How To Fix Headphone Wire? Guide Explained in Detail (2021)

How To Fix Headphone Wire? Guide Explained in Detail (2022)

How To Fix Headphone Wire? Top Full Guide 2022
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Do you already know How to fix headphone wire? Continue reading this article; Hooke Audio suggests a repair method that you should refer to.

If your headphones stop working on one side suddenly, it can be very frustrating, especially if you have an expensive model. It can be even more frustrating to have to replace headphones that aren’t as old. It is possible to diagnose and solve the problem with patience and luck.

You must first determine if the problem is software- or hardware-related and then repair it. Most people will need to repair shortened headphones wires, reconnect disconnected wires or clean the aux socket.

Before we start with the solutions, please ensure that you have not isolated the problem to one audio file. Your headphones may not work properly if you play any audio or video file. The problem audio may have been recorded in mono settings that only output in one channel.

You should also be aware that any physical damage to your headphones could result in the cancellation of their warranty. If your warranty is not expired, you should contact the manufacturer to get a replacement or repair. You can follow the steps below if you don’t have a warranty.

Possible issues with software or devices

Solutions to wired headphones

Sometimes the problem could be due to an error in the audio settings of your smartphone or computer, a software glitch, or other issues. In these cases, it may not be necessary to replace the headphones.

It is important to rule out other possibilities and ensure that the problem is with headphones only. This is how to check for that possibility.

Restart your device

Restarting your phone or computer is a quick and easy way to solve headphones that stop working after updating software or an audio app. This simple action can often resolve the problem. If the problem persists, you can move on to the next steps.

Try another pair of headphones

Connect to the audio source (PC or smartphone) that you use frequently and test if you can hear both audio channels. If both audio channels can be heard on one headphone, your headphones may be at fault.

If that happens, skip the next two sections and go to the section that discusses the solutions for wireless and wired headphones. Continue reading if you don’t mind.

How To Fix Headphone Cords?

How To Fix Headphone Wire

Your earbud or headphone wire will not play audio if it is damaged or cut on one end. This is usually caused by tangles or improper wrapping of the headphone’s cords.

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1. Use heat-shrink tubing

You can also use heat-shrink sleeves or tubings to make your fix more durable and lasting. These tubings can be used to repair, reinforce, or insulate frayed electrical wires. These are the steps:

Make sure you check the material

It made of plastic materials like polyolefin or FEP are made from these materials.

Polyolefin is recommended for headphone wires. They are durable and highly resistant to extreme temperatures, from -55 to 135 degrees C.

Select the right size

To ensure a secure and snug fit, choose a heat shrink tubing that is the same size as your headphones’ cables.

These tubings shrink from one-half to one-sixth their original diameter depending on the material and composition. There are three popular shrink ratios: 2:1, 3:1, and 4:1.

This is the ratio between the original tubing’s size and its shrink size. The recommended shrink ratio for headphone wires is 2:1.

This site provides the best balance between durability, flexibility, and strength.

Make sure to clean the area where you are wrapping

Clear the area to be wrapped of all debris and grease. Use a damp cloth to apply a little isopropyl alcohol. Let it dry.

The tubing should be inserted into the headphones’ wires

Insert the tubings carefully into the headphones’ frayed wires. Wrap-around heat shrink tubings should be wrapped tightly to ensure a compact finish.

Heat the area

The heat-shrink tube kit comes with a heating device. You can heat the area using a heat gun or a lighter.
It is essential not to overheat the tubing as it could melt or catch fire. Hot air guns/lighters can cause burns, so make sure you use a plier to keep the tubing in place.

2. Wrap it in electrical tape

Most likely, you have electrical tape at home. It can be used to repair your headphone wires quickly and easily. These steps are foolproof:

Prep your wire

Make sure your wires are clean. This will make your electrical tape stick better to the wire. This can be done by using a clean cloth and applying a little isopropyl alcohol to it. Let it dry.


The sizes of electrical tapes can vary. Before wrapping the wire, make sure you have it cut to the correct size.

Wrap it

Then wrap around it as tightly as you can. The video will protect the wire and insulate it. This youtube tutorial will give you a better understanding of the process.

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3. Mould Sugru

Sugru Mouldable glue is a silicone rubber-based all-purpose moldable adhesive putty. This glue can be used for DIY projects, mounting, repairs, and many other purposes. It’s moldable, flexible, and waterproof. Here are some ways you can use it for frayed headphones wires.

Clean the wire

To remove any oil, dust, or debris from the wire, clean the area with Isopropyl alcohol. Use a clean cloth to apply a little isopropyl alcohol. Let it dry.

It can be mold

Sugru Mouldable glues are malleable and soft, similar to play-dough. Use your fingers to roll the material around the wire with your hands. It will take approximately 30 minutes to shape the material and position it in the desired way before glue sets.

It should be left for at least 24 hours

To allow the material to set permanently, leave it at room temperature for a minimum of 24 hours

4. Use Cable Savers

These Jetec cable savers are great for those who don’t like to do a lot of DIY and want an easy solution. These are used to protect wires from fraying. You can use them on exposed wires for added support and backing to your headphone cables. These are the three steps to use them:

Select the correct size cable saver

There are many sizes available for these cable savers. You should choose the one that will fit your headphones the best.


Wrap the cable protector around the area where the headphones’ wire is fraying.


To ensure that the cable saver stays in place, wrap it up to the end of the wire. This is the part where the headphones’ cord meets with the plug. These Jetec cable protectors are only for round cables wires.

5. You Can Try Replacing Headphone Cable

You may need to replace your headphones if the above-mentioned repairs are not able to fix them. If you are thinking about buying expensive headphones, we recommend that you read our detailed guide to Replacement headphone cables reviews.

More Severely Broken Headphones

Suppose the wires have been severely damaged. There is hope for those wires that are severely damaged.

You can either solder the headphone wires or use a different method. It may be better to replace the headphone socket if the headphone plug causes damage. This is the most cost-effective and secure way to go. Before you do any of these things, make sure your headphones are still covered under warranty.


  • If you’re willing to give it a try, make sure to follow these steps.
  • Make sure you do it in a well-lit area and wear safety gear.

1. Repairs with soldering

You will need:

Soldering kit

  • Wire stripper/knife/cutter
  • Heat-shrink tubing / electrical tape
  • Lighter (or sandpaper)

Start to strip the wire

To expose the wires, remove the insulation. You can separate two wires that twist them together by using a knife or a cutter. You can remove the outer shielding using a wire stripper. Make minor cuts (1/4 to 1/2). Keep cutting until you find a damaged wire that requires repair. You may discover different-colored wires in the inner layer of your headphone cable. The headphones wire colors

(red, green, or blue) transmit sound. The ground wire, which is the uninsulated and bare wires, transmits sound.

The wire should be cut

Cut the headphone wire if the wires are frayed, and the threads are visible. This will make them more uniform and easier for you to work with.

To expose copper, sand the wires

Sand off the enamel coating on all wires, including the ground wire, before soldering. Sand until the copper is exposed. If you don’t have any sandpaper, you can burn the copper off with a lighter or soldering iron.

Connect the wires and solder

Connect the wires by twisting them together. You can melt a thin layer of solder on the wires with your soldering iron. Allow the solder to set entirely before cooling. Wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a must before you start soldering. This will protect you from harmful chemicals and prevent you from inhaling dangerous soldering fumes.

Use electrical tape to wrap each wire

Wrap each wire carefully with electrical tape after the internal wires are completely cooled. This will prevent them from touching one another and help to avoid short-circuits.

Heat the heat-shrink tubing and place it on top of the cord

Heat the heat-shrink sleeves into the headphone wire. Apply enough heat to tighten it. The heat-shrink sleeve will insulate and protect your newly repaired headphone wire.

2. Repair without soldering

You don’t have to be a master at soldering! There are simpler ways to fix broken headphones wires.


  • Wire stripper (or cutter)
  • Lighter (or sandpaper)
  • Heat-shrink tubing
  • Scissors

The rubber sheath or covering should be removed

To expose the stripped wires, use a wire cutter or wire stripper. You must be careful not to break the wire.

Sort the wires according to their color

You can separate the colored wires (right and left headphones cable = red wires; blue/green wires respectively) by twisting the wires together and moving them to one side. Do the same with the two ground wires (copper and gold wires). Do the same with the other end of the cable. This youtube video will demonstrate how it is done.

The enamel coating can be melted off

Use a lighter to melt the enamel coating (colored varnish covering wires). Sandpaper is also an option. Do the same for the other end of the cable.

This should be done quickly, not taking more than a second. Varnish burns easily and can melt if it is overheated. Blot the varnish quickly when it reaches a thickness of 1 to 1.5 cm.

Separate the wires

By twisting the wires together, you can splice the colored wires.

It should be wrapped.

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How to Repair broken Wires in wireless headphones

Wireless headphones do not have cords that can be cut or damaged. However, they can still malfunction and cause audio output to only one side. Once you have identified the problem, the wireless headphones can be repaired using the following methods.

Solutions to wireless headphones

You can fix your Bluetooth headphone’s internal wires if they are damaged or broken.

Carefully open the inner component case of your wireless headphones using a wire cutter. You can also use a flat-head screwdriver. You should ensure that the power is off.

  • Locate the problem wire and use a soldering iron.
  • To make sure the device works, put the casing back on.
  • Reset a wireless headset

Most problems can be solved by a factory reset, including issues with audio output. The steps required to reset wireless headphones will vary depending on the model and brand of the product. To properly reset your device, refer to the manual included with it.

Reset your wireless headphones and then pair the device with your phone to verify that the problem is solved.


Not everyone knows how to handle their device, and some will take it to the store, replace it with a new one…Hooke Audio believes you already know how to fix headphones wire when there is a problem. Comment and share this article for everyone to know.

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