How to record binaural 3D audio on a DSLR camera

This is how you record binaural 3D audio on a DSLR camera.

Binaural 3d audio is audio captured identically to the way your ears experience sound. What’s great about binaural 3D Audio is that you can experience it on any two channel system.

For instance, listen to this. Hear how you experience the sound as if you were on that soccer field? Pretty cool!

These days binaural 3d audio is becoming more accessible, with a lot of companies creating products that let you consume 3D Audio or create 3D Audio on professional rigs. But what if you want to capture 3D Audio on your DSLR camera? Well, now you can. This is how you record 3d audio to a DSLR camera. It’s actually easy to capture professional audio to a DSLR and the results are mind blowing!

1. Use a DSLR Camera with a stereo 3.5mm jack

This should be easy since every DSLR camera comes equipped with a 3.5mm mini plug.

2. You’ll Need a Binaural 3D Audio Mic With a Stereo 3.5mm Connector

In this case, we’ll use the Hooke Verse ( as it comes standard with a cable for recording direct to DSLR cameras. In our tutorial, we will use the Hooke Verse to capture binaural 3D Audio to a DSLR camera. The Hooke Verse is cool because in addition to being microphones, they’re also a listening device. Which means you can listen back to your 3D Audio recordings.

3. Plug into a Stereo Input

Once you have the recording cable plugged into the Hooke Verse, power the Hooke Verse on and plug it into your DSLR camera’s jack. The Hooke Verse will automatically over ride your DSLR camera’s built in microphone.

4. Record On!

Simply press record on your DSLR camera and your videos will automatically be captured in beautiful binaural 3D Audio! For optimal results, click the menu settings on your DSLR camera to manually adjust your audio levels.

For more information about 3d audio and binaural audio, check out What is 3D Audio: A Layman’s Guide.