Identically to how the Hooke Verse captures binaural 3D audio to an iPhone, you’ll want to watch out for the same things when recording wireless binaural 3D Audio to an Android.

1. The Headphone Jack Is Not Your Friend 

If you own an Android device with a headphone jack, you won’t be able to use it with a wired 3d audio microphone. Binaural 3D Audio records in 2 channels (you have two ears, so two channels). The headphone jack is a 2 Channel OUTPUT, but 1 channel INPUT. So your only option is to use a micro USB connector 3D Audio microphone or Bluetooth 3D Audio microphone.

2. USB Connector 3D Audio Mics Don’t Exist

That’s why we use the Hooke Verse ( to capture binaural 3D Audio to an Android phone. The Hooke Verse is cool because in addition to being microphones, they’re headphones. Which means you can listen back to your 3D Audio recordings.

3. Use a 3D Audio Recording App

Android’s camera is not natively set up to support binaural 3D audio capture, so we use the Hooke Audio 3D recording Android app (

4. Record On!

Pair the Verse to your Android, open the app and BOOM! You’ve just transformed the way you record the world. The videos you make in the Hooke Audio 3D Audio recording app can be shared via Facebook, email, text, and all your listeners need are a pair of headphones to hear your recordings.