How To Fix Iphone Microphone? Top Full Guide 2023

How To Fix Iphone Microphone Top Full Guide 2023
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In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common reasons your iPhone’s microphone might not be working and how to fix iphone microphone.

It can be incredibly frustrating when your iPhone’s microphone isn’t working properly. Whether you’re trying to use Siri or make a phone call, your microphone must be functioning correctly. A few different things can cause your iPhone’s microphone to stop working, but luckily, there are also a few different ways to fix it.

Make Sure The Microphones Are Clear Of Any Blockages

Make Sure The Microphones Are Clear Of Any Blockages

All kinds of things, including dirt, dust, pocket lint, phone covers, and screen protectors, may partly or block your iPhone’s microphones. Check each of your iPhone’s microphones for any potential obstructions. If your case or screen protector is getting in the way, remove it.

Not sure where all of the microphones are? There should be one at the bottom of the phone (look for a series of little holes), one at the top in the notch (a long, rectangular cutout), and one on the back near the camera lenses.

Test The Microphone

It’s simple to check the microphones to determine whether they’re operating properly:

  • For phone calls, test the microphone. Start the Voice Memos app and record a brief note by speaking into the bottom microphone. Check to see whether it sounds clear when you play it again.
  • Examine the speakerphone mic. Start the Camera app and capture a video while speaking into the iPhone’s microphone at the top. Check to see whether it sounds clear when you play it again.

If the audio is distorted, you most likely have a hardware issue with your iPhone, so contact Apple’s customer care for assistance.

Disconnect Any Audio Accessories

It’s conceivable that your iPhone is attempting to utilize the microphone in an accessory like a headset, earbuds, or portable speaker instead of the microphone integrated into the iPhone, so the audio seems distant or muffled.

The simplest approach to rule out this possibility is to remove all attachments from your iPhone and switch off Bluetooth. To temporarily deactivate the Bluetooth radio on your iPhone, pull down the Control Center from the top of the screen and then hit the Bluetooth icon.

How to Fix iPhone Microphone That Isn’t Working

To identify the issue and get your iPhone operating again, follow the troubleshooting steps in the sequence provided.

1. Restart the iPhone.

1. Restart the iPhone.

Many problems, including microphone malfunctions, may be resolved by restarting an iPhone.

2. Check for blocked openings.

2. Check for blocked openings.

Every iPhone has at least three microphones. Check that the bottom, front, and rear microphone holes are not covered, blocked, or impeded.

3. Remove the screen protector or case.

3. Remove the screen protector or case.

Even if your screen protector or case does not cover any microphone apertures, it may interfere with the microphone. Remove the case and check to see if this fixes the problem.

4. Unplug any accessories.

4. Unplug any accessories.

Unplug any phone-connected peripherals (such as Bluetooth headsets, earphones, and headphones) and test the microphone again.

5. Try a new headset.

5. Try a new headset.

When a microphone fails, faulty or inexpensive headsets are often at blame. Try a new headset or pair of earphones to see if it addresses the problem.

6. Restart communication apps.

6. Restart communication apps.

If the microphone does not function with some applications, such as WhatsApp and Skype, shut and reopen the app.

7. Give apps microphone access.

Is the iphone mic not working on apps? If you use an app like WhatsApp or Skype, check sure it has access to the microphone. Go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone to get a list of all the applications that have requested microphone access. Confirm that the app causing you troubles has microphone access enabled.

8. Clean the microphone openings.

8. Clean the microphone openings.

Examine the microphone holes for clogs caused by lint or dust. Carefully brush out the opening with a dry, clean toothbrush.

Close-range pressurized air shooting into a microphone aperture may harm the microphone.

9. Test the microphones.

Individually testing microphones aids in locating and ruling out faults with each given microphone.

  • Open the Voice Memos app from the iPhone’s home screen to use the primary microphone. To record your voice, tap the Record icon. Stop the recording and start it again. The main microphone is operational if you can hear your voice.
  • Front microphone: Launch the Camera app from the iPhone’s home screen. Select Video and then press the selfie view icon (camera). To record your voice, tap the record symbol. Stop recording and open the Photos app to see the video. The iphone front mic not working is operational if you can hear your voice.
  • Back microphone: Launch the Camera app from the iPhone’s home screen. Go to the Video option and hit the record symbol to record your voice. (It should be visible at all times.) Pause the recording. To see the video, use the Photos app. The rear microphone is operational if you can hear your voice.

Continue to the following steps if you discover that a microphone isn’t functioning.

10. Update the iOS.

An out-of-date iOS may sometimes interfere with the microphone operating properly, and upgrading the iPhone iOS can resolve the issue. To see whether iOS is up to date, click Settings > General > Software Update and search for and install the newest updates.

  • iOS upgrades may include vulnerabilities that cause hardware problems. If your iPhone’s microphone has ceased operating properly after an update, contact Apple iPhone support or discover how to downgrade iOS without losing data.

11. Restore the default settings.

11. Restore the default settings.

Changes in unexpected settings might cause a microphone to cease operating. You may be able to repair this problem by restoring the iPhone to its factory settings. Although a reset deletes no data (except Wi-Fi passwords), you should back up your iPhone before doing one if you wish to restore to your previous settings.

Erase All Material & Settings should not be selected since it deletes all personal content from the phone, including contacts, applications, photographs, music, credit or debit cards, etc.

12. Contact Apple support.

If everything else fails, contact Apple to schedule an appointment. If your iPhone is still under warranty, Apple can fix the problem or replace it. Alternatively, depending on your warranty, you may get the iPhone serviced for free or for a price.

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Can iPhone microphone be repaired?

Apple may provide free replacements for impacted phones. Apple has issued a new service advisory in response to a microphone problem affecting select iPhone 7 and 7 Plus models. The paper acquired by 9to5Mac also states that out-of-warranty gadgets may still be eligible for a free repair or replacement.

Why can’t callers hear me on my iPhone?

Another option is that your microphone privacy settings are set to: To enable the microphone on your iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Microphone and ensure that the app you’re using for calls is toggled on.

Why has my microphone suddenly stopped working iPhone 7?

How to fix a broken microphone on iphone 7? Remove or disconnect any accessories connected to your iPhone’s headset jack. Check for debris, dust, or dirt in the microphone, receiver, and headphone jack. If required, use a dust blower, toothpick, or needle to clean it. Make careful to go slowly and with caution.

How do I clean my iPhone microphone?

For a gentler option, use a toothbrush with super-soft bristles. If inserting a wooden stick inside your phone is too frightening, try a clean toothbrush with super-soft bristles. Brush the microphone hole gently to remove any obstructions. If you don’t have a spare toothbrush, use a little paintbrush.


For many people, having a broken iPhone is a frustrating experience. While several ways to fix a broken iPhone, one of the most common problems is a microphone that doesn’t work. If you’re struggling with this issue, here are some tips to help you get your microphone fixed. Thanks for reading!

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