How To Make A Headphone Stand? Step By Step Guide 2023

How To Make A Headphone Stand? Step By Step Guide 2023
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You can make a wooden headset stand yourself! How To Make A Headphone Stand? It’s really simple to make a headphone stand. Hooke Audio almost couldn’t resist writing a post about it.

Headphones are an integral part of many people’s lives, regardless of whether they are producers or DJs.

Have you ever thought of making your headset stand? These DIY stands are affordable, simple to make, and customizable to your specific needs.

What is the Cost of A Headphone Stand?

What is the Cost of A Headphone Stand

You can either put your headphones on your desk, or you can keep them in a drawer. You can extend their life and keep them handy without worrying about them getting tangled.

Headphone stands are designed to support headphones. They are usually rigid and can be mounted on surfaces or set up to stand free, depending on your preference.
A quality headphone stand will offer a headband grip that can be adjusted and allow users to store their cords on the back.

This product’s price depends on the cost of a headphone stand. There are many types of headphone stands available, with prices ranging from $25 to $250+.
Plastic is the most economical option, while metal and wood-based options are more costly.

DIY (Do it Yourself) is another option. You might be able to find online instructions on how to make a headphone stand home for as low as $0-$20.

How To Make A Headphone Stand DIY?

Option 1: The Wood Workshop DIY Headphone Stand


To cut the wood to the required size, you will need a saw. A circular saw or a table saw for plywood can be used. To make precise cuts, a guide track is recommended. A miter saw is a good choice if you are using boards. I still use this cheap miter saw.

  • Jigsaw
  • Bar clamps
  • Sander
  • Stock: 3/4 plywood scraps 10 x 5 1/2
  • You could also use three 10 boards of 1×6 (which are 5 1/2 feet wide) if you don’t own any plywood scraps.
  • Wood glue
  • 220 grit sandpaper
  • Use a sponge to clean polyurethane

You can also make your wipe-on plastic by mixing 1 part polyurethane, not water-based, with two parts odorless mineral spirits.

Step 1: Take the pieces apart

Take the pieces apart

  • Your 3/4 plywood scraps should be cut to size. Three pieces will be needed, each measuring 10 high x 5 1/2′ wide. You can also use 1/2-inch plywood scraps. Just cut four pieces.
  • You could also use 1×6 scraps. This would give your DIY headphone stand a solid wooden appearance.

Step 2: Gluing the Boards

Gluing the Boards

  • Use the wood glue to glue the three pieces of wood together into a block. You can add a lot of glue to the top of each piece.
  • Next, place the next wooden piece glue on top. To spread the glue, move it around in circular motions. Continue with the third piece.
  • As you glue the glue between the pieces of wood, they will move a little. Line them up once the pieces have been joined with glue.
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I made sure the bottom of the boards were perfectly aligned. You can shape the other three sides with the jigsaw, so don’t worry about aligning them perfectly.

  • Next, clamp the boards together. I used three bar clamps. To ensure that the clamping didn’t cause the opposite side to fan out, I used two clamps on each side and one on the top.

You can see in the photo that my original headphone stand was constructed with four pieces of 3/4 plywood. It was thicker than I originally thought. It was too thick to be cut with the jigsaw.

The three pieces of plywood make it the ideal thickness to hold the headphones.

  • Allow it to dry overnight.

Step 3: Cut Out the Shape

Cut Out the Shape

  • Once the glue has dried, print the template for the headphone stand and cut it out. Next, trace the template on a block of wood. You should make sure that the bottom line of your drawing is flush with the bottom edge of the block.
  • Use a jigsaw with a long blade made for wood to trim around the design carefully. It will take some time because the wood is thick, so slow down and let the jigsaw do the rest.
  • Keep the blade straightening by aligning the base plate of your jigsaw with the top of the wooden.
  • After the stand has been cut, smoothen the sides using sandpaper. I used 22 grit sandpaper with a corner cat sander.
  • Start with a lower grit and finish with the 220 if your sides aren’t smooth after cutting.

Step 4: Finishing the Wooden Headphone Stand

Finishing the Wooden Headphone Stand

  • You can paint, stain, or seal your headphone stand in any way you like. Like a made wipe-on polyurethane.
  • Make your polyurethane by adding 1 part water-based polyurethane and two parts odorless minerals spirits to a disposable container. Apply liberally with a towel.

Because it is thinned with mineral spirits, the tip-on poly absorbs into the wood. It doesn’t leave the wood with a shiny finish, like traditional polyurethane.

  • Allow the finish to dry completely before you test it with your headphones.

The sturdy wooden base holds the headphones well and is strong. It looks great on his desk. It’s a lot more attractive than the boring options for headphone stands.

Using headphones before going to sleep, the next morning, Headphone¬†hair is difficult to avoid. Now, you don’t have to worry about this because you already have a self-made headphone stand.

Besides, making a stand takes you a lot of time, deciding to buy a headphone stand is the best way.

Option 2: Simple DIY Headphone Hanger

Step 1: Get the materials

  • A variety of wood-cutting devices
  • Wood: A wide piece of wood that is at minimum 1/4 thick and 3 long/long.
  • ruler
  • Pencil
  • Headphones
  • Sandpaper
  • Hot Glue
  • Clamps

+ It is optional, but it can be helpful in cutting wood.

+ Or, you can get another person to hold the wood

Step 2: The Base

Cut a square from the large wood piece. Use a ruler and pencil to ensure it is straight. I cut a 3×3 square. It is large enough to hold the weight but not too big for my desk.

After cutting the wood, sand it along the sides.

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You can paint it if desired. Otherwise, you’re done with the base.

Step 3: The Top

There are many styles of tops, but we think this is the best way to use headphones.

Measure the length of your headphones (mine are 10 inches). Next, add an inch to the measurement for the pole. Mark the pencil with straight lines and cut away. You can then sand the headphones and paint them if you wish.

Next, take a 2-2.5-inch piece of the longer wood and cut it. Sand it. Paint if desired.

Step 4: Put it together

Once you have assembled all of the pieces, grab the hot glue gun. The most extended essay (the widest) should be stuck to the base. After applying the glue, press it down tight.

Next, glue the smallest piece on the top of the most extended wood part, as shown in the photo above. Then press it down tight.

Step 5: Get Headphones

You can now put your bad headphones on the stand that you made. You currently have a great way to keep your headphones on.

Easy DIY Headphone Stand Ideas

1. PVC tubing DIY headphone stand

This is an easy-to-make stand. It requires six elbows, PVC tubing, and six elbows. After a cut, smoothen the surface with the sandpaper.

Measure the top portion and cut the PVC tubing to the required lengths. Use the elbows to join the pieces. Once the base is assembled, connect the top using the tee. Make sure you apply enough pressure so that the joints are tight.

2. Modern Banana DIY Headphone Stand

Modern Banana DIY Headphone Stand

A banana stand, a wooden dowel, and a drill machine are all required to make a modern DIY banana headphone stand. You will need a banana stand to make this frame. However, if you have the money, you can also make your own. Make sure it is in good condition and free from scratches.

Make them stand by using your banana stand. Sand the dowel and drill the hole. Attach the headphone holder. If you have all the necessary tools, this is a simple process.

Combining banana steel with wood creates a sleek and stylish design. To hang the cable of the headphone, use the space between the dowel and the wall.

3. LED DIY Headset Holder

LED DIY Headset Holder

It blends seamlessly with your environment, making it the ideal headphone gaming stand. You can create LED lighting that is controlled remotely using the various machines you have.

The following materials are required: wood, template, and pen.

This involves creating a template and then adding the Perspex. It is also essential to choose the type of LED light you want. There are dimming and flashing options, as well as those that come in various colors. You can choose the one that suits your needs.

4. Clothes hanger DIY Headphone Holder

You will need a metal clothes hanger, pliers and a ruler. Binding wire or string is also required.

This is possible by removing the upper portion of the hanger that holds the hook. This can be done with pliers. Then, straighten the bottom and shape it.

To create matching patterns, use the ruler. To make precise bends, use the pliers. Finally, attach your perfect headphones to the structure you have created with the binding wire. It’s that simple.

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5. Bicycle Hook DIY Headphone Holder

Another way to recycle bicycle hooks is by using them as a tool. These hooks are durable and economical. You will need two to three bicycle hooks for the entire process. Also, you’ll need a pencil, ruler, hack saw, drill bit, screwdriver, and a pencil.

This takes less than an hour. All you need to do is to assemble the hooks and cut the screws from your clip. Mark your drilling positions and drill the holes. Mount your stand.

There are many ways to mount hooks. You can either mount them horizontally or vertically, depending on how much space you have.

6. Cardboard and Hot Glue DIY Headphone Stand

To make the hot glue stand from cardboard and other materials, you will need the following: cardboard, hot glue sticks, scissors, pencil, glue gun, hot glue sticks, glue sticks (hot), glue sticks (hot), and scissors.

Draw your template to make a stand. Then, transfer them to the board. Make sure to cut out the templates.

Hot glue sticks can be used to attach the arms to your box. You can finish by adding support to the weaker arm. Use paints, stickers, drawings, and other decorations to decorate your stand.

7. Spiderman Headphone Stand

Spiderman Headphone Stand

This is an excellent gift for kids who love Spiderman. It’s easy to make, and all you need are a katalox, maple, mahogany, and headphones.

You might find this process challenging at times. This is the most common time when you are making your face outline.

Once you have assembled the materials, you can design your stand. To make your mood more attractive, add a finishing touch.

You should note that katalox is dense and requires the use of special tools to cut it.

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8. Handmade from reclaimed materials, steam-bent DIY headphone stand

This stand is made from steel scraps and reclaimed timber. PVC pipe stuck, and wood glue is also required. Reclaimed wood is fragile and easy to break, so be careful.

Gather all your materials, steam, and shape the wood. Next, sand the stand. Finally, cut, bend, and join the steel by welding.

Why Do You Need a Headphone Stand?

Why Do You Need a Headphone Stand

There are several reasons why you might want to use a headphone stand:

  1. Organization: A headphone stand provides a dedicated spot to store your headphones, which can help keep your desk or workspace more organized and tidy.
  2. Protection: A headphone stand can help protect your headphones from damage by keeping them off the desk and away from other objects that could scratch or dent them.
  3. Convenience: Having a headphone stand within easy reach can make it more convenient to use your headphones, as they will always be in the same place and ready to use.

Aesthetics: Many headphone stands are designed to be visually appealing and can add to the overall look of your workspace or setup.


This guide Hooke Audio has shown you how to make your perfect headphones stand at home. You don’t have to buy expensive ones at the store. You can make your own using materials you already have in your home or at your local hardware shop. Would you please comment and share this article if you find it useful and interesting? Contact us if you have any problems!

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