How To Power A Car Subwoofer At Home? Top Full Guide 2022

How To Power A Car Subwoofer At Home? Top Full Guide 2022

People have been getting ideas from the different things they see in their everyday lives. They have been looking at the way their home electronics work and how that could be used to power a car subwoofer. In this article, Hooke Audio will talk about how to power a car subwoofer at home using a couple of simple household items.

What’s the Problem With Using a Car Subwoofer at Home?

The majority of car subwoofers work at 12volts, which is much lower than the power supply in your home sockets. 120 volts AC is more than the 12 volts your car subwoofer requires. If you plug your car subwoofers directly into the household outlet, they can explode.

To lower the power of your car’s subwoofer and make it work at home, you will need DC power.

How To Power A Car Subwoofer at Home

This is the solution. Although it is not difficult to power a car subwoofer, it does require some effort. These are the steps you need to power your car’s subwoofers at home.

1. Getting A Power Inverter

Getting A Power Inverter

First, you need to buy a power inverter. The power inverter converts 120 volts of household current into the 12 volts that your woofer needs to function. There are two plugs. The one for the subwoofer, and the other for power. The power inverter must be purchased first. However, plugging it in is the final step.

2. Connecting the Car Subwoofer to An Amplifier

Connecting the Car Subwoofer to An Amplifier

Next, connect your car amplifier to your woofers. This connection will require speaker wires of 12-16 gauge depending on your woofer’s specifications. To find out more about the specifications of your subwoofer, consult the manual.

Connect the wires to brackets for the appliances. To ensure a secure connection, strip the wire. Twist the red wire with its red counterpart and the darker with the darker.

3. Connecting the Car Amplifier to The Home Amplifier

Once your subwoofer is connected to your car amp, you can connect the car amp to your home’s main amplifier.

To accomplish this, connect your subwoofer amplifier’s input terminal to your main amplifier’s output terminal. Make sure to connect the red wire to the red one, and the white wire to the white one. This is essential to ensure that your car subwoofer works with your home system.

4. Connecting Other Speakers

After connecting the amplifiers to the home system, connect the best center speakers. You should connect the additional speakers to your main amplifier and not your car amplifier.

Five speakers are required to create a powerful sound system. Two of the best outdoor speakers Bluetooth should be placed on each side. This connection also requires RCA cables.

5. Connecting the Power Inverter

Your car subwoofer will now be part of your home’s sound system. Connect one plug to your car subwoofer to the power inverter, and the second one to the household outlet. Your car subwoofer will now be able to power up with the household outlet.


It is important to take care when making a car subwoofer part of your home’s sound system. A bad connection can cause damage to your entire equipment. Make sure you connect all wires correctly and place them in the correct places. If you plan to use your car subwoofer in your home, make sure to check all connections.

The Disadvantage of Using a Car Subwoofer at Home

The Disadvantage of Using a Car Subwoofer at Home

This task has one disadvantage: you will have to spend a lot of money. It is expensive to power a car subwoofer as you will need to buy a lot of equipment. A car subwoofer can cost you $40 to power, but a home subwoofer costs only $50. Although this sounds expensive, if you’re willing to use your subwoofer regularly then it is worth it.


There may be many questions you have about making these types of changes to your car or home’s audio system. We have attempted to answer all of these questions ahead of time to help you understand what to expect and how to proceed.

Is It Safe To Power a Car Subwoofer at Home?

It is not safe, especially if you do it yourself. You could damage one or more pieces of your car audio equipment. If you decide to do it yourself, be prepared to deal with the consequences if something goes wrong.

How Much Does It Cost To Use A Car Subwoofer at Your Home?

It is a costly option because you will be charged extra for subwoofers. A power supply can cost anywhere from $40 to $150, depending on the power rating.

However, You can also buy a used subwoofer at this price. This will allow you to have your subwoofer removed from your car and a subwoofer added to your car audio system.

How Do I Use My Car Stereo in My Home?

To use your car stereo power supply for home, you will need a 12V power cord (normally provided by your car battery). This can be purchased at a hardware shop. Connect the black wire to the white line around the stereo’s yellow and red wires by cutting off the power cord. Before plugging it in, make sure that every wire is covered completely.

Can I Use A Car Subwoofer at Home?

Yes, you can use your car subwoofer at the home. You can use car subwoofers with your home audio systems (home theater). Even your car amplifiers can be used to supply the power supply. You can also use your car subwoofer at home if the power rating is identical. The power supply is important because it produces more voltage than your car sub or car amp. To match the car’s audio system, the AC outlet must be converted to a dc power supply.

You don’t need to keep the car battery charged to power the car amplifiers and subwoofers. An alternative source of power supply is needed. The computer power supply can be used to power your car subwoofer system at home. It delivers just as much power (enough power, sufficient power) as the car amplifier.

Once you have figured out which power supplies are needed for your subwoofer amp car audio system, you’re good to go. A class D amp can be used for the audio source. You can also use the RCA cables or the red wire. Remember how many watts your car subwoofer requires.

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