How To Mount Soundbar To Wall? Top Full Guide 2023

How To Mount Soundbar To Wall Top Full Guide 2023
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How To Mount Soundbar To Wall? As the world of televisions becomes increasingly connected, people rely on soundbars to provide a surround sound experience without turning up the volume.

This creates a situation where the soundbar needs a place to be mounted. Here is a guide to mounting the soundbar to the wall.

How Do You Position Your Soundbar?

How Do You Position Your Soundbar

There are some things you should know before mounting your soundbar to a wall. You must first decide if it is best to place it below the TV.

You should also know the pros and cons of having your soundbar mount below the TV. What features should you be looking for if your soundbar is to be wall-mounted?

Is it below the TV where a soundbar mount is most effective and can deliver excellent sound quality? Although most TVs show a soundbar below the TV wall mount, it is worth questioning if this is the best location. It could be on the table or even on your TV.

Advantages of Placing a Soundbar Below the TV

Advantages of Placing a Soundbar Below the TV

If your TV is wall-mount capability, you will want to position the soundbar mount right below it. Place the soundbars close to the TV to ensure that the sound system is transmitted without delay, this is important.

It is more challenging to sync audio and video if the soundbars are further away from the TV wall mount. It is possible to imagine how horrible your viewing experience could be.

It is best to place it below the tv is wall mounted in your home, though you can also soundbars to install on top. A soundbar is usually placed below the TV because the soundwaves coming from the speakers will directly reach the listener.

This works only if the best sound bar is directly in front of the TV in your home. The soundwaves from the soundbar mount will be perpendicular to your couch if it is directly in front of the TV.

Another benefit is the ease of controlling it. It’s simple to control your soundbars from your phone or remote if located below your TV. Imagine a soundbars mounted on your TV. You will need to raise your hand if you are using a remote control. It is easy to install.

Disadvantages of Placing a Soundbar Below the TV

Although it might seem paradoxical, even the ideal position has its limitations. Interference with ornaments on your table is one of the major drawbacks to having a soundbars under the TV.

Disadvantages of Placing a Soundbar Below the TV

A table placed below the TV with ornaments can cause interference to the soundbar’s signal system. You must ensure that no objects are placed directly in front or below the soundbars.

It is not an easy task. Where are all the remotes and CDs going? There are many creative ways to display your CDs and DVDs. They can be placed on a side-by-side organizer or in a separate cabinet.

How To Check if Your Soundbar Can Be Mounted

It’s incredible how many soundbars are not compatible with wall-mounting. Search for a soundbar that has wall mount capabilities if you know where you will place them.

Some soundbars come with brackets that can mount them, while others require you to purchase additional brackets. The mountable soundbar has holes to drill some pilot holes into the wall.

How To Mount a Soundbar To The Wall

You’ve decided to mount soundbars on a flat surface. How do you do it? Mounting your soundbar is so simple that you don’t even need an electrician or carpenter. You can complete the task in under an hour if you have all the right tools and equipment. Here are the steps.

First, you’ll need spacers and screws. Then, you’ll need the mount. If your TV is mounted already, then you have to buy an additional amount that you can attach to the TV itself that will also carry the soundbars. The mount will be used to connect the soundbar and TV.

How To Mount a Soundbar To The Wall

You should also know that mounts can be customized based on how they are installed. Your wall bracket should be attached to the soundbars or the TV. The soundbar bracket should reach the screws on the back of your TV and the ports on the soundbar.

This can be done by measuring the distance between screw ports on the table and the ones in your soundbar. It’s a little more work if your screen is already mounted to something.

The next step is to fix the brackets to the vertical wall. Let’s suppose you have already got a soundbars bracket that will fit. Now, you need to insert the screws into the holes in the TV. The chuck is the part that holds the bit in the drill bit. Most cordless drills use the same type of chuck so that you can switch between different sizes vary depending on your needs.

Wait, there’s more! Mounting brackets that will connect the TV and soundbar first.

Then, place them on the screws and screw them in. To ensure the screw stays in the right place if it is too high, you can use a spacer. The soundbars screws should be treated in the same way. Soundbars are usually not very heavy, so drywall anchors are often safe.

After you’ve installed the connectors, place a wall bracket. Place the wall brackets on the mounts and secure them with screws.

But what about the wires? You can hide the soundbar wires by placing them behind the TV. Make sure you have the right connecting cables between the TV and the soundbars on your wall, so you don’t see any cable between them.

This is where the challenge lies: how to prevent wires from slipping. You can fix the wires to your TV using a plumber’s tape.

This is not a tape but a holder that holds the wires in their place. The plumber’s tape should be attached, and the wires must then be passed through.

Last, mounting soundbars and TVs wall mount with the brackets. Now you are ready to start watching!

Tips For TV Wall Mounting

It’s best to mount your TV at eye level and your soundbars at ear level. This will reduce strain on your neck and eyes and give you a better home theater experience.

You should choose TV wall mounts that tilt downward if your TV is mounted higher than eye level. Today’s whole motion wall mounts are affordable and provide better views from wherever you are sitting. There are many options available, including tilt, interactive, and full-motion.

Tips For TV Wall Mounting

We recommend that you:

1. Mount your soundbar using an electric drill with a bit

The size of your soundbars will depend on the wall-mounting method used and the type of drywall anchors that you use. Wall anchors typically require a 1/8-inch or 3/16 inch bit.

2. Find the perfect wall anchor

There are many types of wall anchors. Some anchor the screw, while others expand as you insert a screw to increase its holding power.

3. Correctly measure up

The soundbars should be placed below the TV to ensure a clean look and the best audio quality. The brackets should be parallel to each other. Once you’ve decided where to mount the soundbars, mark it with a pencil to make it easy for the drill to find a place to begin.

If you are interested in invest the best position to place the subwoofer with a soundbars, please check

Read more:


Can you attach a soundbar to the wall-mounted TV?

You can attach a soundbars to the wall-mount capability TV. You should first remove the TV and mount it from the wall. This will make it easier to measure and visually inspect the placement of your soundbars.

Before removing or replacing the soundbars on the mount, be sure to turn off the soundbar as well as the TV wall mount.

Does a soundbar have to go under the TV?

Although a soundbars doesn’t have to be placed under your TV, it is common for them too. The soundbar wall-attached will be able to direct its sound towards you, resulting in the best sound quality. It’s also possible to mount the soundbars in brackets above your TV.

Can I mount my soundbar to a plaster or drywall wall?

Yes, you can mount a soundbar to a plaster or drywall wall, but you’ll need to use appropriate wall anchors to ensure a secure installation. Make sure to choose anchors that are strong enough to support the weight of your soundbar.

How do I hide the cables when mounting my soundbar to the wall?

To hide the cables when mounting your soundbar on the wall, you can use cable management clips or conduit tubing to run the cables along the wall or baseboard. Alternatively, you can purchase a wireless soundbar that doesn’t require cables to connect to your TV.

How do I adjust the angle of my soundbar once it’s mounted on the wall?

Most soundbars come with brackets that allow you to adjust the angle of the soundbar up or down to point it in the right direction. You can also use a swivel mount to adjust the angle of the soundbar left or right.

Can I mount my soundbar to a brick or concrete wall?

Yes, you can mount soundbar to a brick or concrete wall, but you’ll need to use appropriate wall anchors and masonry screws. Make sure to choose anchors and screws that are strong enough to support the weight of your soundbar.

Do I need a professional to mount my sound bar to the wall?

No, you can typically soundbar-to-TV mount if you have the necessary tools and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

However, if you’re uncomfortable with DIY projects or have a complicated installation, you may want to consider hiring a professional to help.



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Remember, though, that just because something is easy doesn’t mean it’s good or worth doing. Do some research before deciding what product you should buy and other options available to you.

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