Interested in recording binaural 3d audio on a desktop computer, Pro Tools or any other DAW? With Hooke Verse, it is incredibly easy, just follow the steps below!

What is 3D Audio?

Binaural 3d audio is audio captured identically to the way your ears experience sound. What’s great about binaural 3D Audio is that you can experience it on any pair of headphones or two channel system.

For instance, listen to this with headphones on: – Hear how you experience the sound as if you were on that soccer field? Pretty cool!

These days binaural 3d audio is becoming more accessible, with a lot of companies creating products that let you consume 3D Audio or create 3D Audio on professional rigs. But what if you want to capture 3D Audio on your iPhone? Well, now you can. This is how you record 3d audio to an iPhone. It’s actually easy to capture professional audio to an iPhone and the results are mind blowing!

1. You’ll need an audio interface.

The interface will need to have a stereo line level input. Two mono line level inputs will work as well.

2. Use a 3D Audio Microphone

Hooke Verse is by the far the best solution due to its price and versatility. All you need to do is plug the included recording cable into Hooke Verse and boom, it turns into a wired microphone.

3. Adapt as needed

Once the recording cable is plugged into the Verse, the verse will act as a wired microphone. The connector on the other end of the recording cable is a stereo, line level 1/8″ male connector. Let’s say your interface only has a stereo 1/4″ connector or it has two mono 1/4″ connectors. No problem, just pick up an adapter like this one and you’ll be good to go.

4. Plug in and Record On

Once plugged into your interface, then the Hooke Verse is just working like any other wired stereo mic! You’re able to record 3D audio directly into your DAW like ProTools or Logic just by plugging in. And the coolest part? Any one with a 2 channel system (speakers, headphones) will be able to listen back and experience your 3D audio. No special algorithms or hardware required!