How To Fix A Bent Headphone Jack? Top Full Guide (2023)

How To Fix A Bent Headphone Jack Top Full Guide (2023)
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Error Bent headphone jack is more common than you might think. How To Fix A Bent Headphone Jack? This guide, Hooke Audio will show you how to fix and prevent it from bending again.

Jack is an important component of any phone, but they can also be the most fragile. A slight misalignment could cause the headphone to be damaged.

A damaged headphone jack can prevent you from listening to your favorite music and videos. Consumer Reports estimates that the average repair will cost between $30-$70. This price can rise depending on what type of repair is needed and how much the manufacturer charges labor and parts.

Frequent Problems that a Bent Headphone Jacks Might Cause

Frequent Problems that a Bent Headphone Jacks Might Cause

Before it causes problems, a bent headphone jack might not seem like an issue. Even if the bent headset plug is slightly bent headphone jacks, a few things could still happen.

Static sounds

It’s possible to play with just one side without any issues, but you may hear static noise from both sides when using the audio jack.

Stereo mode problems

A bent plug can cause interference with the cables. Stereo mode problems could cause problems with only one side of the headphones functioning.

Low volume

No matter how many settings you change in your device, your pair of high-quality headphones plugged in will play at a very low volume.

Loose bent headphone jack link

Loose bent headphone jack link

If the headphone plug is bent, it won’t fit well within the loose bent headphone jack connection. It will slide out no matter what you do to hold it in place.

Loose Headphone Jack Connection –  A bent headset plug doesn’t fit properly in the jack, so it slips out even when you try to keep it in.

Identify the damage

To determine the extent of damage, assess the headphones before you proceed. The fix is easy if the damage is located along the wire. If the damage is at the headphones plug or the deformed headphone jack, you must replace the whole thing.

Let’s examine the pair of headphones wire cutter and headphone connector on your headphones.

It would help to look for visible signs such as broken casings, bent or kinked wiring, and frayed edges. Continue if there is no visible damage.

Plug the headphones into a music player and check if they still work. You can move your fingers along the wire to find the damaged area.

You’ll notice that bending or altering the wire close to the headphones plug will cause playback problems if the problem is near the plug. The same applies to the rest of your wire. You’ve found the problem if you hear audio jack feedback or sound cuttings.

Take a note of the area that has been damaged. Wrap a piece of tape around the damaged area if you are having trouble remembering.

How To Fix My Bent Headphone Jack?

How To Fix My Bent Headphone Jack

Straighten it out

This requires some simple tools that you might already have at your home. If you are going to straighten a plug for headphones, it is important to be careful. Pushing or pulling a deformed headphone plug too hard can cause it to become worse.

What you will need

  • Two pairs of thin pliers
  • Straight ruler

How to straighten a bent plug for your headphone jack

Two slim pliers are needed. One for holding the tip of your plug, the other for the ring and middle sections.

Use a firm but gentle force to pull the plug back.

To ensure that the plug is straight, check against a straight ruler. Continue to apply gentle pressure until you achieve the desired result.

This is a very important point that we cannot stress enough. It would be best if you were extremely gentle when handling these things. Plugs and audio jacks are delicate items. To fix a bent jack, if they are a broken headphone jack, you will need a soldering.

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The bent headphone plug should be replaced

If that fails, you can replace the bent plug. If you don’t have the skills to use a soldering gun, it is best to hire a professional. Here are the steps to replace a bent connector yourself.

You will need

  • Stereo 3.5mm plug
  • Soldering iron
  • Solder
  • Heat shrink
  • A small damp sponge or cloth
  • Use wire cutter or scissors
  • A wire stripper or small, sharp knife
  • Tool for helping hands

How to replace a bent headphone plug

To remove the bent earphone plug from the cable, use a wirecutter. If you don’t own a wirecutter, you can use a pair of scissors to cut the plug from the cable.

Use a scissors wire stripper or a small sharp knife to remove the cable’s outer jacket about one inch below the tip. An enamel coating may be used on some cables. If this is the case, you can expose the coating to an open flame for just a few seconds. This will melt the enamel and reveal three wires inside.

  • White – For the tip or left channel (can also use blue or green).
  • Red – For the right channel or the ring
  • Bare-Ground (can also be in black).

Please turn on your soldering iron, and let it heat up. Once the soldering iron is ready, apply some solder to the ends of your wires. This is known as tinning the separate wires.

Wrap the ground wires of headphones with two ends together before you tin them. To remove any solder bits that might have accumulated on the iron, use a damp sponge or cloth. This will prevent the headphones from causing short circuits.

Place the heat shrink on top of the wires. This will provide insulation as well as protection. You can also use Sugru or electrical tape to secure the wires.

  • Unscrew the casing of the plug. Make sure to insert the tinned wires in the casing.
  • Use a helper tool to hold the plug in place. This will make it much easier to attach wires to the plug.

Start with the ground wire and insert the end of your wire into the contacts for the new plug. Then, proceed with the right and left wires. You can hold the wire in place for several seconds to ensure they fit. Then, let the solder cool.

The heat shrink wraps the wires around the case and then screws them into the plug. Test your new plug. The left wire and right wires may be mixed up. You can de-solder the wires using the soldering iron to connect them. You can then solder the wires in their correct places by removing the wires easily.

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How to Avoid Bending Your Headphone Pulse

It is easiest to stop a deformed plug from breaking in the first place. It may seem obvious to keep your headphones in top shape, but it’s quite common for people to do damage. These are some things to keep in mind when using headphones.

Do not pull the cable, but the plug

Pulling on the cord can cause excessive stress to the plug and make it more likely to break. Take the headphones out of the bent headphone jack by grasping the earphone plug with your index and thumb. Then pull the plug gently but firmly.

When not in use, take your headphones out of the jack

It’s easy to cause damage by not plugging your headphones. It is possible to get your headphones caught in the cable, accidentally pull them off, or strike the headset plug against something solid. This is why most bent plugs.

How to Avoid Bending Your Headphone Pulse

Disconnect the cables

Damage to the inner wires can result from tangled headphones. To prevent wire, untangle headphones. To keep your headphone cables organized, use binder clips and designated storage boxes.

Purchase headphones with a right-angle plug

The right-angle plug-on headphones are designed to prevent them from being accidentally pulled off. If your headphones have this type of headset plug, it cannot be easy to pull the cable off. To remove the plug from the bent jack, you need to hold it tightly.


How can I make wireless headphones at home?

Grab some copper wires in thin pieces and then open the headphone jack. Next, open one side of your headphone jack. (Note: Different headphones have different ways of opening the cabin. Check the location where the wire is attached to the headphone jack and make sure there is enough space. If not, you can create a hole. You will now see three wires.

How can I make my headphones sound louder?

How can I make my headphones sound louder?

To help protect your hearing, smartphones can include volume limiters. Some Androids have volume limit tools, while others don’t. You can adjust the Media Volume limiter if you have a Galaxy or other relevant Android device.

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The damaged headphone jacks can cause discomfort and are quite common. Hooke Audio wants to share a quick and easy home remedy with you that will save you a lot of money. If you found the article helpful, please share it with others to help you when you face a similar problem.

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