How To Fix Headphone Jack On Android 2022? Top Full Guide

How To Fix Headphone Jack On Android? Top Full Guide 2022
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You don’t know How To Fix Headphone Jack On Android? There is more to the problem than one reason why your headphone jack doesn’t work in these cases. You have a headache because your android device does not accept the device.  Refer to some tips that Hooke Audio can help your device normally.

The Cause of The Headphone Jack on Your Android Device Has Problems?

The cause of the headphone jack on your Android has problems?

1. Android headphone jack not working

When it comes to your Android device, dust is your enemy. Although you may not be aware of it, dust and grime can cause serious problems to your Android smartphone.

It would help if you did not use the audio jack to charge your phone. The junk in there could prevent you from getting a full charge (You can use a cotton swab/compressed air to clear in a fast way). This could be why your android phone is constantly dying.

Your wireless headphones may stop working due to this. The problem is, that the stuff inside is blocking a proper link. Look inside the headphone jack problem with a flashlight to see if there is dust. If there is, use compressed air or a cotton swab and a small amount of alcohol to remove it.

Rebooting the device usually explains a lot of issues with the device, and it’s effortless to do. Just hold the power button, select restart, and wait for the device to shut down and turn back on again.

2. Android settings prevent headphones from working

It is important to determine if the problem is with your headphones or your Android device. If your pair of headphones don’t sound like music when you plug them in, it is possible to determine if it’s your headphones or your smartphone.

Plugging pair of headphones into a different smartphone or tablet can help. If your headphones still don’t work, it could be that they aren’t working.

Your smartphone may be a problem if your headphones don’t work with your other device. You should check your sound settings. Have you turned the sound volume down before you went to sleep last night? (Don’t feel embarrassed; it happens to everyone)

The same company does not sell Android devices. Therefore, the steps for correcting your sound might differ.

3. Bluetooth connection not working

There could be problems with your Bluetooth connection to wireless devices. You may have accidentally paired your smartphone with a wireless device, which could be causing problems.

4. Water in the Wired Headphones Jack/ Wireless Headphone/Wired Headset (with Mic)

Moisture can cause damage to the circuit and electronics of your smartphone. If the water gets to the phone’s interior, it will cause a short circuit and damage.

5. Blockage issues

The blockage is a major reason for a loose headphone connector. The headphone won’t sit correctly if the headphone jack becomes blocked by dirt, cloth, or dust particles. This is a problem that you can repair from the comfort of your own home.

6. Irregularity of the headphone jacks

Uneven headphone jacks can also cause a loose or damaged headphone jack. Your headphone can become loose if it is damaged or has a different design.

7. Mechanical damage

Sometimes, your headphone jack may become loose due to mechanical damage. This could be caused by an accident, excessive use of headphones that aren’t designed for this particular type of media audio jack.

How To Fix My Headphone Jack On My Phone?


  • Another device that has an audio jack slot
  • You will need spare headphones to go with your device.
  • Sharp tweezers or toothpicks.
  • A cotton swabrub alcohol.
  • Flashlight

Verify that the smartphone can be connected via Bluetooth

It is possible for the headphone jack to be disabled if your smartphone is paired via Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth headphones, speakers, or other Bluetooth audio devices. Normally, your smartphone will recognize the headphones and all Bluetooth settings should be applied. This is not always true.

This is a quick and simple fix. All you need to do to fix it is to open the settings menu of your Bluetooth device and find the Bluetooth option. If that happens, your smartphone may be paired with another device in your home.

Turn it off and plug in your headphones to see if it solves the problem. If that doesn’t work, move on to the next solution.

Clean the headphone jack

How To Fix Headphone Jack On Android?

As you can see, dust and lint can build up over time in the headphones jack. Dirt can block the connection between headphones and jack, which could be the reason for the problem.

If your headphone jack stops working, the first thing to do is take a look inside. This is where a flashlight can come in handy. Next, clean the problem and try to solve it.

There are many ways to clean it, but some work better than other devices. You can blow into your headphone jack, use a cotton swab to get rid of any dust or lint. If you have a can of compressed oxygen, you can also use it.

Restart the device and check the audio settings

You may also have an issue with the headphones or the jack, but the audio settings on the device. You’ll be able to solve the problem in no time. Open the audio settings of your device to check the volume and any other devices settings that may be muted.

You should make sure that your headphones don’t get damaged

If your headphone jack stops working, the first thing you should do is to replace it. You may find that your headphones are the problem and the headphone jack is fine then plug the headphones into another device. You don’t have to use a smartphone for this. You can use the 3.5mm jack to connect a laptop, TV, or another device.

You have probably found the cause of your problem if you cannot hear audio from headphones connected devices to a different device. You can replace the headphones. You may have a problem with your headphones if they are working well on a different device. You might want to look into the following solutions.

Software Malfunctions can be fixed

If none of these solutions work, the problem is likely caused by a software glitch. Open the Android Audio Settings and ensure that the volume is not muted. You can then restart your phone by turning them all up to full volume.

We hope that one of these solutions will resolve your problem with the headphone jack. If none of these solutions work, it is likely that the problem is serious and should be addressed by a professional.

Your headphone jack may be damaged and requires replacement. If still under warranty, the best thing to do is contact the retailer and ask them for a repair.

Besides, how to fix headphones also has how to fix a bent headphone jack and how to fix headphone jack without soldering that you can reference.

It’s time to call the repairman

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If none of these solutions work, likely, the problem may not be as serious as you thought. If a warranty still covers your device, it is best to contact the manufacturer or retailer. You can explain the issue to the company and then send the device in for replacement or repair. It may take a while, but it is usually free.

You can get phone insurance if the warranty is void. Contact your provider to make a claim.

The worst solution is the third. The manufacturer may need to repair the device or send someone familiar with the matter. It will cost you money to solve how to fix a broken headphone jack on an android phone, but it will allow you to use the headphone socket again. You could also opt for wireless Bluetooth headphones to solve the problem. It’s sort of.

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These are the solutions that Hooke Audio hopes will help fix the android phone headphone jack not working. We’d love to hear from you if we missed any. Feel free to let us know which solution worked best for your situation if any.

Prevention is always better than treatment. You can save yourself a lot of money, time, and effort. A waterproof case or bag is the best way to protect your android phone from the elements, I hope it helps you, and that it doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new one.


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