Matching Subwoofers

It is not suggested to pair one subwoofer with another subwoofer from a different manufacturer since it might produce sound distortion or a terrible experience.

Even if you ensure that the non-matching subwoofers have equal impedance and other metrics, there is no assurance that they will offer the same audio quality.

The amp power and speaker size of your subwoofers are two factors that might negatively impact their coupling.

Furthermore, combining two subwoofers of different manufacturers may not only reduce sound quality but may also damage them. Worse, it may wind up causing damage to other components of your sound system.

So, be sure you correctly match and couple your two subwoofers.

Using two subs of the same brand and model can help you get the desired sound experience since it assures that characteristics such as the drivers, power output, and frequency range are identical. Furthermore, comparable brands imply that they are designed to complement one another.

2. Connect Matching Subwoofers to a Different Soundbar

While subwoofers should not be mixed and matched, a soundbar is an exception. You may connect a pair of same-brand subwoofers to a different brand’s sound system or soundbar.

It will be difficult, but not impossible, and the work must be completed with extreme attention to safeguarding the equipment.

It is critical to examine the specifications of both your soundbar and subwoofers to guarantee that they will work well together.

Check the characteristics of each subwoofer before pairing it with a different brand of sound system or soundbar. It would help if you examined their amps, sensitivities, and impedance.

You should also ensure that the soundbar has a preamp output. An RCA Y-adapter may be used to provide two parallel low-frequency signals to separate subwoofers.

If your soundbar connects to the subwoofer wirelessly, there are now wireless subwoofer adapters on the market that you may test out. These adapters can send audio signals to up to four wirelessly connected subwoofers.

Connecting Three or Four Subwoofers

You can use up to four subwoofers. Make sure they have either RCA line-out or LFE connections. Then daisy chains them using a series of subwoofer cables.

If this is not possible, you might need a home theatre receiver with two subwoofer outputs. These will need to be split so you can feed four subwoofers. That’s a lot of cables, as you can see.

Built-In Dual-Sub Support vs. Adding Dual-Sub Support

We believe that adding two subwoofers to your system is a fantastic idea. However, certain brand variances make them incompatible. Some brands, for example, will natively handle two subs, while others will accept two subs but may have complications. This is when research comes in handy.

Checking your user’s handbook or selecting a soundbar you know will function is the best technique; however, it’s a good idea to learn how soundbars operate in the first place. Our guide about soundbar operation can assist you in making a better-educated selection. Another thing to note is a significant difference between native compatibility and just connecting two subs.

  • Built-in Dual Sub Support — If you want to enjoy your system’s full capability, this is your best choice. This will enable dual-channel support and improved balancing.
  • Adding Dual Subs – While this is possible, you may only get your sound in mono. However, since they are subs, it may not be a big concern for you.

Your best option is to get a soundbar that can accommodate twin subwoofers. There are a few well-known manufacturers that provide solutions like this. For example, the Sonos Arc (Amazon) natively supports two subwoofers. However, this will need the use of a suitable Sonos Sub (on Amazon). This may be a problem depending on your budget.

If you want to look into additional possibilities, the Nakamichi Shockwave Ultra (available on Amazon) is a fantastic soundbar that natively supports two subs. There are, however, possibilities if you already have a soundbar and wish to connect numerous subwoofers. Remember that adding dual sub support might be difficult.

Your success will be determined by your soundbar and the sort of subwoofers you use. If possible, stick to the same brand to prevent dynamic range and image difficulties.

Speaker Impedance

Assume you have several spare subs lying around and want to utilize them. First, check sure your soundbar can support them. Then you connect everything, but there’s some distorted low-end. Furthermore, it seems that one sub is louder than the other. You should be concerned with your speaker’s impedance, among other things.

This is a very complicated notion, but it simply refers to the amount of power your sub draws. Speaker impedance is typically rated between 4 and 8 ohms. When two subs have differing impedance ratings, you may notice distortion, poor audio quality, and clipping.

You should avoid these things if you want to have clearer audio. You don’t have to link the two subs because you have them.

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FAQs About Wireless Subwoofer Connectivity

You should be able to find the answers to your questions. These questions may be in your head.

Can you connect two subwoofers directly to one soundbar at the same time?

The simple answer to this question is No. Two Bluetooth connections are impossible at once with Bluetooth. You can connect one subwoofer to the other, even if they are different soundbar models.

Can you connect two wireless subwoofers directly to one soundbar at the same time

Is there any other authentic way to connect both wireless subwoofers?

No one method will work for everyone. The only way to connect the soundbar to the Bluetooth subwoofers is by using the above method.

Where to place the subwoofer with the soundbar?

Some people prefer to place the old wireless subwoofer behind their heads, but it is best to have them in the center of the room, similar to your soundbar.

It would help if you made sure that there is nothing in the way of the sub’s bass. You can place the sub either to the left or right of your TV or soundbar.

Do multiple subwoofers increase the bass?

Installing many subwoofers is a great way to get a deeper, more powerful bass. Here’s the deal! You can get a larger one instead of connecting multiple small subwoofers to achieve the desired sound quality for a great experience.

How To Connect Two Wireless Subwoofers To One Soundbar

Is it possible to connect any wireless subwoofers to a soundbar

A soundbar doesn’t allow you to add a subwoofer on its own. This is usually only possible if both the soundbars and subwoofers are sold together and designed for natively connecting.

Is it possible to use a coaxial cable as a subwoofer?

Yes. The Coax digital cable can be used to set up a wireless subwoofer. These cables may not be interchangeable. All video cables, including digital coax cables, have a 75-ohm standard impedance.

Is the length of subwoofer cables significant?

Speakers and subwoofers don’t care about the length of the cables. Short version: Electrical signals travel too quickly through cables to make an audible change. However, the distance between the speakers and wireless subs might matter if they are too far apart.

Can regular speaker wire be used as a subwoofer?

It should work. The problem is that speaker wires are often not shielded as they carry an amplified signal. You can go to a radio shop and purchase a soldered or solderless RCA y adapter.

Video – how to connect 2 wireless subwoofers to 1 sound bar?


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