How To Record Binaural 3D Audio On A Field Recorder

Perhaps one of the greatest features about the Hooke Verse is its included recording cable. Free with every purchase, the Hooke recording cable turns your Hooke Verse into a wired microphone, letting you capture wired stereo (2 channel) 24bit 48kHz to any device with an external mic input.

1. Use a Field Recorder with a stereo 3.5mm line jack

Most field recorders come equipped with 3.5mm line in jacks and 3.5mm mic jacks. For 3D Audio, you’ll want a recorder that inputs line level.

2. You’ll Need a Binaural 3D Audio Mic With a Stereo 3.5mm Connector

In this case, we’ll use the Hooke Verse ( as it comes standard with a cable for recording direct to field recorders. In our tutorial, we will use the Hooke Verse to capture binaural 3D Audio to an Field Recorder. The Hooke Verse is cool because in addition to being microphones, they’re also headphones. Which means you can listen back to your 3D Audio recordings.


Make sure the input on your recorder is a stereo 3.5mm line level jack. Don’t plug into a mic level jack or you’ll experience a significant amount of noise. Once you have the recording cable plugged into the Hooke Verse, power the Hooke Verse on and plug it into your Field Recorder’s line jack. The Hooke Verse will automatically over ride your field recorder’s built in microphone.

4. Record On!

Simply press record on your Field Recorder and your videos will automatically be captured in beautiful binaural 3D Audio!