How To Program Xfinity Remote To Soundbar 2023? Top Full Guide

How To Program Xfinity Remote To Soundbar 2023 Top Full Guide
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This article will show you how to program Xfinity remote to soundbar. Some individuals may not want to use the X1 remote with their soundbar because it is not a universal remote. That is where the Newer Generation Universal Remotes by Spectrum comes in handy.

To voice control their soundbar, many people may want a universal voice remote that isn’t limited to just one function, such as the X1 or XR-15 remote from Xfinity.

Can You Program Any Xfinity to a Soundbar?

Can You Program Any Xfinity to a Soundbar

Before we get into the details of programming instructions for your Xfinity voice remote with a soundbar, it is worth asking if your Tv power and the audio device will be compatible.

As technology advances, so do the models. Fortunately, Xfinity voice remote is aware of this and is ahead of you.

Can you program an Xfinity remote to a Soundbar with any Xfinity remote?

All Xfinity remotes are compatible with Soundbars and other audio/video receivers. You should note that the Xfinity voice remote controls will voice control the speaker option via audio device volume functions only once it is paired to the soundbar. This means the soundbar cannot be used for controlling the TV volume.

When programming instructions for your Soundbar’s Xfinity remote control, make sure you review the steps for your model.

An example: The Setup button for an Xfinity X1 is required, while the Setup button for the Xfinity XR-15 Xfinity and mute buttons are used.

How to Program an Xfinity Remote to a Soundbar

Now that you know that you can program any Xfinity voice remote to your soundbar using a Soundbar let’s look at the Xfinity X1 model and the Xfinity XR-15 model.

These are only a handful of the many Xfinity remote models available today. If you have an Xfinity remote not listed, make sure to verify the specs.

Let’s now take a closer look at programming various Xfinity remote settings for your home theater sound bar.

Programming an Xfinity X1 to Your Soundbar

Programming an Xfinity X1 to Your Soundbar

If you have it, you will be happy with the ease of pairing your soundbar to the Xfinity X1. These steps can be used for most Video/Audio Receivers. However, you will need to know the soundbar manufacturer’s code.

These steps will help you program your Soundbar’s Xfinity X1 on screen instructions.

1. Soundbar is the receiver output

Before pairing the remote with your soundbar, make sure that it is your default output receiver if your TV defaults to internal speakers, Xfinity programming to your soundbar won’t be possible.

Also, make sure that it is connected to the TV power in your home. Depending on the model of soundbar you have and your setup preferences, this will either be via an Optical wire connection or an HDMI ARC cable connection.

2. Click the Setup button on your Xfinity X1

Once you have confirmed that your soundbar is connected to the TV and is the preferred receiver for your TV, you can start the programming process using your Xfinity X1 voice control and soundbar. Look for the voice remote Setup at your distant. Hold setup on a few seconds, and press and hold the setup button down.

Programming your Voice Remote to Control Your TV/Audio Device Hold the Microphone (Voice button) and say Program remote. You can also navigate to the Settings page, selecting remote settings, then Voice remote pairing.

3. Wait until it turns green LED light at the top of the lamp turns on

Next step, the Setup button may need to be held down for a while, but the led light turns green once the system is initiating the setup process.

This small light is located at the top and will show up when you press various buttons.

4. Enter a Soundbar manufacturer’s code

You can look at the specifications of your soundbar to learn the 5-digit manufacturer remote voice control codes. Or, you can go online and review the list. You can search for the model and manufacturer of your soundbar.

5. Wait for the LED light (in green) to flash twice.

After entering the soundbar manufacturer’s code using the numbered digit keys on the remote, the LED at the top will blink twice. This will indicate that your remote has been programmed.

6. The remote can be tested

Once the remote led light flashes twice in green, it is time to test it. You should also check for volume and power changes.

You will need a new remote or manual adjustment to adjust your TV volume controls. The soundbar has been set as the preferred speaker source, and the Xfinity remote programming fails has been paired with it by default.

Programming an Xfinity XR-15 to your soundbar

Programming an Xfinity XR-15 to your soundbar

You will use the same steps to program an Xfinity XR-15 X1 as you would for an Xfinity XR-15 on screen instructions. These steps are simple to follow and were created with an intuitive user interface.

These steps will help you program your Xfinity XR-15 for Soundbar:

1. Soundbar is the receiver output

You will need to ensure that the audio device you choose is the default output receiver for your TV. For more information on why and what you are doing it, see the steps above.

2. Use the A and D buttons to voice control the remote

To initiate programming, press the A/D Xfinity and mute buttons in the same way as the Xfinity X1 setup. These buttons should be held down for a few seconds.

3. Wait until the green LED light at the top of the lamp turns on

It might take a while to press the A and D buttons, hold on to the LED to turn green.

The remote light that appears at the top of your remote audio device press any button on it is this light.

4. Enter the Soundbar manufacturer code

Now is the right time to use the number buttons on the remote light to enter the 5-digit manufacturer code. You can search the Xfinity search feature or look up the manufacturer’s code for your soundbar to find it.

5. Wait for the LED light (in green) to flash twice

After entering the 5-digit manufacturer’s codes using the numbered keys on the remote, the LED at the top will blink twice. This signifies that the remote is programmed correctly and led light to flash twice.

6. The remote can be tested

You would test the pair of your Xfinity X1, just as you would with your Xfinity XR-15 on screen instructions. To ensure the remote works, test the volume, mute button, and power button. You will then have one less remote on your coffee table.


FAQs about Program Xfinity Remote To Soundbar

Can my TV remote control my soundbar?

Conclusion. You can control your soundbar using a TV remote. This eliminates the need to use multiple controllers and simplifies your sound system. The majority of audio devices support HDMI ARC connection. However, if they don’t, you can connect the soundbar to tv without HDMI by an optical digital connection is always an option.

Where’s the Setup button on Xfinity?

Voice-controlled Xfinity remotes do not have a set-up button. Xfinity voice remote is used by the XR15 or XR16 remote to access content and change channels. Voice remote pairing with your TV power or streaming device will allow you to use your XR15 and XR16 remotes.

Why is the volume not working on my Xfinity?

Verify that the batteries are charged if your Xfinity remote volume stops working. If your batteries are working, you can try to unpair and repair the remote or reset both the remote box and remote.

This is what does it mean? You can contact Xfinity customer service to make sure your remote is in good condition or replace it.


What Should You Do If Your Xfinity Programming Fails To Connect To The Soundbar?

These steps will allow you to connect your Xfinity remote with your Soundbar. If you’re still unsure why it isn’t working, there are at least two more steps you can take.

If your Soundbar does not turn on, the first thing you can do is press the code 9-9-2. Next, hold down the Channel Up button for 3 minutes. Next, restart the programming process.

This can make it seem like you are waiting forever for the remote to recognize your Soundbar. You might consider another method if your Soundbar is not turning on after pressing the code for 3 minutes and holding down the Channel Up button unassisted.

You should have no problems. If you do have problems, you can try different solutions. This one day of frustration programming your Xfinity to your Soundbar will result in less frustration every day.

How can I link my Comcast remote to my surround sound system?

For five seconds, hold down the Xfinity and Info buttons. Wait for the red light on the Voice Remote to become green. Enter the three-digit pairing code on the screen and follow the instructions. Your Voice Remote is associated with the TV Box after the on-screen pairing number is accurately input.

Do soundbars come with remote controls?

Almost every home theater accessory comes with its own remote (which is why your coffee table is filled with them), but soundbars are an exception. Many models do not have a remote and instead depend on you to set the sound bar to receive orders.

How can I use an optical cable to connect my soundbar to my TV?

Connect one end of the optical digital cable to your TV’s OPTICAL DIGITAL OUT port. Connect the opposite end of the optical digital cable to your soundbar’s OPTICAL DIGITAL IN port. If the optical digital cable is already attached, detach it and then reinsert it firmly.


For some people, the remote is too complex for their needs. The best way to use the X1 soundbar is with the Xfinity soundbar remote.

The Xfinity remote is a universal remote that works with almost all soundbars. It can program new universal remotes from any brand, including brands that don’t have a programmable remote.

So, if you’ve been itching to use a remote to control your soundbar, it is time to get the new remote for your Xfinity soundbar.

Thank you for reading this article; Hooke Audio hopes you have a better understanding of how to use your Xfinity soundbar remote.

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