How To Hide Soundbar Wires? Top Full Guide 2024

How To Hide Soundbar Wires Top Full Guide 2024
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The soundbars designed for televisions offer a great way to increase audio clarity, but many people complain that they can be hard to install, and the wires can hide.

There are a few different how to hide soundbar wires, but they all have one thing in common. The cables need to be hidden from plain sight not to interrupt the aesthetic of your living room. Keeping the wires tidy will also reduce the risk of tangling them up.

How To Hide TV Wires Without Cutting The Wall

How To Hide TV Wires Without Cutting The Wall

Use Small Hooks And Zip Ties

You should consider a removable option if you can’t cause permanent damage or alterations to your living space’s furniture or structure.

There are many options. Zip ties or small hooks can be used to help make your wires less visible. However, this might not work for all wires.

This can be great for organizing multiple cables into a neat, organized look.

Although wires might not be visible, you will see that they are there.

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You can use this method by mounting small zip ties to the wires at multiple points. You should leave enough space so that wires can be pulled. However, you shouldn’t leave too much that it defeats the purpose.

Next, trim the end of your zip tie, so it doesn’t protrude into the space. Attach the cables to the tiny hooks attached to the furniture back (or soundbar, if safe).

Use Cable Raceways or Cable Channels

Cable raceways and cable channels are other options to hide Soundbar wires. Although this option can be removed, there are different hardware options.

Cable channels will be plated and screwed, while the cable raceway will typically be covered with a sticky adhesive.

You can adjust the size and direction to meet your design requirements by using a cable racing system.

These pieces can be installed easily without any hardware or tools, provided they have the standard adhesive. However, if you need them to fit in a smaller area, you may have to cut them.

You will need to measure the power cable channel and screw it on if you decide to use it instead of a raceway.

This option is more permanent but can still be removed. This option allows for more wires than the one or two raceways allow.

You have the option of either a cable raceway or cable channel. You can also choose to paint it to match the wall mount near an outlet, adding charm to the small structure.

You don’t want a plate that is white or black sticking out against the decor. However, it will look much better than untangled wires or unhidden wires.

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Use Creative Decor Items

Use Creative Decor Items To Hide Soundbar Wires

If you’re in a pinch, hiding soundbar wires can be a cost-effective option. However, for a creative decor item, a cable box will not block soundbar wires from view. It also can surge protector.

This option has one advantage: you can easily change your decor whenever you like.

This can allow you to be creative with your new design skills. You could also choose to place a few picture frames on the wall mount, right in front of the wires.

You might also want to display your media collection by placing your DVDs on a floating shelf over the soundbar.

You might tie this theme to your media room or home theater to make it feel more intentional. Intentionality is what will show up most in this room. It can look intentional or accidental, but it is the absolute truth.

It would help if you considered what pieces you could incorporate to block the soundbar wires’ view.

It would help if you also chose decor that is appropriate in size and does not distract from your soundbar or any other devices above it. This option is a great way to get creative.

How To Hide The TV Wires Behind The Wall

Cable Pass-Through Grommets

This is the best option for getting HDMI and audio cables to where they need to be. The outer bracket can be attached to your drywall by using the included saw attachment.

Next, you will need to fish wires from top to bottom. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can drop insulation if it is an internal wall.

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You may be able to use household items depending on how your setup works. It should be strong enough to pass insulation but flexible enough that it can be fed into walls. You can make a simple fishing rod from any wire around the house or extra wire hangers.

Tip: To minimize snags, fold the wire’s last 3 inches backward and tape it down. It is easier to pass insulation through the smooth edge.

After you have inserted all cables through the bottom hole, attach the covers. You can paint them to blend in.

Powered Cable Pass-Through

How To Hide The TV Wires Behind The Wall

An in-wall rated, powered pass-through is the best way to run power cables through walls. The powered pass-through not only has a slot to hold all your HDMI or wires but also features a plug at both the top and bottom that allows for behind-the-wall power.

It is almost as elegant and sophisticated as Ricky Rubio’s behind-the-back pass. The extension cord is also included so that you can reach nearby outlets to power your TV safely.

This easy installation is the same as the pass-through kits. However, you will need to route your in-wall outlet cable and AV wires between the brackets.

The brackets can be placed as far apart as 5 feet from the wall. If you have a soundbar paired on your TV to enhance the sound quality, the next option for you may be very appealing.

Powered Cable Pass-Through With Soundbar Module

This is the best in-wall cable concealment solution (we can be classy sometimes). This beast can route AV cables and power from television like the previous model, including a module to power a soundbar.

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This is ideal if your soundbar is mounted to the wall or TV. Hide the cables to maximize its elegant look.

It comes with a circular saw drill attachment and drywall saw, which is excellent for karate inside the garage. These pumpkins will not be defeated! You’ll need to use the template provided to create a rectangular hole in the wall behind your new soundbar power connection.

After the soundbar module has been installed, you can plug the module in and connect the sound wires to your TV. You’ll be able to make your soundbar appear entirely wireless. Be ready for friends to ask you where it came from.

There you have it. These are the super easy ways to cover TV wires behind or on the wall. You can comment below to get help from our expert customer service team if you aren’t sure which method is best.

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Hiding Soundbar Wires

How Do You Hide Electrical Cords In The Middle Of The Room?

If you have a power cord still exposed to the elements, make sure that they are covered with a rubber cord. You can also easily hide this by using contact paper such as wood-grain.

To attach cords to the floor or wall, use baseboard clips or wall clips. This will conceal the kit better and eliminate tripping hazards.

How Do I Arrange The Cords Behind My TV?

Cable ties can be used to avoid knots in cables behind your wall-mounted TV. To prevent Tv cables from getting loose or becoming tangled, you can use plastic zip ties or hook-and-loop fastener strips to wrap around the bundles.

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These are great for organizing and cable management options for your home theater components if they are close together.

How Can You Hide Wires and Plugs From The Wall?

A cardboard box can be transformed into a socket cover or docking station.

You can use a box-cutter to make slots in the ends of each box that are large enough for cables to pass through. Place the power strip inside.


This guide has helped you search for the best methods for hiding your soundbar wires. If you cannot make the wires less visible, you should at least try to make them look tidy.

Hooke Audio hopes this guide could provide some insight into how to hide your TV’s wiring. Many people don’t realize how much easier it is to manage their TV’s power consumption when there are clean lines throughout their house.

Soundbars don’t just improve sound quality; they can also increase your TV’s power consumption. To reduce the amount of energy you use, knowing how to hide soundbar wires is essential.


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