How To Recone A Subwoofer 2023? Top Full Guide

How To Recone A Subwoofer Top Full Guide 2023

In this article, we’ll show you how to recone a subwoofer so you can get your car audio system back up and running in no time.

There are a few reasons why you might want to recone subwoofer repair. Maybe the original cone got damaged and needs to be replaced, or maybe you’re just looking to upgrade to a better quality cone. Whatever the reason, it’s not a difficult process as long as you have the right tools and materials.


The cone is a critical component of a sub and is highly susceptible to fatigue. The cone surround can become split and cracked from constant abuse and use. This will cause the Subwoofer to stop moving air as intended. You can only put more strain on your Sub and cause further damage to the splits if you keep using it.

External objects can also cause damage to the Sub, piercing it and rendering it useless. There are many other options for replacing a damaged cone. It is a good idea to take your speaker to an audio specialist for a tune-up. Here’s how to reconfigure your Subwoofer.

Reconing is a process that repairs all types of damage to the Subwoofer (except for magnet, frame, and enclosure damages). It involves removing and replacing all moving parts, such as the cone, surround, spider, lead wires, voice coil, and spider. There are many ways to reconnect a sub. You can buy complete recone kits, which vary in price.

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You could also opt for the more complicated method that involves removing your Subwoofer. You can choose which way works best for you, depending on your budget, experience, and time. This is a comprehensive DIY guide to reconfiguring your Sub that has become tired.

How To Recone A Subwoofer?


What you’ll need

To help you get started with dismantling your sound system before you do, gather the following tools:

  • Get a soldering iron and some fresh solder.
  • Use a Phillips bit to drill.
  • Stanley knife or blade
  • Bottle of Acetone
  • Bottle of aircraft paint stripper gel
  • Rubberized CA glue
  • Allen wrench
  • Recone kit

Stripping The Subwoofer

Unhook the connection between the battery and the Sub by popping the panels or trunk where the sub is located. Next, use your Phillips screwdriver and remove the woofer from the enclosure. Finally, place it on a table. To ensure that the next step is as smooth as possible, you will need to remove as much dirt, debris, and junk as possible. To get a clearer view and diagnosis, spray some Acetone on a clean cloth.

Recone the Sub

Recone the Sub

It’s time for the Subwoofer to be reconfigured after a thorough cleaning. You will first need to remove the old cone, spider, and coils with your utility knife. To remove any traces of glue, clean the basket and frame with acetone. Immediately cover the voice coil gap with masking tape.

It is easier to make new spider bonds if the parts are clean. Place your spacers into the former, and slide it through to ensure a tight fit. Be careful not to scratch or damage the fragile former. The spider should be attached first. Once it is firmly glued, install voice coil assembly.

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Next, remove the old tinsels from your machine and solder the new tinsel leads using your soldering iron. Now it’s time for the cone to be placed flush against the basket’s upper lip. Apply adhesive to the edge of the basket and stick the surround on top. Place a few books on top of the basket to ensure an airtight connection. The Sub will sound great once it has dried. To test the sound, reinstall the subwoofers in the enclosures.

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Is it hard to Recone a subwoofer?

All sorts of subwoofer damage (excluding magnet, frame, and enclosure damage) may be repaired using a simple procedure known as reconing. This procedure entails removing and replacing all of the moving elements of a subwoofer, including the cone and surround, spider, lead wires, and voice coil, among others.

Can you fix blown subwoofers?

To repair your blown subwoofer, remove it from your vehicle, repair or replace any broken components, then glue/wire it back together. Depending on the situation, this method might vary from simple to challenging.

Can a subwoofer be refurbished?

Yes, you can fix a blown subwoofer yourself by doing an extensive study into the core cause of the problem (and subsequent component replacement), or you may take it to a local audio shop and have them repair it for you.

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Why does my subwoofer crackle?

Speaker cracking is nearly often the result of a connectivity issue. A faulty wire somewhere between your amplifier and your speaker driver is causing the driver to shift suddenly, generating interference.

How much to recone a subwoofer?

See below for packing and shipping instructions. and the cost is reasonable. Recones range in price from $40.00 – $125.00 plus shipping & handling.


Reconing a Subwoofer can be a difficult task but is very rewarding and often necessary. Subwoofers require recones every few years because of the nature of the sound waves and their effect on the diaphragm. It is recommended to recone a Sub if it is broken, distorted, or unclear.

In addition, you will want to re-cone a Sub if it is no longer producing enough bass sounds. Hooke Audio hopes that you find it helpful when reading this blog post. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

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