How To Get Soundbar To Turn On With TV? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Get Soundbar To Turn On With TV Top Full Guide 2022
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Tech enthusiasts have long valued soundbars for being an economical but effective way to increase the sound quality without investing in a multi-speaker setup.

They deliver much more powerful sound than traditional TVs and are relatively inexpensive. Learn how to get soundbar to turn on with TV. Soundbars are a new way to beef up the quality of your television’s sound.

How to Make a Soundbar Turn on with the TV

Although it may seem minor, it can cause more problems than it solves.

This minor inconvenience can quickly become a significant pain in your neck if it isn’t addressed immediately.

You can press the power button on each TV or adjust the TV settings to match the input source, but it is much easier to do it simultaneously, so you don’t have to think about it.

This is what modern technology was meant to offer: ease and convenience.

How to Make a Soundbar Turn on with the TV

It’s gone! No more having to use two remotes or having to get up to adjust your soundbar because the remote is too far away. You will now be able to press one button to turn your soundbar on and your TV off simultaneously.

To make your Soundbar and TV on simultaneously, check if your connection is an optical cable or HDMI ARC. The way you do this will vary depending on which type of connection you are using.

Optical Cable Connection

You should have no issues with audio quality when you use an optical connection to connect the soundbar to the TV.

To get your Soundbar and TV to connect automatically, you may need to change the default settings.

These steps will make your Soundbar work with your TV using an optical connection.

1. Connect the optical cable

This is a simple step in the process. The TV and Soundbar will not communicate with each other if the optical cable is not connected. To ensure a strong connection, check that both the TV and Soundbar have the optical cables plugged in. Also, remove the plastic tips.

2. Make sure that the Auto Power Link is on

You will need to ensure that your soundbar’s Auto Power Link setting is on when using an optical connector.

It should automatically turn on. If it’s not, press and hold the left arrow button on your remote. This will activate the input option and initiate the connection once it is on.

3. On your Soundbar, turn on the D.IN mode

This should be turned on by default, but if it isn’t, you can manually turn it on using the Source option on the soundbar or remote. This is the digital input mode, which is what sends the signal to the other devices.

4. Adjust the TV speaker settings

Adjust the TV speaker settings once you have established a solid connection with the optical cables and activated Auto Power Link (by default or manually).

This will ensure that your receiver is preferred over the internal speakers. If you do not, your TV speakers will prevail, and you will need to connect to your soundbars every time.

HDMI ARC Connection

An HDMI ARC connection will allow you to stream high-quality audio from your TV.

Some might select to use other connections

if their HDMI port is full. However, the HDMI ARC connection is the preferred choice for a wired Soundbar-to-TV connection.

These steps will make your Soundbars work with your TV using an HDMI ARC cable.

1. Connect the HDMI ARC cable

You will need to connect your TV and Soundbar to be able to enjoy the audio connection.

You will find the HDMI ARC port on the TV. Make sure that both the HDMI and VGA cables are correctly connected to the devices. This cable will work on most TVs in your home theater.

2. Make sure Anynet+ is on

Anynet+, similar to the optical connector Auto Power Link is the default connection you need to activate when using an HDMI ARC cable. Anynet+ can only be used with an HDMI input. However, it must be activated for the source of audio to work.

Anynet+ will automatically turn on when you plug your HDMI cable. If it doesn’t, you can manually turn it on by pressing the right arrow button on your remote. After activating it, the automatic settings should appear.

3. On your Soundbar, turn on the D.IN mode

It is crucial to ensure that the digital input mode on your soundbars is switched on before you can send the signal to your TV. It will probably be done automatically. If not, you can quickly turn it on. To enable this option, press the Source button on your Soundbar/remote menu.

4. Adjust the TV speaker settings

Adjust the TV speaker settings once you have established a stable connection using the Anynet+ and HDMI ARC cables.

Your TV’s default settings are maybe preferring the soundbar over the TV’s internal speakers. If your soundbar does not turn on automatically, it is most likely that this is the reason.

You can fix this by changing the audio settings to prefer the receiver (via the HDMI cable). When your TV on, your soundbar (receiver) should be selected as the TV’s audio source.

Why Doesn’t my Soundbar Turn On Automatically with my TV?

We have only briefly described the steps to ensure that your soundbar turns on automatically with your TV. However, you may still be unsure why it doesn’t.

It might be evident if you look at how to connect these devices. If not, there are still a few things to discover.

So why does your soundbar not automatically turn on with your TV?

This could be due to an insecure connection (via HDMI ARC or Optical cable), TV settings that do not favor the receiver, or D.IN not being turned on. The soundbar may not be receiving power at all.

It is best to begin with the basics of audio connections before you search for the answers. You should ensure that all devices are connected to a power source and that the connection between Soundbar and TV is stable.

Next, adjust your input options to ensure that your TV receives the HDMI ARC and Optical connections.

To ensure the best speaker option, make sure you set the default settings of your TV.

You can set the receiver to automatically default to your Soundbar via HDMI cable or soundbar via optical cable. This will save you from having to turn both devices on every time you stream audio from your TV.


Can I control the soundbar using my TV remote?

You can control the volume of your TV’s soundbar by setting up its audio output. After the output has been set up, you have the option to connect either an HDMI cable or digital optical to the soundbar. You can now adjust the volume or mute the soundbar using your TV remote.

What is a soundbar for TV?

Soundbars are a one-stop speaker system that can deliver high-quality TV sound without the need for a surround sound speaker and home theater receiver. The sound bar’s slim, long cabinet may contain two or more speakers. It can provide stereo or surround sound.

HDMI ARC Connection

Do you combine TV volume and soundbar?

You can use the built-in speakers or the sound bars on some TVs. If you desire high-quality sound, however, you will need to use the soundbar only and turn off the built-in speakers on the TV. Your listening experience will not be improved if you use both your TV speakers and your soundbar simultaneously.


Soundbars can create a dramatic impact on the overall sound quality that streams from your TV.

The emergence of soundbars for TVs has revolutionized the landscape of soundbar setups. Getting the soundbar to turn on with tv is not difficult if you follow these easy instructions. Hooke Audio hope you will enjoy the soundbars, and please let us know what you think!

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