How To Fix Headphone Jack Without Soldering 2023? Top Full Guide

How To Fix Headphone Jack Without Soldering 2023 Top Full Guide
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The headphone jack is broken. Have you ever heard of it? How To Fix Headphone Jack Without Soldering? In this article, we will explain the repair process that you can apply.

Did you manage to fix the headphone plug? Which method did you use to fix your headphone plug? Keep reading for more useful information.

Causes for Headphone Malfunction

Causes for Headphone Malfunction

One or more of these reasons could cause your headphones from working properly.

1. Use and Handling In An Improper Manner

This is the most common reason headphones stop working. They can be fragile accessories. They can easily break if you handle the rough.

Many people also keep the headphones in their laptop bags but don’t store them in their cases. They also sleep with their headphones on, even though they are not in use.

Each headphone comes with a manual. This contains specific information about the dos and don’ts. You can also find it online if you lose it. To extend the life of your headphone, we recommend that you read them and follow them.

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2. Not Cleaning Headphone Cushions

You will notice a decrease in comfort and sound quality if you don’t clean the headphones for long periods.

The noise reduction quality of the headphones will also be reduced. Ambient noise can cause you to be disturbed. This is due to dirt buildup in the cushions.

3. Improper Storage

If your headphones have long cables, they can twist with one another. This is something we can all relate to. Twisting cables can cause the wires to become weaker, which reduces the transmission of electric signals from the device and the speakers.

You won’t get the same sound quality.

You can avoid this by properly storing your headphones so that the cables don’t get tangled together. It is a good idea to have your headphones in a different place.

How to Repair 3.5mm Headphone Jack Without Soldering?

How to Repair 3.5mm Headphone Jack Without Soldering

An AUX cable is required to fix your headphones. Either you can use the cable that came with your non-working headphones, or you can buy a new pair of headphones.

Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Remove the AUX Cable

First, you need to cut the AUX cable from 7 meters away from the connector. Don’t cut it too short. It is impossible to correct a mistake if it is too long.

Step 2: Take Out The Rubber Sheath

Make a small incision on your rubber sheath to do this. Bend the sheath so that the incision diverges. Next, do the same thing on the opposite side. You can now easily remove the sheath.

Take extra care to make sure you don’t cut the wire during this process.

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Step 3: Clean The Varnish

To increase their strength, manufacturers intertwine nylon threads known as Kapron with copper wires. To connect the copper wire to headphones, you will need to take it out.

Lighten the wire at one end with a torch for just a second. When the spark reaches 1 cm below the wire. The wires will then be ripped.

Step 4: Disconnect The Headphone Cable

Cut the headphone cable the same way as the AUX cables. The connector should be cut at least 3 cm. You can repeat the process for cleaning the varnish.

Step 5: Twist The Wires

Your broken headphone cable may have three to five wires. Three wires from your headphone will need to be connected to the AUX cable.

Red, blue, and gold are the most popular colors. Some headphones can be made with yellow or green, but not all headphones have gold.

Here’s the hard part. This is how to twist these wires together.

The gold color wire is always referred to as ground wires. Twist the AUX cable’s gold wires together with the headphone. Twist the same color wires together.

Step 6: Remove Wires

The varnish has been removed, so the wires are now free from insulation. Each wire must be isolated and twisted. Then connect them with scotch tape.

You are now all set. The headphones will allow you to listen to your favorite music and songs.

How to Fix Headphone Wires without Cutting Them

You may not need to have tools, but you might be able to fix them yourself. These steps will help you fix your headphones without having to cut them.

  • Listen to music as if you were normally listening with your headphones.
  • You can twist, bend and adjust the cord until it reaches a sensitive area. It will become obvious as you listen to the audio. A short in headphones usually occurs near the earpiece or the plug-in connector.
  • Once you have identified the problem area, try to find a position that produces the best sound. You may need to take it slow and make several attempts before you get the perfect sound. However, be patient and pay attention.
  • Apply pressure to the cable at the right spot, then wrap either electrical tape (or duct tape) around it. The tape’s pressure will often be enough to keep the cables from touching in many cases.
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You can still enjoy your music and podcasts with high-quality sound quality, thanks to headphones that fit snugly inside the audio jack.  How To Fix Headphones Jack Without Soldering that Hooke Audio recommends, we hope it is helpful for you. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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