How To Hear Your Microphone? Top Full Guide 2021

How To Hear Your Microphone Top Full Guide 2021

You may not know that if you like, you can listen to your microphone through a selected playback device such as your computer speakers or headphones.

Hooke Audio will give you how to hear your microphone and also how to get playback from a mic so that you can do either at your leisure.

Note that if you listen to the connected microphone through your speakers. Now, let’s get started:

How To Listen To A Microphone Using A Windows Playback Device

It is often necessary to conduct a mic test due to microphone problems. However, those trying to find out how to use Windows 10’s mic to hear themselves on the mic can often get lost.

Microsoft’s OS isn’t intuitive enough to allow you to playback microphones or use the mic through speakers.

The mic playback device is a way to test your device and listen to it through headphones or speakers on your computer. The playback device is useful for the audio device and music player with weak speakers but a large music collection.

You might also want to use your Windows tablet or notebook with connected speakers for karaoke or as a megaphone.

Watching video:

1. click/tap the Sound icon in the Control Panel.

You can also open Run (Win+R), paste the below command into Run, then click/tap OK to open the Recording tab of the Sound panel.

2. Tap/click on the Recording tab and then double-click/tap your default microphone device.

3. Follow steps 4 (on) and 5 (off) to accomplish what you desire.

4. Turn on Listen to Microphone via a Playback Device

  •  Click/tap the Listen tab
  •  Click the Listen to This Device box.
  •  Select the playback device that you wish to listen to from under Playback through this device
  •  Click/tap OK and proceed to step 6.

5. Turn off Microphone Through a Playback Device to listen.

This is the default setting.

  • Click/tap the Listen tab. (See screenshot below).
  • Uncheck the Listen to this device box.
  • Click/tap OK and proceed to step 6.
  • Click/tap OK

How To Hear Your Microphone Through Computer Speakers


Turn on the Microphone

1. Right-click on the speaker icon within the Windows 7 Notification Area and choose Recording Devices If the speaker icon isn’t visible, click on the small arrow in the Notification Area.

2. Open the Sound tab and locate your mic in the list. Double-click it. A checkmark with a green circle indicates that the default microphone is selected.

3. Click the Listen tab and select Listen to This Device

4. Select Playback through this Device from the drop-down menu, and choose Speakers or Default Playback device

5. Click Apply but don’t close the playback properties window to listen to your microphone.

Reducing Microphone Sensitivity

1. Click the Levels Tab.

2. To reduce the mic sensitivity, drag the slider to the right. It may take some experimentation to find the best setting.

3. Click Apply to save your settings. To close the properties window, click OK, then click OK to close the Sound window.

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How To Test A Computer Microphone


Swipe your mouse towards the top-right corner and click on the Search charm. Enter Sound into the search box. To open the Sound settings dialog, click Sound from the list of search results.

Click the Recording tab and click the microphone from the list of recording devices. Then, speak into the microphone. The microphone is connected when the grey bars near the mic on the Recording tab turn green.

Troubleshooting A Microphone

Suppose there is no signal on the Recording tab; take a moment to start the microphone test and troubleshoot your mic. Make sure the batteries are fully charged if it is a wireless microphone.

Verify that the wired microphone is securely connected to your computer’s audio input port. After verifying that Mic is properly connected, set it as the default microphone on your computer.

Go back to the Sound settings dialog and select the microphone from the list. Click the Set default button. To adjust the microphone’s volume and verify that the Mute button has not been engaged, click the Properties button.


Follow the step-by-step to be able to hear your microphone. Above are all the simple ways you can try.

If you have answers, please comment below. We are pleased to provide you with useful information. We hope this article can give you more tips to make it easier when using the computer and microphone.

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