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How To Fix Iphone Microphone? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Fix Iphone Microphone Top Full Guide 2022
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A damaged microphone affects the user’s listening, calling, and communication process. Sometimes the microphone is timid, not audible when making calls or video calls… These are the cases that users often encounter.

Don’t worry. Before taking it to a repair center, you can try to fix it in the following ways. We will give you an article to help you find out how to fix Iphone microphone not working that makes your phone use interrupted.

Reasons Your iPhone Microphone Does Not Work

The iPhone microphone might not work for many reasons. Bluetooth, iOS, out-of-date iOS, or something blocking the primary microphone from working properly could be the problem. The solution to the problem will usually reveal itself.

Inspect and Test Your iPhone’s microphone

When your iPhone’s microphone stops functioning, the first thing to do is test it with different apps. Your iPhone has three microphones. One on the back is video recording, one bottom microphone for voice recordings, and one in your earpiece for phone calls.

How do I test the microphones on my iPhone?

Take two videos to test the microphones: one with the front camera and a rear camera. Then play them back. If audio is heard in the videos, it means that the respective microphones are working properly.

Launch Voice Memos to test the microphone at the bottom. To record a new message, tap the record button in the middle of the home screen on the Voice memos app.

Clean the Microphone

Let’s clean your iPhone’s microphones if they sound muffled or garbled after you have tested them. You can use a dry, unworn toothbrush to clean iPhone microphones.

This is for the mic grill located at the bottom of the iPhone and the small black dot microphone just to the right of its rear-facing camera. To remove any dirt, lint, or dust stuck in your pockets, slide your toothbrush over the microphones.

To clean the microphones on your iPhone, you can also use compressed air. However, it would be best if you sprayed the microphones away from your iPhone’s microphones with compressed air.

If compressed air is sprayed too close to microphones, it can cause damage. Start by spraying far away and then move closer if necessary.

After cleaning, make sure you test the microphone on your iPhone again. If your iPhone microphone not working, proceed to the next step.

Disconnect Bluetooth Devices

This happens all the time. When my wireless earbuds FunclAI are not in use, they automatically turn on and connect with my iPhone. When I get a call from my iPhone, it sends the information to the connected device.

I don’t hear the other person. If your iPhone is connected via Bluetooth to an external speaker or your car’s infotainment system, this can also occur.

To avoid microphone problems, it is a good idea to manually disconnect Bluetooth devices from iPhones in these situations from the control center.

Make sure Nothing Is Covering Your iPhone’s mic

Your iPhone's mic

To protect their iPhones, the majority of people use third-party cases. While the legit cases are fine, you should ensure that the holes in the bottom of any cheap case come out exactly with your iPhones.

If the holes aren’t aligned correctly, they can cover your iPhone’s microphone, which could cause quality problems with the microphone.

Turn Off Noise Cancellation

iOS defaults settings to Noise cancellation. This allows you to reduce the ambient noise from phone calls when you hold the receiver close to your ear. The Iphone microphone not working well in most phone call situations, but it can cause a muffled voice if you’re talking to someone on the couch.

Open the Settings app on iPhone. Navigate to Accessibility > Audio/Visual. Turn off the Noise Cancellation toggle. Talk to a friend to make sure that the microphone is working properly. If the Iphone microphone not working, then turn it on again and try the next trick.

Enable Microphone Access to Third-Party Apps

Microphone Access to Third-Party Apps

Are you experiencing problems with the Iphone microphone not working when video calls using apps such as FaceTime, Skype, or WhatsApp? Most likely, you haven’t enabled permission for the microphone on your Iphone in these apps.

Go to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Microphone and enable microphone access for the appropriate apps.

My iPhone Microphone Still Isn’t Working!

iPhone Microphone Still Isn't Working

Next, you will need to reset all settings of your iPhone. It won’t erase any content except Wi-Fi passwords. However, it will reset all settings to factory default.

This will also fix bugs that could be causing your iPhone to stop responding. Before you genaral reset your iPhone settings, I recommend backing it up.

How do I reset my iPhone’s settings?

Open the Settings app on iPhone and tap the General option.

Scroll down to the bottom and tap the Reset button.

Tap Reset All Settings button in the top right corner of the screen to confirm that you wish to reset all settings. The phone will reboot.

Upgrading Your iPhone

Apple’s iOS 13 update has not received any positive feedback from users. Apple is pushing software updates more frequently than ever, despite the fact that the update was plagued with bugs.

You should update iOS to fix the microphone problem on your iPhone that has occurred after a recent update your Iphone.

Download the latest iOS version for your iPhone by going to Settings > General > Software Update.

Put your iPhone in DFU Mode

To resolve a software issue, you should use the Device Firmware Update (DFU). This restore erases all code from your iPhone and rewrites it. It’s crucial to back it up first.

You can also read our article on how to set your iPhone DFU mode.

Bring Your iPhone In For Repair

After cleaning your iPhone and setting all settings, you can bring it in for repair if your iPhone’s mic stopped working. For inspiration, check out my article about the best places to repair your iPhone.

iPhone repair


Why is my iPhone’s microphone not working?

Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Microphone. Verify that the app has been enabled. Contact the app developer if the app is granted permission to access your microphone.

Why can’t I hear people on my iPhone?

Three microphones are available on the iPhone. The iPhone has three microphones. You won’t hear your voice clearly if the microphone doesn’t work correctly.

Open the Camera app to test the microphone on the top of the phone. Take a selfie and then record the video. Record a video with the back camera to test the microphone at the back.

How do I test my Bluetooth microphone?

To test an already installed microphone:

Bluetooth microphone

Make sure that your microphone is connected to your computer.

Select Start > Settings > Sound.

Go to Sound settings > Test your microphone. Look for the blue line that moves as you speak into your microphone.


Follow the instructions carefully. Apple support is available if all else fails.

Apple will repair or replace your iPhone if it is still under warranty. You can also take your iPhone to Apple for service at no cost or a charge, depending on the warranty.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. If you found this guide helpful, sharing it with anyone who needs them. Thanks for choosing to spend your time with

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