How To Install Sades Headset Drivers? Top Full Guide 2021

How To Install Sades Headset Drivers Top Full Guide 2021

Sades is a company that makes some of the most popular gaming headsets on the market today. These headsets use cutting-edge technology, like noise-canceling microphones and audio quality, to make them one of the best ones on the market.

The way to get started with them is to download the drivers from the Sades website. If you are looking for a How To Install Sades Headset Driver, then this is an excellent place for you; in this article, Audio Hooke will show you some easy ways possible.

Download Sades Headset Drivers on Windows 10

When you connect your Sades headset to your computer or gaming console, it will automatically install the Sades driver. If the gaming headset does not function properly or the audio is not working as it should, the driver might be the Driver’s issue.

You may need to download the driver from an official site or Windows Device Manager. Below are both methods to download the latest Sades headset drivers. Now, Let’s begin with the following methods.

1. Download Sades Headset Drivers Manually From Website

You can find all the details and products on the official website of Sades. There is also a page where you can download and install Sades headset drivers for the various products, including headsets. The entire process for downloading the sades headset driver manual is shown below.

Step 1. Go to the official website of Sades by clicking on this link (

Step 2. You will now need to click the Download button on the gaming headset type you are interested in.

Download Sades Headset Drivers Manually From Website

Step 3. You may have a gaming headset with 7.1 channels or the SA-908 series. You will need to locate it in your manual or box.

Step 4. Depending on your gaming headset type, download and install the Sades driver file by clicking the link. The download will start automatically.

Step 5. After the download, you will receive a compressed file. Extract it and then open the extracted folder

Double-click on the setup icon

Step 6. Double-click on the “setup file” icon to install it and accept the terms and conditions. Before installing the driver file, connect your gaming headset.

After you have completed the installation, the latest drivers will be installed for your Sades headsets.

If your gaming headset still isn’t working, you can try the following method.

2. Download Sades Headset Driver Device Manager

You will need to download and install the Sades driver for your sades headset. It is possible that the sades headset drivers may not work correctly. These Sade’s drivers can be updated automatically by using the Windows 10 device manager. This is the complete procedure.

Step 1. Click on the Windows + X keyboard together, and then click on the device manager option in the following menu.

Click on the Windows + X

Step 2. Click on updated driver software.

Click on Update Driver

Step 3. Next, click on Search automatically to find the latest driver software.

click on Search automatically to find the latest driver software

The device manager will automatically download and install the most recent drivers for your sades headsets and install them on your computer. If you still have trouble finding the driver, please let us know.

After you have found the right drivers, you can use third-party driver up-to-date tools.

How to Install Sades Headset Drivers

1. Download the Sades Headset Driver Manually

Before you start this process “how to set up sades headset”, download the latest Sades headset drivers from the official Sades website. Follow the steps below once the download is completed.

Step 1. To open the Run dialog box, press the Windows + R keys. When the box opens, type in “devmgmt.msc“, and hit the Enter key to open the Device Manager.

You can search for it in Corona by going to the Settings menu or searching for it.

Step 2. Windows 8/7, many users can access the Start Menu to search for the Device Manager.

Step 3. After the open Device Manager is opened, expand the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers section by clicking the small arrow to the right.

Step 4. Navigate to the Sades Headset and then click on the right icon. Click on the Update Sades drivers option.

Step 5. Next, click on the option “Browse computer for driver software.” This will take you to set up file explorer.

Step 6. Select the driver file that you have downloaded from the folder, and then click Next to proceed. It will then install the latest drivers for the Sades Headset drivers.

2. Install SADES Driver Automatically

This is the easiest way to install the sades headset drivers on any latest Windows version you have. Although it requires installing third-party software, this will allow you to continue the process regularly and save you from updating your latest Sades drivers.

These are the steps to follow if you’re interested in trying this:

Step 1. Driver Booster will be the software.

Step 2. Double-click on the “setup file” to save it. Continue following the wizard until the software is installed. To avoid System Care being uninstalled, make sure you uncheck the box “Yes, this is what I want.”

Step 3. After the installation process is complete, you’ll see a button that says SCAN. Click on it

a button that says SCAN

Step 4. Driver Booster will scan your devices and detect your SADES headset drivers. Driver Booster will scan your devices and show you the most recent Sades drivers for your gaming headset after a few seconds.

Step 5. You can install these drivers by clicking on the Update Now button. You will not need to wait for the software to download and install Sades drivers.

clicking on the Update Now button

After you are done, restart your computer and confirm that your headset works appropriately.

Fix Windows Doesn’t Detect Sades Headset Drivers

Windows might not detect your sades headset drivers despite you connecting them correctly. This could be due to a problem with the Sades headset driver or with the windows themselves.

The above steps have been completed. If Windows is not detecting your sades headset drivers and error messages caused, there are some ways to fix it. However, you should first do the following steps:

  • Check for broken connecting wires.
  • Verify that the headset is properly plugged in
  • Connect another headset to verify that the headset port works.

1. Configure Audio Device

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you can try configuring your headset and testing its functionality with test sounds. These are the steps to follow.

  • Type control panel in the Windows 10 search bar.
  • Click on the Sound option in the control panel.
  • Click on the playback compatibility mode and click Speaker/Headphones. Then click on configure. click
  • Select your Sades headphones and click on Test. Continue the process by selecting headphones and testing the audio.
  • You might have a problem with your headset if you cannot hear the test audio.

2. Run Windows Troubleshooter

Windows Troubleshooter can be very useful to resolve most driver issues in Windows. It can be used to diagnose the problem with your sades headset drivers. The detailed guide below will help you to perform this procedure.

  • Click on Windows and then click on the Settings icon.

Settings icon

  • Click on the Update and Security Option in the settings menu. Click on security and Updated driver software.

Click on security and Update.

  • Click on Troubleshoot and then on Playing audio. Then click Run Troubleshooter.

click Run Troubleshooter

  • You will now see a listing of all audio devices connected and disconnected to the devices.Click on Next to select Sades Headphones
  • Click on Next to select Sades headphone driver.
  • You’ll be able to see what is causing the problem as well as possible solutions.

3. Reinstall the devices

  • Go to “Search” and type device manager and click on.
  • The SADES headphone drivers can be found in the Device Manager drop-down menu. Right-click on this option and choose Uninstall Device.
  • Restart your computer
  • These three steps will automatically allow you to install the Sades headphone drivers you have selected, i.e., SADES cans.
  • If the problem persists, follow these steps to resolve it:
  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Navigate to Hardware & Sound and click on it. Next, click on “Add a device.”
  • Next, start scanning for hardware changes.
  • Once the wizard has found your Bluetooth device, it will complete the installation process.
  • Once you have completed the above steps, you can update your driver and enjoy your SADES headset drivers on windows 10.


We have just shown you the best methods to install your SADES headset drivers on Windows 10. We hope that it is helpful for you and if you have any other questions, please let us know at the comment box.

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